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Author Topic: Free Agency  (Read 2158 times)

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Free Agency
« on: May 06, 2013, 01:01:37 PM »
Free Agency
Free agency begins January 1 and ends at the trade deadline.

Bids are in format of total contract value. Note that the number of years does not need to be listed until the bid is won.  The resulting salary will be the final bid divided by number of years, rounded to the nearest $100k, with a minimum salary of $500k. Once posted, a bid should not be altered.  To update a bid, simply post a new post.  If necessary, please involve the commissioner.  Altering bids is highly inappropriate and could result in losing the ability to bid further on the player. The winning bid will be the highest total contract amount.  Players who are eligible for a prospect contract can have the bid (less $500k) turned into a guaranteed signing bonus.  Note that signing bonuses are 100% guaranteed and stay on the issuing team's books, regardless if that player is later traded.

Each player is auctioned in a separate thread at the ProFSL website under the league transactions board that may be started by anyone.  There is no limit to the number of bids for a player.  All bids under 50m must increase the previous bid by at least $200k ($.2m). All bids over 50m must increase the previous bid by at least $5m.  A bid on a player is considered final when it has been open for 48 hours and no other team owner has submitted a new bid.

When you post a player, please post his first and last name as well as the position he plays. This includes any minor leaguer not in a system and international free agents.  Players in the current draft class are not eligible for FA until after the draft is over. These players will be subject to the same FA rules described in this post.

Off-Season Free Agent signings cannot be traded until 6/1.  In season Free Agent signings cannot be traded until 60 days after they have signed.  This date will be shown per each player in the official rosters section. Any draft pick that is selected in the amateur draft cannot be traded for 60 days after the amateur draft ends.

Compensation for losing a FA

Draft pick compensation is only given to a free agent's previous team when the free agent's new contract total is at least 50m.  The team receiving the compensation pick receives second round pick of the draft following year.  Teams that trade their 2nd round pick cannot sign a $50m FA.  All first round picks are protected.

The order of supplemental picks is based solely on fantasy points scored in the previous season by each FA lost.

Note: Off-season free agency will have all of the positions open at one time to be able to be bid upon. This means each position will be able to be bid upon once free agency arrives. There is no limit to the amount of bids one team may have open. No bid will be considered final until the last bid has sat on the transaction board for at least 48 hours.

Each team owner will post their contract after one of the executive committee asks for a contract or gives this sign  :agent: You must post the contract on each player you won in a timely manner.

FA Prospects
Note that bids on players that may fall under prospect contracts work differently.  The prospect contract has its own set of rules at a league minimum salary.  Any amount over $0.5m is considered a signing bonus, and remains on a team's books even if they release the player.  Signing bonuses are guaranteed money! Please keep this in mind when bidding.  Prospects signed in free agent bidding may be placed either on the 40 man roster or on the minor league roster.  If a prospect is to be placed on the minor league roster, the bid should state that it is a prospect bid (or P+).  The final contract should also state that the player should be placed on the minor league roster.

Penalties for not clearing roster space/cap for a final bid
Upon winning a bid that sets a team over the cap, the GM is granted 24 hours to post the transactions that will make the cap work (either a trade or releasing players).  If the transactions are not valid or not posted within 24 hours of the bids being finalized, that team no longer receives the player.  If this is a first time offense, the GM is given a warning.  For all subsequent offenses, the team is penalized a 10% cap penalty for the current season.

Also, you must have the roster space as well when winning a player. The same penalties and rules apply described in the paragraph above.

After such a failed bid, the player goes back to the bidding board, leaving off at the highest bid prior to the winning bid, and the 48 hour clock is restarted. The offending team can no longer bid on that player, even if they clear up the cap space to do so.

No exceptions are granted to teams that won the bid but had a trade fall through - if you're not certain you'll have room, make the trade first.  In other words, don't bid on a player you can't afford!  Note that this applies only to FA.  No trades can be completed that set a team over the cap - the trade must be re-worked.

International Free Agency
International free agency begins from July 2 to June 15, 2020.  Teams are given a $10m bonus pool to use for signing international players and domestic prospects.  International Players must be under 25 and be from outside the United States and Canada to be considered Free Agent signed by a Major League team.  All other free agency rules apply. The $10m is in effect from Jul 1 to Jun 30 of each year and unspent $$ does not carry over to the following season.
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