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Franchise GM / 2020 Season - GM Movement
« on: November 05, 2019, 12:17:03 PM »
Please welcome back Cris A. (ldsjayhawk) as the new GM of the Washington Nationals.


Franchise GM: Invalid Transactions / Washington Nationals are available
« on: October 15, 2019, 03:07:12 AM »
The Washington Nationals are in need of a new GM.  The team has $42.5m in cap space available and has the #16 pick in the upcoming Rookie Draft.  The team is a rebuild, but has some assets to build with or trade.  The roster can be viewed by clicking on the team icon at the top of this page. 

If interested, please post your particulars on the FGM Official Waiting List:

Franchise GM: Draft Board / 2019 FYPD Information & Procedures
« on: October 03, 2019, 01:39:43 AM »
Here are the Particulars you all need to know heading into our First Year Player Draft (FYPD).  The FYPD will officially begin on Friday, November 1st @ 9:00 am ET, however, I am going to open up the Draft thread if GMs want to begin before the official date.  The 12 hour clock will not start until November 1st, so if a pick is made before the official date, it will have no effect on the next person up until the draft officially begins.

Here are the rules:

Item AX D 2.0 Draft Order
1.) The draft order is determined by using the previous year's win/loss record in reverse order, non-snake. In the event of a tie, Total Points For is used as the tie breaker.
2.) The draft will last 10 rounds, but teams are not required to participate in all rounds if they do not wish to make room on either their 40 man or MiLB rosters.
3.) Teams are given 12 hours to draft in Rd.1 and Comp. Rd. The time limit is 8 hours for all remaining rounds.

Item AX D-3.0 Draft Eligible Players
Only players that are drafted and signed by MLB teams in the current year's MLB draft are eligible. Foreign players and unprotected prospects will be handled via free agency (however foreign players may warrant consideration for an additional rule)

Item AX D-4.0 Draftee/Draft Pick Limitations
1.) Trading of draft picks is not allowed.
2.) The 60-day no trade ruling is extended to include draftees.

Item AX D-5.0 Entry Draft Contracts
Players drafted in the FGM entry draft will be given Prospect Contracts, (P-n/a),and can be placed on a teams MiLB roster or 40 man roster.

Item AX D-6.0 How Draft Will Be Conducted
1.) Each team must make their selection within the alloted time. If, for any reason, you are not going to be available to make your selection within that time please submit a prioritized list of desirable players to the Draft Monitor.
2.) If a list has been supplied you will receive the highest available player from that list.
3.) If a list has not been supplied you will receive that highest rated player according to Baseball America's Top 500 list. You will also be placed in Auto-Pick where you will continue to receive the highest rated player from the BA Top 500 until you request to be removed from Auto Pick.

Franchise GM: Invalid Transactions / News Flash: Today is the Last Day
« on: September 29, 2019, 01:38:49 PM »
Today is the last day to extend players on expiring 2019 contracts.


Let’s begin by offering our congratulations to the :LAA: and GM Jason S. (game162) as our 2019 FGM World Series Champions!  They had a worthy opponent in the :PHI:, but as we have all experienced throughout our fantasy careers, there are times when a team peaks and no matter what we do, there is no remedy for untimely slumps.  That said, I’m not sure anyone could have withstood the Halos’ barrage because they were awesome!

Now that we have completed World Series play, I wanted to point out a few things you should be aware of:

1). This is the final week to extend any player on a 2019 contract.  There are still a few teams which have some players on expiring contracts—and those players are posted on the Transactions Board and you can post those extensions until 11:59 pm on Sunday, 9/29/19;
2). I have taken the liberty to update all the ProFSL rosters.  I removed all players on expiring contracts and updated the 2021 salary caps.  Remember that caps are calculated on a three year swing and they are a reflection of your competitive standing.
3). I have updated the Extension Value Scale for 2020 based on the 2019 ending salaries.  The 2019 scale, for those still extending 2019 contracts, is also a separate post on the Transactions Board.
4). If you’re planning to participate in the FYPD, you might want to review your rosters to create room for your draftees.  Remember, you are not obligated to participate in the FYPD.

We’re still looking for GMs for the :NYM: and :WAS:.

Otherwise, here’s a summary of things to know:

9/30/2019 (12:01A)- Off-season begins.
            1.) Unsigned Players Become FA
            2.) Cap Hits Raised From 75/50/25 Percent to 90/60/30 Percent
            3.) MLB contract extensions count toward 2020 and beyond
            4.) Re-Sign Values for Contract Extensions Updated
            5.) 2021 Salary Caps Posted
            6.) FYPD begins on 11/1/19
            7.) (P-2019) player extensions deadline is 12/31/19

Franchise GM: Transactions / 2020 Type A Free Agents
« on: September 12, 2019, 10:32:04 AM »
Therefore, for Franchise GM, Type A FA are:
Top 6 C
Top 12 MI, CI
Top 15 OF
Top 30 SP
Top 6 RP

In order to qualify as a Type A free agent, a player must be on the team roster the entire season.  Players obtained in trade during the season do not qualify.

CI Arenado, Nolan, #3 CI :TEX: - To: :MIN: (:TEX: gets :MIN: 2nd and 5th round picks in 2020 FYPD)

CI Rizzo, Anthony, #8 CI :SD: - To: :CHC: (:SD: gets :CHC: 2nd and 5th round picks in 2020 FYPD)

OF Trout, Mike #1 OF :CHC:

OF-MI Frazier, Adam, #10 OF :NYY:

OF Soler, Jorge, #14 OF :TB:

SP Morton, Charlie #6 SP :SD:

SP Ryu, Hyun Jin #24 SP :TOR:

This is the Contract Extension Scale that is to be used for extensions for any player on an expiring 2019 Contract, a (P-2019) contract, or any player who is going to be extended prior to the 2020 off-season.  This CES shall remain available for all (P-2019) players until 12/31/19 @ 11:59 pm ET.

2019 Extension Values
Updated 9/24/18

Rank       Catchers
C-1      $13.0    Posey, Buster
C-2      $12.0    Gomez, Yan   
C-3      $  8.5    McCann, Brian
C-4      $  6.5    Wieters, Matt
C-5      $  6.5    Chirinos, Robinson   
C-6      $  6.5    Iannetta, Chris
C-7      $  6.5    Molina, Yadier
C-8      $  6.0    Ramos, Wilson
C-9      $  4.5    Martin, Russell
C-10    $  4.0    Gattis, Evan
C-11    $  4.0    Perez, Salvador
C-12    $  4.0    Leon, Sandy
C-13    $  4.0    D'Arnaud, Travis
C-14    $  4.0    Grandal, Yasmani
C-15    $  4.0    Castillo, Wellington
C-16    $  4.0    Vogt, Stephen
C-17    $  3.5    Casali, Curt
C-18    $  3.0    Flowers, Tyler
C-19    $  2.5    Mesoraco, Devin
C-20    $  2.5    Cervelli, Francisco
C-21    $  2.0    Suzuki, Kurt
C-22    $  2.0    Zunino, Mike
C-23    $  2.0    Perez, Roberto
C-24    $  1.5    Narvaez, Omar     
C-25    $  1.5    Hundley, Nick
C-26    $  1.5    Joseph, Caleb
C-27    $  1.0    Diaz, Elias
C-28    $  0.5    Barnes, Austin

Rank         Corner Infielders
CI-1      $22.0    Votto, Joey
CI-2      $20.0    Freeman, Freddie
CI-3      $17.0    Zimmerman, Ryan
CI-4      $17.0    Suarez, Eugenio
CI-5      $16.5    Abreu, Jose
CI-6      $15.5    Longoria, Evan
CI-7      $15.0    Cabrera, Miguel
CI-8      $15.0    Pujols, Albert
CI-9      $14.0    Rizzo, Anthony
CI-10    $14.0    Turner, Justin
CI-11    $13.5    Goldschmidt, Paul
CI-12    $11.0    Donaldson, Josh
CI-13    $11.0    Santana, Carlos
CI-14    $10.5    Ramirez, Jose
CI-15    $10.0    Beltre, Adrian
CI-16    $10.0    Davis, Chris
CI-17    $10.0    Machado, Manny
CI-17    $  9.5    Carpenter, Matt
CI-18    $  9.0    Moustakas, Mike
CI-19    $  7.5    Nunez, Eduardo
CI-20    $  7.5    Morales, Kendry
CI-21    $  7.5    Napoli, Mike
CI-22    $  7.0    Ramirez, Hanley
CI-23    $  7.0    Frazier, Todd
CI-24    $  7.0    Prada, Martin
CI-25    $  6.5    Sano, Miguel Jean
CI-26    $  6.5    Moncada, Yoan 
CI-27    $  6.0    Rendon, Anthony
CI-28    $  6.0    Arenado, Nolan
CI-29    $  6.0    Escobar, Eduardo
CI-30    $  6.0    Martinez, Victor
CI-31    $  6.0    Mauer, Joe
CI-32    $  5.5    Valencia, Danny
CI-33    $  5.0    Desmond, Ian
CI-34    $  5.0    Reyes, Jose
CI-35    $  5.0    Gurriel, Yulieski
CI-36    $  4.0    Gallo, Joey
CI-37    $  4.0    Johnson, Chris   
CI-38    $  4.0    Bryant, Kris
CI-39    $  4.0    Adams, Matt
CI-40    $  4.0    Belt, Brandon
CI-41    $  4.0    Morrison, Logan
CI-42    $  4.0    Seager, Kyle
CI-43    $  4.0    Smoak, Justin
CI-44    $  4.0    Solarte, Yangervis
CI-45    $  4.0    Sandoval, Pablo
CI-46    $  4.0    Moreland, Mitch
CI-47    $  4.0    Reynolds, Mark   
CI-48    $  4.0    Cron, C.J.
CI-49    $  3.5    Mourneau, Justin
CI-50    $  3.0    Alonzo, Yonder
CI-51    $  3.0    Candelario, Jeimer
CI-52    $  2.5    Marte, Jefry
CI-53    $  2.5    Freese, David
CI-54    $  2.0    Gonzalez, Marwin
CI-55    $  2.0    Moroff, Max
CI-56    $  2.0    Gyorko, Jedd
CI-57    $  2.0    Gilliaspie, Conor
CI-58    $  1.5    Plouffe, Trevor
CI-59    $  1.5    Rodriguez, Sean
CI-60    $  1.5    Schwindel, Frank
CI-61    $  1.5    Evans, Phillip
CI-62    $  1.5    Pearce, Steve 
CI-63    $  1.5    Kang, Jung-Ho
CI-64    $  1.5    Lind, Adam 
CI-65    $  0.5    Carter, Chris

Rank      Middle Infielders
MI-1      $13.0    Murphy, Daniel
MI-2      $12.0    Kinsler, Ian
MI-3      $11.5    Kipnis, Jason
MI-4      $11.0    Zobrist, Ben
MI-5      $10.5    Gordan, Dee
MI-6      $10.5    Pedroia, Dustin
MI-7      $  9.0    Phillips, Brandon     
MI-8      $  8.0    Cano, Robinson
MI-9      $  7.5    Walker, Neil
MI-10    $  7.0    Torreyes, Ronald
MI-11    $  6.5    Andrus, Elvis
MI-12    $  6.0    Crawford, Brandon   
MI-13    $  6.0    Harrison, Josh     
MI-14    $  6.0    Castro, Starlin
MI-15    $  5.5    Maitan, Kevin
MI-16    $  5.5    Bogaerts, Xander
MI-17    $  5.5    Iglesias, Jose
MI-18    $  5.5    Lowrie, Jed   
MI-19    $  4.0    Altuve, Jose
MI-20    $  4.0    Baez, Javier
MI-21    $  4.0    Cabrera, Asdrubal
MI-22    $  4.0    Gregorious, DIdi
MI-23    $  4.0    Hechevarria, Adeiny
MI-24    $  4.0    LeMahieu, DJ
MI-25    $  4.0    Simmons, Andrelton
MI-26    $  4.0    Odor, Rougned
MI-27    $  4.0    Segura, Jean   
MI-28    $  4.0    Panik, Joe
MI-29    $  4.0    Villa, Jonathan
MI-30    $  4.0    Wong, Kolten
MI-31    $  4.0    Hernandez, Cesar
MI-32    $  3.0    Cozart, Zack
MI-33    $  1.5    Diaz, Aledmys
MI-34    $  1.5    Galvis, Freddy
MI-35    $  1.5    Riddle, JT
MI-36    $  1.5    Semien, Marcus
MI-37    $  1.5    Torres, Ramon
MI-38    $  1.5    Forsythe, Logan
MI-39    $  1.0    Marin, Adrian
MI-40    $  1.0    Descalso, Daniel
MI-41    $  0.5    Hanson, Alen

Rank      Outfielders
OF-1      $22.5    Trout, Mike
OF-2      $13.0    Ozuna, Marcell   
OF-3      $13.0    Gonzalez, Carlos
OF-4      $12.5    McCutchen, Andrew
OF-5      $12.0    Martinez, JD
OF-6      $12.0    Cruz, Nelson
OF-7      $10.5    Fowler, Dexter
OF-8      $10.0    Gordon, Alex
OF-9      $10.0    Pence, Hunter
OF-10    $10.0    Kiermaier, Kevin
OF-11    $10.0    Gordon, Alex
OF-12    $  9.0    Kemp, Matt
OF-13    $  9.0    Owings, Chris
OF-14    $  8.5    Betts, Mookie
OF-15    $  8.5    Markakis, Nick 
OF-16    $  8.0    Herrera, Odubel
OF-17    $  8.0    Cespesdes, Yoennis
OF-18    $  8.0    Dickerson, Corey
OF-19    $  7.5    Bruce, Jay
OF-20    $  7.5    Jones, Adam
OF-21    $  7.5    Harper, Bryce
OF-22    $  7.5    Springer, George
OF-23    $  7.0    Kendrick, Howie
OF-24    $  7.0    Choo, Shin-Soo
OF-25    $  6.5    Pollock, AJ
OF-26    $  6.5    Blackmon, Charlie
OF-27    $  6.5    Dietrich, Derek 
OF-28    $  6.0    Peralta, David
OF-29    $  6.0    Thames, Eric
OF-30    $  5.5    Santana, Domingo
OF-31    $  5.5    Granderson, Curtis
OF-32    $  5.5    Kim, Hyun-Soo
OF-33    $  5.5    Inciarte, Ender
OF-34    $  5.5    Meyers, Wil
OF-35    $  5.5    Stanton, Giancarlo
OF-36    $  5.0    Span, Denard
OF-37    $  5.0    Castellanos, Nick
OF-38    $  5.0    Eaton, Adam
OF-39    $  5.0    Gardner, Brett
OF-40    $  4.5    Yelich, Christian
OF-41    $  4.0    Chisenhall, Lonnie
OF-42    $  4.0    Davis, Khris
OF-43    $  4.0    Parra, Gerardo
OF-44    $  4.0    Puig, Yasiel   
OF-45    $  4.0    Trumbo, Mark
OF-46    $  4.0    Bradley, Jackie
OF-47    $  4.0    Brantley, Michael
OF-48    $  4.0    Reddick, Josh
OF-49    $  4.0    Marte, Sterling
OF-50    $  4.0    Cain, Lorenzo
OF-51    $  4.0    Calhoun, Kole
OF-52    $  4.0    Jay, John
OF-53    $  4.0    Chisenhall, Lonnie
OF-54    $  3.5    Jackson, Austin 
OF-55    $  3.0    Joyce, Matt   
OF-56    $  3.0    Soler, Jorge
OF-57    $  3.0    Grossman, Robbie
OF-58    $  3.0    Heyward, Jason
OF-59    $  2.5    Orlando, Paulo   
OF-60    $  2.5    Parker, Jarrett
OF-61    $  2.5    Schebler, Scott 
OF-62    $  2.5    Canha, Mark
OF-63    $  2.5    Gomez, Carlos
OF-64    $  2.0    Young, Chris
OF-65    $  2.0    Garcia, Avisail
OF-66    $  2.0    Ellsbury, Jacoby
OF-67    $  1.5    Pillar, Kevin
OF-68    $  1.5    Cabrera, Melky   
OF-69    $  1.5    Marisnick, Jake 
OF-70    $  1.5    Revere, Ben
OF-71    $  1.5    Powell, Boog
OF-72    $  1.5    Hamilton, Billy
OF-73    $  1.5    Reimold, Nolan
OF-74    $  1.0    Dyson, Jarrod
OF-75    $  1.0    Rasmus, Colby   
OF-76    $  1.0    Ethier, Andre
OF-77    $  1.0    Hicks, Aaron
OF-78    $  1.0    Weeks, Rickie
OF-79    $  1.0    Pagan, Angel
OF-80    $  1.0    Franklin, Nick
OF-81    $  0.5    Garcia, Leury

Rank           Starting Pitchers
SP-1      $13.0    Archer, Chris   
SP-2      $13.0    Scherzer, Max
SP-3      $13.0    Price, David
SP-4      $13.0    Cole, Garrett
SP-5      $13.0    Ohtani, Shohei
SP-6      $12.0    Gausman, Kevin
SP-7      $12.0    Kershaw, Clayton
SP-8      $11.5    Arietta, Jake
SP-9      $11.0    Kluber, Corey
SP-10    $11.0    Carrasco, Carlos
SP-11    $10.5    Tanaka, Masahiro
SP-12    $10.5    Cueto, Johnny
SP-13    $10.5    Darvish, Yu
SP-14    $10.0    Porcello, Rick
SP-15    $10.0    Odorizzi, Jake
SP-16    $10.0    Verlander, Justin
SP-17    $10.0    Hernandez, Felix
SP-18    $  9.0    Ross, Tyson   
SP-19    $  9.0    Greinke, Zack   
SP-20    $  9.0    Corbin, Patrick
SP-21    $  8.5    Bumgarner, Madison     
SP-22    $  8.5    Hamels, Cole   
SP-23    $  8.0    DeGrom, Jacob
SP-24    $  8.0    Wheeler, Zack
SP-25    $  7.5    Duffy, Danny
SP-26    $  7.5    Perez, Martin
SP-27    $  7.0    Maeda, Kenta
SP-28    $  7.0    Hendricks, Kyle
SP-29    $  7.0    Happ, JA
SP-30    $  6.5    Nova, Ivan
SP-31    $  6.5    Zimmerman, Jordan
SP-32    $  6.5    Quintana, Jose
SP-33    $  6.0    Shoemaker, Matt
SP-34    $  6.0    Ramirez, Erasmo
SP-35    $  6.0    Wainwright, Adam
SP-36    $  6.0    Richards, Garrett
SP-37    $  6.0    Nelson, Jimmy
SP-38    $  6.0    Cobb, Alex
SP-39    $  6.0    Eovaldi, Nathan
SP-40    $  6.0    Strasburg, Stephen
SP-41    $  6.0    Sale, Chris
SP-42    $  6.0    Pineda, Michael
SP-43    $  6.0    Miller, Shelby
SP-44    $  6.0    Harvey, Matt
SP-45    $  5.5    Gonzalez, Miguel
SP-46    $  5.5    Morton, Charlie   
SP-47    $  5.5    Gray, Sonny
SP-48    $  5.5    Iwakuma, Hisashi
SP-49    $  5.5    Keuchel, Dallas
SP-50    $  5.5    Gonzalez, Gio
SP-51    $  5.5    Miley, Wade
SP-52    $  5.5    Hellickson, Jeremy
SP-53    $  5.5    Santana, Ervin
SP-54    $  5.5    DeSclafani, Anthony
SP-55    $  5.5    Graveman, Kendall
SP-56    $  5.0    Kazmir, Scott
SP-57    $  5.0    Teheran, Julio
SP-58    $  5.0    Fiers, Mike
SP-59    $  4.5    Fister, Doug
SP-60    $  4.5    Strally, Daniel
SP-61    $  4.0    Pomeranz, Drew
SP-62    $  4.0    Sabathia, CC
SP-63    $  4.0    Santiago, Héctor 
SP-64    $  4.0    Skaggs, Tyler
SP-65    $  4.0    Stroman, Marcus
SP-66    $  4.0    Walker, Taijuan
SP-67    $  4.0    Roark, Tanner
SP-68    $  4.0    Anderson, Chase
SP-69    $  4.0    Gsellmann, Robert
SP-70    $  4.0    Bauer, Trevor
SP-71    $  4.0    Chacin, Jhoulys
SP-72    $  4.0    Minor, Mike
SP-73    $  4.0    Moore, Matt
SP-74    $  4.0    Leake, Mike
SP-75    $  4.0    Matz, Steven
SP-76    $  4.0    Wacha, Michael
SP-77    $  4.0    Cashner, Andrew
SP-78    $  3.5    Bailey, Homer
SP-79    $  3.5    Chatwood, Tyler
SP-80    $  3.5    Hill, Rich
SP-81    $  3.5    Anderson, Brett
SP-82    $  3.5    Ryu, Hyun Jin
SP-83    $  3.0    Phelps, David
SP-84    $  3.0    Godley, Zack
SP-85    $  3.0    Holland, Derek
SP-86    $  3.0    Kennedy, Ian
SP-87    $  3.0    Lynn, Lance
SP-88    $  3.0    Medlen, Kris
SP-89    $  2.5    Shields, James
SP-90    $  2.5    Chen, Wei-Yin
SP-91    $  2.5    Estrada, Marco
SP-92    $  2.5    Faria, Jacob
SP-93    $  2.5    Parker, Jarrod
SP-94    $  2.5    Alvarez, Yadier
SP-95    $  2.5    Gee, Dillon
SP-96    $  2.5    Faria, Jacob
SP-97    $  2.5    Hughes, Phil
SP-98    $  2.5    Paxton, James
SP-99    $  2.0    Ruiz, Norge
SP-100  $  2.0    Covey, Dylan
SP-101  $  2.0    Lirano, Francisco
SP-102  $  2.0    McCarthy, Brandon
SP-103  $  2.0    Montero, Rafael
SP-104  $  2.0    Peacock, Brad
SP-105  $  1.5    Wood, Alex
SP-106  $  1.5    Bettis, Chad
SP-107  $  1.5    Cessa, Luis
SP-108  $  1.5    Gonzalez, Miguel
SP-109  $  1.5    Holland, Derek
SP-110  $  1.5    Hammel, Jason
SP-111  $  1.5    Leiter, Mark, Jr.
SP-112  $  1.5    Cahill, Trevor
SP-113  $  1.5    Lyles, Jordan
SP-114  $  1.5    Mikolas, Mike
SP-115  $  1.5    Smyly, Drew
SP-116  $  1.0    Clemens, Paul
SP-117  $  1.0    Rusin, Chris
SP-118  $  1.0    Erlin, Robbie
SP-119  $  0.5    Richard, Clayton

Rank      Relief Pitchers
RP-1      $  5.5    Chapman, Aroldis
RP-2      $  5.5    Allen, Cody
RP-3      $  5.5    Hand, Brad
RP-4      $  5.5    Vasquez, Felipe
RP-5      $  4.0    Betances, Dellin
RP-6      $  4.0    Familia, Jeurys
RP-7      $  4.0    Giles, Ken   
RP-8      $  4.0    Watson, Tony
RP-9      $  4.0    Kimbrel, Craig
RP-10    $  3.5    Morrow, Brandon
RP-11    $  3.5    Ottovino, Adam
RP-12    $  3.5    Parker, Blake
RP-13    $  3.0    Reed, Addison
RP-14    $  3.0    Storen, Drew
RP-15    $  2.5    Melancon, Mark
RP-16    $  2.5    Norris, Bud   
RP-17    $  2.5    Rosentahal, Trevor
RP-18    $  2.5    Britton, Zach
RP-19    $  2.5    Jansen, Kenley
RP-20    $  2.5    Ramos, AJ
RP-21    $  2.5    Rosentahal, Trevor
RP-22    $  2.5    Madson, Ryan
RP-23    $  2.5    O'Day, Darren
RP-24    $  2.0    Treinen, Blake
RP-25    $  2.0    Smith, Will
RP-26    $  2.0    Brach, Brad
RP-27    $  2.0    Davis, Wade
RP-28    $  2.0    Diekman, Jake
RP-29    $  2.0    Doolittle, Sean
RP-30    $  2.0    Holland, Greg
RP-31    $  2.0    Robertson, David
RP-32    $  1.5    Rondon, Bruce
RP-33    $  1.5    Thornburg, Tyler
RP-34    $  1.5    Cecil, Brett
RP-35    $  1.5    Soria, Joakim
RP-36    $  1.5    Harris, Will 
RP-37    $  1.5    Cingrani, Tony
RP-38    $  1.5    Cishek, Steve
RP-39    $  1.5    Maurer, Brandon
RP-40    $  1.5    Boxberger, Brad
RP-41    $  1.5    Herera, Kelvin
RP-42    $  1.5    Neshek, Pat
RP-43    $  1.5    Hunter, Tommy
RP-44    $  1.5    Robles, Hansel
RP-45    $  1.5    Rondon, Bruce
RP-46    $  1.5    Kahnle, Tom
RP-47    $  1.5    Rondon, Hector
RP-48    $  1.5    Smith, Joe
RP-49    $  1.5    Swarzak, Anthony
RP-50    $  1.5    Tepera, Ryan
RP-51    $  1.0    Greene, Shane
RP-52    $  1.0    Hendriks, Liam
RP-53    $  1.0    Nicasio, Juan
RP-54    $  1.0    Rodney, Fernando
RP-55    $  1.0    Vincent, Nick
RP-56    $  0.5    Maton, Phil

Many of you may have noticed that some new Child Boards have popped up on the Franchise GM league site.  I thought I might give you a quick synopsis of what has taken place so that you might get a better understanding of what has transpired during the past 11 years within FGM.

First of all, I thought it might be better for all if I went through and tried to categorized the multitude of posts and threads that have populated the FGM board since its inception.  The Child Boards are divided into general topics and areas of interest.  One of the things I have done over the years is to review the various posts of yesteryear so I could get a sense of where the league has been and how it has evolved over the years.  Reading through many of the subjects and issues, has given me a sense of why Franchise GM has been able to withstand the test of time. 

Franchise GM was originally founded and put together by Colby in 2009.  Besides Colby, we still have some of the original ProFSL veterans who have been with the league since the early years (papps, Daniel, Paul S., BHows, nerwffej, MOLI643, Brent, and rcankosy).  The league has undergone some growing pains, but through dedication and hard work by a multitude of GMs, many of they who are no longer a part of FGM, we are all a part of a league that is still evolving and meeting our fantasy needs.

I came aboard in 2010 in response to a post in the Fantasy Baseball Café that a GM was needed for the San Francisco Giants.  As many of you know, I am a total Giants fan and try my best to have a team with as many Giants as possible (which is probably why I keep getting eliminated in the first round of the playoffs).  Whatever the reason, I believe that my assent to the role of moderator has come about through a variety of circumstances--from general interest to the need to fill a void. 

Given that I am a retired high school history teacher, I sincerely believe it's important to understand how the present has been affected by the past.  So with that in mind, I tried to divide the countless threads into general areas of interest so that it would be easier for any of you to review what has transpired in the past.  It's a tedious endeavor, but I can assure you, it is quite enlightening.  In any fantasy league, there are going to be a wide spectrum of perspectives and if you review a given group of posts, you can see a meeting of the minds--sometimes amicable--and sometimes not.  However, if you have the time, reading through the posts of the past can be entertaining if nothing else.

For me, I came to ProFSL as a Yahoo refugee and didn't really get a grasp of what a league like FGM entails until I stumbled my way through a host of bad trades and poor free agent signings.  It wasn't until the end of my first full season that I decided that a total understanding of the league rules was an absolute necessity, and a general requirement, for any hope of success.  Along with that, I began to do the grunt work research to look for those prospects that could help me secure assets that would either improve my lineup in the future or help me get other assets via trade.  I floundered in my early years in FGM and it wasn't until my 5th year that I was able to finally make the playoffs and become competitive. 

During my early years in the FGM, I didn't get involved with any league operations.  I fumbled and floundered and just did my best to try and keep abreast of what was actually transpiring within the league by reading all the new posts.  I watched how others developed their teams and didn't get a clear understanding of what I wanted to do until I decided to become the San Francisco Giants.  The process was a bit slow, but unlike many of the GMs who have come into the league and gotten frustrated by their lack of immediate success, I didn't give up.  While I have not developed a powerhouse, I am content with the direction of my team and what I have done so far.

With all that, my rise to league moderator evolved by volunteering to fulfill some tasks that many people don't want to do.  I began by volunteering for the Trade Committee, a journey that has certainly been bumpy at times because of hurt feelings, resignations, and poison posts.  When I came aboard, the Trade Committee was in shambles and trades were not getting approved--but through consensus and conciliation, I was able to come up with the model we use today and it has certainly proven to be successful.  From there, I volunteered to run the FYPD, and while it was a little tedious at first, I have come to be comfortable enough with the process to run it without much fanfare or drama.  Volunteering for these duties were a natural progression for me because of my real life experiences, but it is certainly not for everyone.

During it's existence, FGM has had a variety of Commissioners.  Beginning with Colby, we have had a progression of different Commissioners in our 11 years of operation--each with their own style of leadership. I have probably forgotten to include someone, but to the best of my knowledge, we began with Colby, then had Dan Wood, then rcankosy, then Shooter21, and then in 2015, BHows and I assumed the role of Co-Commissioners.  Then, as many of you know, BHows stepped down as a Co-Commissioner prior to the 2019 season and you were stuck with me.   

The intent of this brief history lesson is to show that we have survived as a viable league because of our ability to evolve and adapt.  Our league used to be "ruled" by a Rules Committee, but over the years, we have become more of a democracy and change has evolved by taking into account the views and perspectives of each and every league member.  BHows did a great job a few years ago updating our League Rules and, as a league, we have been able to tweak things together to make our league stronger through the use of leaguewide referendums.  Whomever you are, if you are a part of FGM, you are an asset because you are the strength and glue which keeps things running.

Please, if you have the time, read through some of the old posts and educate yourselves.  Read through the league rules until they become familiar and never hesitate to ask questions to gain greater understanding.  Right now we have two vacant teams, which I know we'll fill at some point in the future, but regardless, do your part to improve your teams so that your Division can be as competitive as the NL West. 

I am very proud of what we have in Franchise GM and I hope you are too!


Franchise GM: Invalid Transactions / FGM Nationals need a new GM
« on: August 29, 2019, 11:11:16 AM »
The FGM Nationals need a replacement GM.  The Nationals are a rebuilding team opportunity, so if you’re up to the challenge, please post your interest on the FGM board.

Here is a link to the team roster:

You can also PM me if you want more information.


Just a friendly reminder that although we are down to our final two teams in the FGM World Series, there is still a lot of things that need to be done before we head into the off-season.  I have posted, on the Transactions Page, a list of 2019 players who will become free agents if they are not extended by end of our FGM World Series.  There is also a list of (P-2019) players, which by rule, will not become free agents until December 31st @ 11:59 pm ET if they are not signed.

As many of you know, in past News Flashes, I have urged all of you to prepare your teams for the 2020 FYPD by going through your MiLB rosters and checking to see if the players you currently have rostered are worth keeping.  Although participation in the FYPD is not mandatory, it should be noted that every team must have open roster spots available in order to draft players.  Our FYPD is scheduled to begin on November 1st.  I will send out a leaguewide PM as we get closer to this date as reminder to all GMs.

As your FGM moderator, I will be dropping all 2019 players and (P-2019) from your Fantrax and ProFSL rosters.  As I mentioned previously, the (P-2019) players are listed on the Transactions Page, so if you want to extend them, you have until 12/31/19 to post your intentions on the Transactions Page--at which point I will add them to your roster as I would any free agent.  There is no risk in losing them because there is no free agent bidding until January 2020.

During the off-season I will process the Excel Sheet changeover, post the 2021 salary caps, remove all 2019 Signing Bonuses, all expired Released Under Contracts, and post the new 2020 Contract Extension Values Scale.  Just a point of reference regarding our CEVS:  Remember it is based on our free market system--which means the 2020 CEVS will be markedly different than previous years because of some of the "generous contracts" that were given out during 2019.   

After we crown our new FGM World Series Champion, everyone can begin trade negotiations if they so desire.

As a reminder, here is what you have to keep in mind:

9/30/2019 (12:01A)- Off-season begins.
            1.) Unsigned Players Become FA
            2.) Cap Hits Raised From 75/50/25 Percent to 90/60/30 Percent
            3.) MLB contract extensions count toward 2020 and beyond
            4.) Re-Sign Values for Contract Extensions Updated
            5.) 2021 Salary Caps Posted

Finally, I will reiterate that beginning with the 2020 season, we will have a straight pitching limit of 70 IPs with no SP limit.  This is a result of the a League Referendum which passed 22-1.  I believe this is a positive change for FGM and I hope we can continue to build on our success as a league.

If I think of anything else I need to do, then I will add to this News Flash with a reply. 

Thanks to all!


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  • Yeagg: 2018. I don't remember what for but I know I sent you Peter Lambert
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  • Yeagg: Lambert was a top prospect at the time
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  • Daddy: Thats why trading proven talent for prospects can be criminal
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  • papps: Lambert sucks now
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  • Mets Donations Accepted: Prospects are lottery tickets always risk/reward
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  • Yeagg: I traded Yoan Moncada for Juan Soto, Michael Baez, and more daddy
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  • Yeagg: Soto was just a 19 year kid in A ball at the time
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  • Yeagg: Baez is now a dominant late inning reliever
    January 16, 2020, 07:27:23 PM
  • Brent: There was no way Beltran was going to manage a game for the Mets.  He wasn't suspended b/c he was a player, but his name is all over that report as a main player in the sign stealing.
    January 16, 2020, 07:46:27 PM
  • gventura: Now it's sounding Bregman and Altuve are next
    January 16, 2020, 07:58:19 PM
  • Yeagg: Bergman and Altuve? What else came out
    January 16, 2020, 08:08:32 PM
  • Yeagg: I set it now. Astros are screwed
    January 16, 2020, 08:18:25 PM
  • gventura: It's bad. MLB has to investigate that. And they should investigate LAD and NYY but as of now they commented no
    January 16, 2020, 08:25:29 PM
  • Thecliff: Ok Yeagg...I found the transaction, it was 2-yrs.
    January 16, 2020, 08:27:33 PM
  • frankbullsfan: Armchair question noticing after some extensions and arbs that players not being given arbitration are being claimed does that mean the team claiming them is taking on their salary the next year for example Osuna on my team I declined arbitration because he makes 10 million plus this year if someone claims him is that them saying they will take on the 10 million this season
    January 16, 2020, 09:04:12 PM
  • gventura: Yes, and if unclaimed they're a FA. There's nothing in the rules specifically about the situation but that's my understanding
    January 16, 2020, 09:28:55 PM
  • Yeagg: THAT'S
    January 16, 2020, 09:35:37 PM
  • Yeagg: That's how the mlb works I believe, so it would make sense we do as well
    January 16, 2020, 09:36:01 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg is right if u dont resogn them they go to fa. Only way some one can claim them is if they release them
    January 16, 2020, 11:21:07 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: Your move Brian
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  • Yeagg: $9.5m to Chris Davis is FGM??
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  • indiansnation: Tauchman of,claudio rp and Senzatela p and cordero all together 1 deal in busch
    Yesterday at 04:04:18 AM
  • Yeagg: PM brian
    Yesterday at 04:24:44 AM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Yesterday at 05:57:10 PM
  • Mets Donations Accepted: My offer stands if you change your mind Brian
    Yesterday at 06:03:34 PM
  • indiansnation: Yeagg pm
    Yesterday at 06:21:25 PM
  • Yeagg: Back
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  • indiansnation: Vik pm and gventura pm
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  • Thecliff: :judge: In WCB2 all draft players have been added to fantrax & SS.
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