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Taylor Hall Suspended 2 Games
« on: February 22, 2013, 08:31:00 PM »

For the hit on Clutterbuck last night, looks worse at full speed but don't think it was deserving of a suspension.
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  • Eric: Yeah it does, realize how much crap you have lol
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  • Brent: And I got rid of a ton of stuff before moving from AZ.
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  • Brent: JP, what did you think of the couple small moves the Cubs made at the deadline?  Haren at the back of the rotation and Hunter in the bullpen isn't bad at all since they really didn't give up much.
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  • BHows: Anyone else having trouble with the site this morning
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  • VolsRaysBucs: were you here deadline day?
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  • BHows: Yup, until after mif=dnight
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  • BHows: *midnight
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  • Eric: Not todaI havent
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  • Eric: The deadline night it was down for almost 2 hrs
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  • Eric: Thats why most league extened the deadline until yesterday
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  • indiansnation: Morning guys
    Today at 12:07:33 PM
  • Eric: Morning Brian
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  • indiansnation: Eric your getting beat let me quote  you"I'll add you tonight" yep still waiting lol
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  • Eric: i added you bro
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  • indiansnation: OK your luck I didn't resign back in my bad lol
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  • Eric: what? lol
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  • Eric: martin - pm
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  • indiansnation: I had to log out of it and log back in it for it to show u
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  • indiansnation: Up
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  • Eric: ahhhh, told you i did it
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  • Eric: :0
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  • Eric: :) *
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  • indiansnation: Can I make any changes I see necessary to it add and drop players
    Today at 12:18:29 PM
  • Eric: ypu your team, its all faab, so  transaction wont take place til tomorrow
    Today at 12:19:16 PM
  • Eric: also LMK your new team name
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  • Tarheels55: Eric sign me up in Blades of Thunder
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  • Eric: already done!
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  • indiansnation: Leave name I can stomach it glad to see u back
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  • Eric: kk easy for me then
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  • Eric: k
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  • Eric: k shoot me your thoughts.
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  • BHows: Flash-PM
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  • Eric: Rick, I sent you a PM as well
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  • Benblyth: Pacerville OTC in BoB
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