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The Braves make the following roster moves:

Contract Extension:
MI Anderson, Tim, $0.5m (P-2019)
Highest Rank in 2019 - MI-20    $  4.0    Baez, Javier
New Contract: MI Anderson, Tim, $4.0m (2024)

CI Healy, Ryon, $0.5m (P-2019)
Highest Rank in 2018 #71 ~ CI-65    $  0.5    Carter, Chris
New Contract: CI Healy, Ryon, $0.5m (2021)

P Rogers, Taylor, $0.5m (P-2019)
Highest Rank in 2019 = RP-19    $  2.5    Jansen, Kenley
New Contract: RP Rogers, Taylor, $2.5m (2022)


I have done a few things to try and insure everyone has a pleasant experience.  As in the past, I have been sending out PM alerts to everyone, but with that, I have been sending out personal e-mail alerts to your listed e-mails to insure no one is left out. 

Additionally, I have continually updated your ProFSL and Fantrax rosters to make sure you all have the most up to date roster information.  With that, on the FYPD Draft Order thread, I have gone through and illustrated when each team runs out of available MiLB roster spots.  Some have indicated to place a few of their picks on their MLB rosters, but even those rosters are becoming closed.

The FYPD is moving along and after it is done, I will post a trade moratorium date for 2019 draftees.  Then we will turn our attention to free agency beginning in January 2020.

As I said before, we still have two open teams:  :ATL: and :NYM:

Yankees trade:
OF Piscotty, Stephen, $14.5m (2023)
X-OF Piscotty, Stephen, Cash Exchange, $4.5m (2020-2023)

Giants trade:
RP Adon, Melvin, $0.5m (P-n/a)   
CI Toribio, Luis, $0.5m (P-n/a)

Giants are rolling the dice here.  Stephen Priscotty is coming off an injury plagued season, but he is only 28 and has been productive throughout his short career, so itís a risk worth taking.  Although I donít relish taking on his egregious contract, the cash exchange helps offset it to a certain extent.  Giving up Adon and Toribio is a bitter pill to swallow, but if Priscotty can rebound, the trade will be worth it.

Yankees to confirm.

Franchise GM: Transactions / Giants - Orioles Trade 11/11/19 8:12 pm ET
« on: November 11, 2019, 07:42:27 PM »
Orioles trade:
OF Bradley, Jackie, $4m (2021)

Giants trade:
SP Waguespack, Jacob, $0.5m (P-2022)
RP Smith, Will, $1.5m (2020)
SP Williams, Garrett, $0.5m (P-n/a)   

Giants are acquiring a serviceable OF on a cost effective contract to shore up their OF corps.  The Giants are probably not going to be able to acquire any big name OFs available in free agency because of the anticipated bidding wars, therefore, the Giants need to look to players like Jackie Bradley, Jr.  The Giants give up a promising SP in Jacob Waguespack, and two hometown players in RP Will Smith and SP Garrett Williams,   :doh:, but Bradley will help will certainly fill a team need.

Orioles to confirm.

Franchise GM: FGM Commissioner News & Tid Bits / News Flash: ProFSL Rosters
« on: November 06, 2019, 08:08:21 PM »
Just wanted everyone to know, that thanks to some hard work by RyanJames5, the (P-n/a) players who have passed the  Rookie Threshold have been updated.  Ryan went through everyone's roster and passed along his findings so that I could update your ProFSL rosters.  In one case, he discovered that a player had actually passed his threshold in 2016 ( :doh:) and that player was removed and released into the free agent pool.

The FYPD is moving along and I have been updating your rosters after picks are made.  If you look at the 2019 FGM FYPD Draft Order, you will see (Fantrax/ProFSL) and that signifies the point to which the drafted players have been added to your Fantrax and ProFSL rosters.  As a point of order, I would like everyone to know that the 60 day trade moratorium for all draftees will begin at the end of the final draft.  This alleviates the need to post a date when they were drafted. 

We still have two open teams, :ATL: and :NYM:, and I will give these teams autopicks to fill out their MiLB rosters. 

As always, if you have any questions or issues, please PM me and I will address as soon as possible.  I check the board regularly and always see the PMs when I log onto the ProFSL board.  With that, I have alerted Colby that the e-mail notifications are not, and have not, been working.  Hopefully, he will be able to resolve it. 

Franchise GM / Atlanta Braves need a new GM
« on: November 05, 2019, 12:23:08 PM »
The Braves have $63.0m in cap space and are in need of an active GM to revitalize the franchise.

You can view the roster by clicking on the team icon at the top of the page.

Franchise GM / Nationals welcome back a GM from the Past
« on: November 05, 2019, 12:17:03 PM »
Please welcome back Cris A. (ldsjayhawk) as the new GM of the Washington Nationals.


Franchise GM: Invalid Transactions / Washington Nationals are available
« on: October 15, 2019, 03:07:12 AM »
The Washington Nationals are in need of a new GM.  The team has $42.5m in cap space available and has the #16 pick in the upcoming Rookie Draft.  The team is a rebuild, but has some assets to build with or trade.  The roster can be viewed by clicking on the team icon at the top of this page. 

If interested, please post your particulars on the FGM Official Waiting List:

Franchise GM: Draft Board / 2019 FYPD Information & Procedures
« on: October 03, 2019, 01:39:43 AM »
Here are the Particulars you all need to know heading into our First Year Player Draft (FYPD).  The FYPD will officially begin on Friday, November 1st @ 9:00 am ET, however, I am going to open up the Draft thread if GMs want to begin before the official date.  The 12 hour clock will not start until November 1st, so if a pick is made before the official date, it will have no effect on the next person up until the draft officially begins.

Here are the rules:

Item AX D 2.0 Draft Order
1.) The draft order is determined by using the previous year's win/loss record in reverse order, non-snake. In the event of a tie, Total Points For is used as the tie breaker.
2.) The draft will last 10 rounds, but teams are not required to participate in all rounds if they do not wish to make room on either their 40 man or MiLB rosters.
3.) Teams are given 12 hours to draft in Rd.1 and Comp. Rd. The time limit is 8 hours for all remaining rounds.

Item AX D-3.0 Draft Eligible Players
Only players that are drafted and signed by MLB teams in the current year's MLB draft are eligible. Foreign players and unprotected prospects will be handled via free agency (however foreign players may warrant consideration for an additional rule)

Item AX D-4.0 Draftee/Draft Pick Limitations
1.) Trading of draft picks is not allowed.
2.) The 60-day no trade ruling is extended to include draftees.

Item AX D-5.0 Entry Draft Contracts
Players drafted in the FGM entry draft will be given Prospect Contracts, (P-n/a),and can be placed on a teams MiLB roster or 40 man roster.

Item AX D-6.0 How Draft Will Be Conducted
1.) Each team must make their selection within the alloted time. If, for any reason, you are not going to be available to make your selection within that time please submit a prioritized list of desirable players to the Draft Monitor.
2.) If a list has been supplied you will receive the highest available player from that list.
3.) If a list has not been supplied you will receive that highest rated player according to Baseball America's Top 500 list. You will also be placed in Auto-Pick where you will continue to receive the highest rated player from the BA Top 500 until you request to be removed from Auto Pick.

Franchise GM: Invalid Transactions / News Flash: Today is the Last Day
« on: September 29, 2019, 01:38:49 PM »
Today is the last day to extend players on expiring 2019 contracts.

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