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Author Topic: FO Hall of Fame  (Read 3328 times)

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FO Hall of Fame
« on: March 12, 2013, 06:08:51 AM »
:NBA:2012/13 Team Trophies

Northwest Division Champions - :OKC:   77   5
Southwest Division Champions - :SA:   64   18
Pacific Division Champions - :PHX:   49   33
Central Division Champions - :IND-NBA:   70   12
Atlantic Division Champions - :PHI-NBA:   61   21
Southeast Division Champions - :MIA-NBA:   55   27

East Champions: :MIA-NBA:
West Champions :MEM:

NBA Champions :MIA-NBA: (Danny Granger, LeBron James, Boris Diaw, Mike Miller, Mario Chalmers, Udonis Haslem, Joel Anthony, Shane Battier, James Jones, Garrett Temple, Roy Hibbert, Jeff Pendergraph, Norris Cole, George Hill, Tony Wroten, Ronny Turiaf)

:NBA:2012/13 Individual Trophies

MVP: Lebron James, :MIA-NBA:
RoY: Damian Lillard, :PHX:
DPoY: Tim Duncan, :SA:
6th: Kawhi Leonard, :OKC:
MIP: Larry Sanders, :SA:
Finals MVP: Lebron James, :MIA-NBA:

All-Star Starters
EAST: Kyrie Irving :CLE-NBA: - Dwayne Wade :IND-NBA: - Lebron James :MIA-NBA: - Carmello Anthony :NY: - Tyson Chandler :NY:
WEST: Chris Paul :LAC: - James Harden :OKC: - Kevin Durant :OKC: - Blake Griffin :LAC: - Tim Duncan :SA:

:NBA:2012/13 Honors

1st All-NBA Team: Chris Paul :LAC:, Dwayne Wade :IND-NBA:, Kevin Durant :OKC:, Lebron James :MIA-NBA:, Tim Duncan :SA:
2nd All-NBA Team: Tony Parker :SA:, Kobe Bryant :LAL:, Carmello Anthony :NY:, Blake Griffin :LAC:, Marc Gasol :MEM:
3rd All-NBA Team: Russell Westbrook :OKC:, James Harden :OKC:, Paul George :IND-NBA:, Zach Randolph :MEM:, Brook Lopez :PHX:
1st All-Defensive Team: Chris Paul :LAC:, Paul George :IND-NBA:, Lebron James :MIA-NBA:, Serge Ibaka :WAS-NBA:, Tim Duncan :SA:
1st All-Rookie Team: Damian Lillard :PHX:, Bradley Beal :GS:, Harrison Barnes :CHA:, Anthony Davis :NO-NBA:, Andre Drummond :NO-NBA:

:NBA:All-Time Team Records

Most fantasy points scored in a week - 3475.8 (:OKC:, 2012/13, week 15)
Least fantasy points scored in a week - 132.067* (:POR:, 2012/13, week 16)
Most fantasy points scored in a single season - 48534.05 (:OKC:, 2012/13)
Least fantasy points scored in a single season - 13300.551 (:POR:, 2013/14)
Most wins in a season - 77 (:OKC:, 2012/13)
Least wins in a season4   (:POR:, 2013/14)
Longest winning streak - 31 (:OKC:, 2012-2013)
Longest losing streak - 19 (:BRK-NBA:, 2013-2014)
Most NBAFO Championships - 1 (:MIA-NBA:)

:NBA:All-Time Player Records

Most fantasy points scored in a single season
10955.87 (Kevin Durant :OKC:, 2012/13)
Highest fantasy points per game in a season (at least 70% games played)
135.3 (Lebron James :MIA-NBA:, 2012/13)
Most fantasy points scored in a single week
663.5 (Kevin Durant :OKC:, 2012/13, Week 11)
Highest fantasy points per game in a single week (min. 2 games)
185.89 (Lebron James :MIA-NBA:, 2012/13, Week 16)
Highest single game fantasy points scored
238.15 (Carmelo Anthony :CLE-NBA:, January. 24, 2014)
Highest single game fantasy points scored by a rookie
195.48 (Damian Lillard :PHX:, Mar. 9, 2013)

:NBA:GM of the Year

2012/13 - Garfield :PHX:
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