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Author Topic: League Settings & Requirements  (Read 1335 times)

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League Settings & Requirements
« on: May 06, 2013, 01:31:12 PM »
Basic Requirements
Bush League GMs must be active members of the ProFSL forum as all transactions are posted on the Bush League transactions board.  If you do not respond to a PM inquiry regarding your status in the league may result in termination due to inactivity.  If you plan on going on a hiatus of any type (vacation, busy with work) then please notify the commissioner ahead of time.

League Premise
To represent the current atmosphere of MLB for GMs in a manner that works effectively with fantasy baseball while not making it overly complicated to play.

Entry into League
There are no prerequisites for entry into this league.  New GM are selected by the commissioner.  The basis of selection is activity on the ProFSL forum, membership in other ProFSL leagues, experience, and reason for applying to Bush League.

The league and the TC may appear harsh in judging a new GMs moves, but the purpose is to ensure the new member is knowledgeable of the rules and adheres to their plan.

Franchise Status
Each franchise name is tied to the actual MLB franchise.  If the team name changes, or the franchise moves to a different city, the corresponding Bush League team name will change.  In the event of contraction, your team name remains grandfathered unless you decide to take on a different franchise in MLB that may become open.

In the event the fantasy league adds one or more franchise due to MLB expansion, an auction will take place for all new teams.  Each team must option at least one player with contract value at least as great as x% of the team payroll, where x = 1 over the # of teams in the league after expansion.  Also, each team must auction off as much of their team in addition to that.  The total market value of players made available in the auction draft must be at least 1-y/x% where y is original league size and x is new league size.   Players, when taken by an expansion team, are treated as new UFA.  Their previous contracts are null and void.

In the event of contraction, all players' contracts are null and void and they immediately become UFA.

Roster Size
Your MLB roster can be no more than 40 players.  This does not include the entry draft roster. The Minor League Roster is 50 players for a max total of 90 players per team.

League Site
The league will use Fantrax for scoring.

Your player's stats come from what they actually do on a major league field.  Your role is General Manager, and your control over whether players start or not is dependent upon what happens in MLB.

Roster Positions
C (1)
CI (2)
MI (2)
OF (3)
Util (1)
SP (5)
RP (6)

The lineups can be set daily.  The scoring period is weekly.  There is a maximum of 70 innings and 8 starts that your pitchers may throw per week.  Any amount over that will not be counted toward your score that week and penalties will be assessed for exceeding the limits multiple times.

GM Job Change
Any GMs wishing to change to another team will be decided upon on a case by case basis. The Commissioner(s) has final say on whether a GM switches to another franchise.

There are 10 total playoff spots in Bush League.  The three division winners (East, Central, West) plus 2 wildcard sports in each league.  These will be the 2 teams with the best records, not finishing first in their division. 

Week 1 - Wildcard: Matches up the two wildcard teams in each league.  Winner advances to the Division Series.

Week 2 - Division Series: The division winner with the best regular season record plays the Wildcard winner.  The remaining two division winners play each other.  This takes place in each league.  Winners advance to the Championship Series.

Week 3 - Championship Series: The two winners of the division series in each league play each other.  The winners advance to the World Series.

Week 4 & 5 - World Series: The two winners from each league play each other in a two week World Series.  The winner is crowned Champion of the league, has their names place in lights on the main page and is awarded a (mythical) trophy.  :Bronze:  And don't forget bragging rights for a year!

If two or more teams in a division are tied for a playoff spot then the order of tiebreakers is determined by:
1) Head to head record
2) Divisional record (Win%)
3) Fantasy points scored

Note: Two or more teams not in the same division that are tied for a playoff spot use fantasy points scored as the sole tiebreaker. 
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