Author Topic: Artem Anisimov leaves ice on stretcher  (Read 128 times)

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Artem Anisimov leaves ice on stretcher
« on: February 21, 2013, 11:17:16 PM »
Columbus Blue Jacket center Artem Anisimov was taken off the ice on a stretcher after taking a hit to the head from Detroit Red Wing defenceman Kyle Quincy. The hit happened behind the Red Wings net after Anisimov lost his balance and did not look intentional.


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  • Brent: Corey, I just sent you a PM about the NFLC payments and a couple COAs (courses of action).
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  • OUDAN: Oh nice
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  • OUDAN: Let me go see who I want
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  • Gilly: what teams
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  • Corey: I already refunded his money
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  • Brent: I didn't see it on that breakdown you had sent over.
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  • Gilly: I was just gonna say sandman is pretty anal about paying
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  • Gilly: IS sandman coming back, i miss him already lol
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  • Corey: Back to what? lol
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  • Gilly: lol i thought he left or did i totally misunderstand
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  • Brent: He's still around.  I see him posting in leagues.
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  • Brent: Does this make sense guys?  [link]
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  • Gilly: [link]
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  • OUDAN: Pick is in in MB
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  • OUDAN: Right
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  • OUDAN: Wanted to make sure it was understood I wanted 1.3m for 3 years not 3.9
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  • Gilly: lol it struck me funny lol
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  • Gilly: Well doing these at least this league is sickly active, its cool :)
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  • Brent: It sure is.
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  • Gilly: Did he pay
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  • Gilly: Pm me the names so I can work on recruiting when Im doing rosters
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  • Brent: standardtext is the GM/Owner.  He hasn't been active on Fantrax in nearly a month.
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  • Gilly: Pm the names and I will follow up, if u want
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  • Brent: opps, accidentally sent a PM to one of the inactive GMs.  lol
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  • Brent: oops
    Today at 02:35:40 PM

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