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Author Topic: Cleveland Indians  (Read 9036 times)

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Cleveland Indians
« on: May 11, 2013, 01:43:31 AM »
Cleveland Indians :CLE:
Last Updated: 1/22/20
General Manager: Brian (indiansnation)

Franchise Budgets
Salary Cap: $92$92$92$92$92$92
Base Salary: $91.7$92.4$61.3$17.1$8$4
Remaining Salary: $0.3$-0.4$30.7$74.9$84$88

Prospect Bonus20192020
Bonuses Cap: $10$10
Bonuses: $10$0
Remaining Bonuses: $0$10

MLB Roster (37/40 players): 2020-2025 salaries
C McGuire, Reese P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
C Nunez, Dom P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Court, Ryan6/12022 $1.5m$1.5m$1.5m
CI Cozart, Zack2020 $0.5m
CI Fuentes, Josh6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Kiner-Falefa, Isiah2022 $1.5m$1.4m$1.4m
CI Robertson, Daniel6/12022 $1.8m$1.8m$1.8m
CI Ruiz, Rio P-2020 $0.5m$1.1m$1.1m
CI Smoak, Justin2021 $9.0m$9.0m
MI Adrianza, Ehire6/12021 $0.5m$0.5m
MI Arcia, Orlando2024 $4.0m$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m$4.0m
MI Diaz, Aledmys6/12022 $3.4m$3.4m$3.4m
MI Garcia, Greg6/12020 $0.5m
MI Munoz, Yairo P-2021 $0.5m$0.5m
MI Solano, Donovan2022 $0.5m$1.0m$1.0m
OF Broxton, Keon6/12021 $0.8m$0.8m
OF Dyson, Jarrod2020 $6.5m
OF Hicks, Aaron6/12022 $3.3m$3.3m$3.3m
OF Jankowski, Travis6/12020 $0.5m
OF Naquin, Tyler6/12022 $1.5m$1.5m$1.5m
OF Tomas, Yasmany2020 $2.5m
P Bumgarner, Madison2022 $24.4m$24.4m$24.4m
P Chavez, Jesse6/12021 $1.3m$1.3m
P Conley, Adam2020 $6.0m
P Gaviglio, Sam P-2020 $0.5m$1.1m$1.1m$1.1m
P Gonzalez, Chi Chi6/12021 $0.8m$0.8m
P Graveman, Kendall2020 $0.5m
P Hoffman, Jeff6/12021 $0.8m$0.8m
P Quintana, Jose2021 $7.5m$6.3m
P Rogers, Tyler6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Romero, JoJo P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Romo, Sergio2022 $0.5m$1.0m$1.0m
P Ross, Joe2021 $1.1m$1.1m
P Sparkman, Glenn P-2022 $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Taylor, Blake P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Woods Jr., Stephen6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Ynoa, Huascar P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m

Minor League Roster (50/50 players)
C Betts, Chris P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
C Clarke, Philip P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
C Stubbs, Garrett P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
C Sullivan, Brett6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Alvarez, Mandy P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Bouchard, Sean P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Curletta, Joey P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Franco, Wander6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Martinez Jr., Pedro P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CI Rodriguez, Aderlin P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Johnson, Ivan P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Stovall, Hunter P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Taylor, Samad P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Velazquez, Andrew6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
MI Westbrook, Jamie P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Enright, Kole P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Heyward, Jacob P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Maciel, Gabriel P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Parker, Brandon P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
OF Pasquantino, Vinnie6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Anderson, Tanner P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Barlow, Joe6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Castro, Anthony6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Dubin, Shawn6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Escobar, Luis P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Evans, Demarcus6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Feryereisen, J.P. P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Gaddis, Hunter P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Hansen, Alec6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Hill, Cameron P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Kennedy, Brett P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Lazar, Max6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Lucas, Josh P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P McKendry, Evan P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Mejia Humberto6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Merryweather, Julian P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Murphy, Patrick P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Rodriguez, Jose P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Rucker, Michael P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Sanchez, Chris6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Santos, Victor P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Sborz, Josh P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Sharp, Sterling P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Shepherd, Chandler6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Sopko, Andrew P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Stewart, Will P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Tinoco, Jesus P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Tully, Tanner P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Vanasco, Ricky6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
P Vesia, Alex6/1 P-n/a $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m$0.5m

MLB Cap Adjustments
X Keiboom, Spencer $0.3mReleased Under Contract
X Lavarnway, Ryan $0.5mReleased Under Contract
X Cabrera, Miguel $5.0mReleased Under Contract
X Descalso, Daniel $0.7mReleased Under Contract
X Farmer, Kyle $0.5mReleased Under Contract
X Hernandez, Ramon Signing Bonus (Released)
X Kiner-Falefa, Isiah $-1.0mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Longoria, Evan $4.3mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Morel, Christopher Signing Bonus (Traded)
X Morrison, Logan $2.7mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Napoli, Mike $0.3mReleased Under Contract
X Sandoval, Pablo $0.6mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Smoak, Justin $-9.0mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Descalso, Daniel $3.0m$2.0m$2.0mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Hechevarria, Adeiny $0.8mReleased Under Contract
X Lopes, Tim Signing Bonus (Traded)
X Mayfield, Jack $0.4mReleased Under Contract
X Riddle, JT $0.3mReleased Under Contract
X Saldino, Tyler $0.3mReleased Under Contract
X Solano, Donovan $-0.5mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Young, Andy $0.7m$0.3mReleased Under Contract
X Altherr, Aaron $0.5mReleased Under Contract
X Dyson, Jarrod $-6.5mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Lagares, Juan $1.8m$0.9mReleased Under Contract
X Martin, Leonys $3.4mCash Exchanged on Contract
X O'Neill, Tyler $0.5mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Puello, Cesar $1.0m$0.7mReleased Under Contract
X Pujols, Jose Signing Bonus (Traded)
X Reyes, Victor $0.3mReleased Under Contract
X Robinson, Drew $0.3mReleased Under Contract
X Robinson, Drew $1.2mReleased Under Contract
X Schebler, Scott $2.0m$1.0m$0.3mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Smith Jr., Milton Signing Bonus (Traded)
X Tomas, Yasmany $-2.5mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Alexander, Tyler Signing Bonus (Released)
X Bergman, Christian $1.1mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Bumgarner, Madison $-9.0mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Conley, Adam $-6.0mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Covey, Dylan $0.5mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Gonzalez, Chi Chi $0.3mReleased Under Contract
X Graveman, Kendall $0.9m$0.5mReleased Under Contract
X Hardy, Blaine $0.5mReleased Under Contract
X Herrera, Kelvin $1.8m$0.9mReleased Under Contract
X Kennedy, Ian $2.5mCash Exchanged on Contract
X McCullers, Lance $4.0m$3.0mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Quintana, Jose $-7.5mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Romo, Sergio $-0.5mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Romo, Sergio $0.6mReleased Under Contract
X Ross, Joe $-1.1mCash Exchanged on Contract
X Santana, Ervin $0.5mReleased Under Contract

2020 Draft Picks (24 picks)
5-151 :CLE: (via :PIT:)
6-156 :CLE:
6-162 :CLE: (via :SD:)
6-173 :CLE: (via :TOR:)
6-180 :CLE: (via :PHI:)
6-184 :CLE: (via :ARZ:)
7-186 :CLE:
7-192 :CLE: (via :SD:)
7-203 :CLE: (via :TOR:)
7-210 :CLE: (via :PHI:)
7-214 :CLE: (via :ARZ:)
8-216 :CLE:
8-222 :CLE: (via :SD:)
8-233 :CLE: (via :TOR:)
8-240 :CLE: (via :PHI:)
9-246 :CLE:
9-252 :CLE: (via :SD:)
9-263 :CLE: (via :TOR:)
9-270 :CLE: (via :PHI:)
10-276 :CLE:
10-282 :CLE: (via :SD:)
10-293 :CLE: (via :TOR:)
10-300 :CLE: (via :PHI:)
10-304 :CLE: (via :ARZ:)

Prospect Signing Bonuses
CI Hernandez, Ramon  $2.5m
CI Morel, Christopher  $0.5m
MI Lopes, Tim  $1.5m
MI Velazquez, Andrew  $0.5m
OF Pujols, Jose  $0.5m
OF Smith Jr., Milton  $0.5m
P Alexander, Tyler  $1m
P Walker, Jeremy  $3m
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