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Title: Draft Completion - Free Agency
Post by: Brent on September 18, 2019, 11:30:23 PM

We are entering the last round of the draft and it should be completed within the next few days.  All non drafted rookies will be available for free agency once the draft completes to include drafted players and UDFAs that were not drafted in the NFLC draft. 

Remember there are 2 ways to bid on these players.
1. Normal contract bids.
2. Practice Squad Contract bids utilizing the PSC contract and the Practice Squad Bonus Money. 

Winning bids will be determined by total amount.  A PSC bid is a $0.4M bid and then the bonus on top of that.  A normal contract bid would have to be higher.
Example 1:
Bid 1: PSC + $2M
Bid 2: $2.2M
Bid 2 did not exceed bid 1 in this example.

Example 2:
Bid 1: PSC + $10M
Bid 2: $11.4M
Bid 2 is the winning bid as it exceed bid 1 and exceed by the $1M min increase once over $10M.