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Author Topic: New York Yankees  (Read 7718 times)

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New York Yankees
« on: May 06, 2013, 09:05:11 PM »
New York Yankees :NYY:
Last Updated: 1/20/20
General Manager: Curt (curtmenefee47)

Franchise Budgets
Salary Cap: $178$185$185$185$185$185
Base Salary: $163.5$83.4$58.7$25.2$11.8$0
Remaining Salary: $14.5$101.6$126.3$159.8$173.2$185

Prospect Bonus20192020
Bonuses Cap: $10$10
Bonuses: $10$0
Remaining Bonuses: $0$10

MLB Roster (39/40 players): 2020-2025 salaries
C Narvaez, Omar P-2020 $0.5m
C Romine, Austin6/12022 $4.0m$4.0m$4.0m
C Swihart, Blake2021 $0.5m$0.5m
CI Arroyo, Christian P-2021 $0.5m$0.5m
CI Goldschmidt, Paul2020 $13.5m
CI Gurriel, Yulieski P-2020 $0.5m
MI Altuve, Jose2022 $9.0m$9.0m$9.0m
MI Crawford, Brandon6/12022 $5.0m$5.0m$5.0m
MI Edman, Tommy P-2022 $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Simmons, Andrelton6/12023 $6.5m$6.5m$6.5m$6.5m
MI Urena, Richard P-2021 $0.5m$0.5m
MI Wade, Tyler2020 $0.8m
OF Cordell, Ryan P-2022 $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Dozier, Hunter P-2021 $0.5m$0.5m
OF Eaton, Adam2021 $7.9m$7.9m
OF Mazara, Nomar2022 $3.3m$3.3m$3.3m
OF McCutchen, Andrew2020 $10.0m
OF Sierra, Magneuris P-2021 $0.5m$0.5m
OF Springer, George2022 $8.1m$8.1m$8.1m
OF Trout, Mike2020 $32.0m
P Carrasco, Carlos2021 $8.6m$8.6m
P Clevinger, Mike2024 $7.8m$7.8m$7.8m$7.8m$7.8m
P Corbin, Patrick2020 $12.7m
P Fedde, Erick P-2021 $0.5m$0.5m
P Foltynewicz, Mike2023 $6.9m$6.9m$6.9m$6.9m
P Font, Wilmer P-2021 $0.5m$0.5m
P Giolito, Lucas P-2020 $0.5m
P Givens, Mychal2020 $1.1m
P Gomber, Austin6/12022 $1.1m$1.1m$1.1m
P Hader, Josh P-2021 $0.5m$0.5m
P Houser, Adrian P-2022 $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Jansen, Kenley2021 $8.3m$8.3m
P Junis, Jake P-2020 $0.5m
P Littell, Zack P-2022 $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Peralta, Wandy P-2020 $0.5m
P Perdomo, Luis D2024 $4.0m$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m
P Quantrill, Cal P-2022 $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Workman, Brandon2021 $1.4m$1.4m
P Yamamoto, Jordan P-2022 $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m

Minor League Roster (50/50 players)
C Amaya, Miguel P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
C Banfield, Will P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
C Okey, Chris P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Apostel, Sherten P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Encarnacion, Jean Carlos P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Gillaspie, Casey P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Gomez, Nelson P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Hinds, Rece P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI India, Jonathan P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Santana, Cristian P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Almanzar, Luis P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Basabe, Osleivis P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Bonaci, Brainer P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Carmona, Jean P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI De Jesus, Alex P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Estevez, Omar P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Garcia, Luis V. P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Gatewood, Jacob P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Giron, Ruddy P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Gonzalez, Pedro P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Newton, Shervyen P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Rondon, Adrian P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Vera, Arol P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Volpe, Anthony P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Wall, Forrest P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Alcantara, Kevin P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Banks, Nick P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Cabrera, Gustavo P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Friedl, TJ P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Garrett, Stone P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Gettys, Michael P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Knowles, D'Vaughn P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Martinez, Julio Pablo P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Alvarez, Yadier P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Arzaga, Oscar P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Brown, Zack P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Denaburg, Mason P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Espinoza, Anderson P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Greene, Connor P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Guzman, Jorge P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Hill, Adam P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Jefferies, Daulton P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Labourt, Jairo P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Medina, Adonis P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Perdomo, Angel P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Riley, Trey P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Rodriguez, Chris P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Ruiz, Norge P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Seijas, Alvaro P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Thomas, Tahnaj P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m

MLB Cap Adjustments
X Sucre, Jesus $1.3m$0.8mReleased Under Contract
X Wright, David $0.7mReleased Under Contract
X Eaton, Adam $-6.3mCash Exchanged on Contract
2020 Draft Picks (11 picks)
1-28 :NYY:
C-33 :NYY: (Compensation - Chris Sale - 1740.13)
2-62 :NYY:
3-92 :NYY:
4-122 :NYY:
5-152 :NYY:
6-182 :NYY:
7-212 :NYY:
8-242 :NYY:
9-272 :NYY:
10-302 :NYY:     

Prospect Signing Bonuses
MI Bonaci, Brainer  $1.5m
MI De Jesus, Alex  $2.5m
MI Vera, Arol  $0.5m
MI Wall, Forrest  $3m
SP Brown, Zack  $2.5m
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