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Executive Committee announces a new activity policy
« on: January 03, 2011, 09:40:59 PM »

Quality control is one of the most important aspects of all fantasy leagues, so the Executive Committee has decided to implement a very easy activity policy to keep our Franchise GM community active and positive, and hopefully curb any turnover to a degree and be able to recognize inactive members in a more timely fashion.  The new policy will be enforced immediately, and is subject only to members of Franchise GM and no other leagues:

1. All Franchise GM members will be required to log on to the ProFSL site once every 14 days (two weeks).

Actual activity is not required (transactions of any sort), but a member must log in within a two week timeframe to ensure said member is still active and active on the site in general.  If a member knows that he/she will not be able to visit the site for more than 14 days, he/she may notify an executive member, and a special circumstance can be granted.  Any member who fails to log in at least once within a two week time frame will be subject to a 'first strike', and will be notified by an executive member.  After 'three strikes' of failure to log in within a 14 day time period, the member may be relieved of his GM duties by the executive committee.

2. All members will be under a subjective 'contract' to all other Franchise GM members to respond to all inquiries and offers in a positive and timely manner.

Much like in our everyday lives, when someone comes up to speak with us, it is only in good manners to respond.  This is not an attempt to create more trades or transactions, but to generate a good community within the league.  News travels fast, and if you were to ignore a certain member, odds are other members will become aware of it.  Many of us are friends throughout the site, and keep in touch with all facets of Franchise GM and other leagues, including responsive and unresponsive GM's.

If you do not like an inquiry or offer, a simple 'No thanks' is perfectly acceptable within a time frame of reason, rather than ignoring the message entirely.  Sometimes a member simply forgets to get back to someone, but a repeated lack of responses will be noticed and reported, subjective to the time frame and dialogue exchanged.  A 'strike' may be enforced on a GM who does not follow this guideline in a quality manner, and be included in their 'three strikes'.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that GM's are being positive members, and the league has 30 active GM's.  We all believe that Franchise GM is the stalwart of quality fantasy baseball, and I feel I speak for all of us when I say that our biggest goal is to have fun and enjoy some competitive fantasy sports.
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