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HTML/Hex Color Code for MLB, NFL, and NBA teams
« on: September 01, 2010, 04:12:09 PM »
To those who are interested in team colors that can be used in HTML or BBC, the following color codes can be used for all of the teams from MLB, NFL, and the NBA.

Arizona Diamondbacks: #C51230 (red) | #241E20 (black)
Atlanta Braves: #01487E (blue) | #D60D39 (red)
Baltimore Orioles: #020001 (black) | #DF4601 (orange)
Boston Red Sox: #0E2B55 (blue) | #BD3039 (red)
Chicago Cubs: #0E3386 (blue) | #D12325 (red)
Chicago White Sox: #000000 (black) | #555B66 (dark gray) | #DCDDDF (silver)
Cincinnati Reds: #EB184B (red) | #FFFFFF (white)
Cleveland Indians: #023465 (dark blue) | #EE113D (red)
Colorado Rockies: #000000 (black) | #333366 (purple) | #CACDCD (light gray)
Detroit Tigers: #10293F (blue) | #FFFFFF (white)
Florida Marlins: #333333 (dark gray/black) | #00A5B1 (teal)
Houston Astros: #95322c (brown) | #C7B39A (tan) | #000000 (black)
Kansas City Royals: #000572 (light blue) | #FFFFFF (white)
Los Angeles Angels: #CE1141 (red) | #FFFFFF (white) | #003262 (blue)
Los Angeles Dodgers: #005596 (light blue) | #FFFFFF (white)
Milwaukee Brewers: #012143 (dark blue) | #C4953B (gold)
Minnesota Twins: #042462 (dark blue) | #B50131 (red)
New York Mets: #004685 (blue) | #F7742C (orange)
New York Yankees: #132448 (dark blue) | #CDCBCE (light gray)
Oakland Athletics: #00483A (green) | #FFBE00 (gold)
Philadelphia Phillies: #CA1F2C (red) | #226AA9 (blue)
Pittsburgh Pirates: #000000 (black) | #FFB40B (gold)
San Diego Padres: #1C3465 (dark blue) | #CCC59B (?) | #FFFFFF (white)
San Francisco Giants: #000000 (black) | #FB5B1F (orange) | #731313 (dark brown)
Seattle Mariners: #003166 (dark blue) | #1C8B85 (teal)
St. Louis Cardinals: #C41E3A (red) | #FFFFFF (white)
Tampa Bay Rays: #00285D (dark blue) | #79BDEE (light blue) | #FFFFFF (white)
Texas Rangers: #01317B (blue) | #E00016 (red)
Toronto Blue Jays: #0067A6 (blue) | #A5A5A5 (silver)
Washington Nationals: #14225A (dark blue) | #BA122B (red) | #A28E63 (gold)

Arizona Cardinals:  #B10339 (red)  |  #FFC40D (gold)  |  #000000 (black)
Atlanta Falcons:  #000000 (black)  |  #231F20 (red)
Baltimore Ravens:  #2B025B (purple)  |  #F5A329 (gold)
Buffalo Bills:  #00133F (dark blue)  |  #EE2F2B (red)
Carolina Panthers:  #0097C6 (teal)  |  #101B24 (black)  |  #A2A7AB (silver)
Chicago Bears:  #00133F (dark blue)  |  #FF652B (orange)
Cincinnati Bengals:  #FF2700 (orange)  |  #101B24 (black)
Cleveland Browns:  #4C230E (brown)  |  #FF652B (orange)
Dallas Cowboys:  #002E4D (dark blue)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Denver Broncos:  #002E4D (dark blue)  |  #FF652B (orange)
Detroit Lions:  #006EA1 (light blue)  |  #F6F6F6 (white)  |  #EFF4F8 (black)
Green Bay Packers:  #294239 (green)  |  #FFBF00 (gold)
Houston Texans:  #00133F (dark blue)  |  #D6303A (red)
Indianapolis Colts:  #00417E (blue)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Jacksonville Jaguars:  #00839C (teal)  |  #101B24 (black)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Kansas City Chiefs:  #C60024 (red)  |  #000000 (black)
Miami Dolphins:  #006B79 (teal)  |  #FF642A (orange)
Minnesota Vikings:  #240A67 (purple)  |  #FFAC2C (gold)
New England Patriots:  #00295B (dark blue)  |  #EE2F2B (red)  |  #C7CACC (silver)
New Orleans Saints:  #C6A876 (light gold)  |  #000B17 (black)
New York Giants:  #003155 (dark blue)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
New York Jets:  #174032 (green)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Oakland Athletics:  #000000 (black)  |  #B5BBBD (silver)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Philadelphia Eagles:  #002F30 (green)  |  #EFEFEF (silver)
Pittsburgh Steelers:  #000000 (black)  |  #FFBF00 (gold)
San Diego Chargers:  #05173C (blue)  |  #0F83B8 (light blue)  |  #FFBF00 (gold)
San Francisco 49ers:  #940029 (red)  |  #D99E77 (light gold)
Seattle Seahawks:  #030F1F (dark blue)  |  #283E67 (light blue)
St. Louis Rams:  #00295B (dark blue)  |  #C1A05B (gold)
Tampa Bay Buccaneers:  #665C50 (tan)  |  #D6303A (red)
Tennessee Titans:  #002C4B (dark blue)  |  #EE2F2B (red)  |  #0080C0 (light blue)
Washington Redskins:  #8C001A (dark red)  |  #FFBF00 (gold)

Atlanta Hawks:  #01244C (navy blue)  |  #D21033 (red)
Boston Celtics:  #05854C (green)  |  #EAEFE9 (silver)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Charlotte Bobcats:  #F26532 (orange)  |  #29588B (blue)
Chicago Bulls:  #D4001F (red)  |  #000000 (black)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Cleveland Cavaliers:  #9F1425 (red)  |  #003375 (blue)  |  #B99D6A (gold)
Dallas Mavericks:  #006AB5 (blue)  |  #F0F4F7 (silver)
Denver Nuggets:  #4393D1 (powder blue)  |  #FBB529 (gold)
Detroit Pistons:  #ED174C (red)  |  #006BB6 (blue)
Golden State Warriors:  #002942 (dark blue)  |  #E75E25 (orange)  |  #FFC33C (gold)
Houston Rockets:  #CC0000 (red)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Indiana Pacers:  #002E62 (navy blue)  |  #FFC225 (gold)
Los Angeles Clippers:  #EE2944 (red)  |  #146AA2 (blue)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Los Angeles Lakers:  #4A2583 (purple)  |  #F5AF1B (gold)
Memphis Grizzlies:  #001B41 (navy blue)  |  #85A2C6 (light blue)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Miami Heat:  #B62630 (red)  |  #1E3344 (dark gray/black)  |  #FF9F00 (gold)
Milwaukee Bucks:  #00330A (hunter green)  |  #C82A39 (red)
Minnesota Timberwolves:  #015287 (blue)  |  #000000 (black)  |  #EFEFEF (silver)
New Jersey Nets:  #002258 (navy blue)  |  #D32E4C (red)  |  #EFEFF1 (silver)
New Orleans Hornets:  #0095CA (light blue)  |  #1D1060 (purple)  |  #FEBB25 (gold)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
New York Knicks:  #2E66B2 (blue)  |  #FF5C2B (orange)
Oklahoma City Thunder:  #0075C1 (light blue)  |  #E7442A (orange)  |  #002553 (navy blue)
Orlando Magic:  #077ABD (blue)  |  #C5CED5 (silver)  |  #000000 (black)
Philadelphia 76ers:  #C5003D (red)  |  #000000 (black)  |  #C7974D (gold)
Phoenix Suns:  #48286C (purple)  |  #FF7A31 (orange)  |  #FFBC1E (gold)
Portland Trail Blazers:  #000000 (black)  |  #E1393E (red)  |  #B4BDC3 (silver)
San Antonio Spurs:  #000000 (black)  |  #BEC8C9 (silver)  |  #FFFFFF (white)
Sacramento Kings:  #743389 (purple)  |  #DCE2E4 (silver)  |  #000000 (black)
Toronto Raptors:  #CD1041 (red)  |  #ECEBE9 (silver)  |  #000000 (black)
Utah Jazz:  #001D4D (navy blue)  |  #448CCE (light blue)  |  #480975 (purple)
Washington Wizards:  #004874 (blue)  |  #BC9B6A (gold)
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Re: HTML/Hex Color Code for MLB, NFL, and NBA teams
« Reply #1 on: July 20, 2011, 02:24:38 AM »
Is the NHL codes coming soon??



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Re: HTML/Hex Color Code for MLB, NFL, and NBA teams
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2011, 08:39:24 AM »
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Re: HTML/Hex Color Code for MLB, NFL, and NBA teams
« Reply #3 on: July 20, 2011, 08:41:04 AM »
Don't forget Soccer!


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  • Daddy: Nets may be the worst team in pro basketball. They couldn't win the Big East.
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  • Daddy: That's absolutely a lottery pick, and the 3 players are legit...i like it for Cavs.
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