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NFL Countdown - Free Agency Rules
« on: September 03, 2018, 04:06:00 PM »
Free Agency

Starts: Tuesday midnight EST 9/25/18  NFL Week4
Ends: Week 13 (Edited to match original FA rule from 2014) 

Eligible Players:
All players currently in the NFL (no college players) not on a NFLC team.

Bid Clock: 48 Hours
Minimum initial bid: $600K
Minimum yearly salary: $600K
Bid Increment: $100K
Minimum Raise: $200K < $10M Total Bid; $1M > $9.9M Total Bid

--No editing of bids.  It is a form of CHEATING and will be treated as such.  This is a rule that is across the board in every league on this site.  It will be enforced here.

*Note* If you released a player, you cannot bid on that player for 30 Days.
- This is in effect for any player released under the releasing players rules.

A manager does not have to have the roster space or cap space to bid on a player.  This is due to the non-guaranteed contracts utilized in this league, a manager can make a couple quick moves to get under the roster limit and salary cap to take on their new free agent signing.

Player Posting

To make it easier to search the board, post players in the following format.
Position - First Last - Team
Example:  QB - Drew Brees - NO
This will make the board look clean and organized.

After a bid is won.
Teams have 48hrs to post roster moves to make room either for salary, roster spot or both for a winning FA bid.

If a team does not make the necessary moves, the team will be assessed a penalty of the next draft's 3rd round pick and the player will go back to free agency. The team will also be assessed the cap hit associated with dropping a player of the winning bid's contract using the scale below.   

Releasing Players Under Contract
All contracts are non-binding, you may release a player or coach at any time. 

Effective with the 2020 league year the league will follow the 75/50/50/25/25 percent rule.  Example: $10M(2024) contract bought out in 2020 will have the following cap hits; $7.5M(2020), $5M(2021), $5M(2022), $2.5M(2023), $2.5M(2024) totaling $22.5M.  The cap hit can be paid in the current year or spread across the life of the original contract years, not to exceed the length of the original contract.  Contracts less than $1M or less per season incur no cap hit. 
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  • DinkyCarsPlus: But I’m fine with our new trade
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  • DinkyCarsPlus: I’m happy I got to keep soto
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