Author Topic: T-Rob on his way to Houston  (Read 81 times)

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T-Rob on his way to Houston
« on: February 21, 2013, 05:16:57 PM »
Kings have agreed to send Thomas Robinson to the Houston Rockets along with Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt in exchange for Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas.
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  • Orange Country: recall it?
    Yesterday at 11:57:49 PM
  • mike0542: In my dynasty baseball league with my friends, someone accepted davis for trout, receiving daivs and that caused a huge uproar in that league
    Yesterday at 11:57:49 PM
  • Lindner: I have a couple things to do for ML too, that I'm getting ready to work on.
    Yesterday at 11:58:19 PM
  • Lindner: Vaguely.
    Yesterday at 11:58:33 PM
  • Orange Country: gonna text u
    Yesterday at 11:58:37 PM
  • Orange Country: see a player got released in ML who retired in 2009
    Yesterday at 11:59:20 PM
  • Lindner: There are still plenty of those guys left on minor league squads.
    Yesterday at 11:59:47 PM
  • Lindner: I'm sure I have several guys who don't play anymore in my system.  No need to cut them yet though!
    Today at 12:00:19 AM
  • Scalious: Yeah..lot of those minor league rosters need a good cleaning
    Today at 12:00:24 AM
  • Orange Country: 233 X 30 teams = 5,990 potential minor league players
    Today at 12:00:53 AM
  • Orange Country: I believe it
    Today at 12:01:07 AM
  • Orange Country: 6,990*
    Today at 12:01:57 AM
  • Corey: Mine will be severely cleaned out over the next week
    Today at 12:03:02 AM
  • Scalious: Yep...meaning a ton of guys that are not owned now. Nick better get ready for another round of prospect spamming next year. Have a ton of Minor league slots to fill
    Today at 12:03:10 AM
  • Orange Country: nice deal u did Scalious
    Today at 12:03:59 AM
  • Lindner: sigh. lol
    Today at 12:05:13 AM
  • Orange Country: in a league that deep tho, it's real tough to keep tabs on every minor you own
    Today at 12:05:16 AM
  • Eric: Nick, do you have access to gmail right now
    Today at 12:05:24 AM
  • Orange Country: we have 8 $$ :MLB: leagues now on site
    Today at 12:05:58 AM
  • Lindner: Sure.
    Today at 12:06:06 AM
  • Orange Country: 2 :NHL:, 2 :NBA: and 1 :NFL:
    Today at 12:06:25 AM
  • Orange Country: I'm sorry, 3 :NHL:, left out Gilly's
    Today at 12:06:45 AM
  • Eric: I am gonna share the sheet with you. My number arent adding up. Maybe your seeing something I missed
    Today at 12:07:05 AM
  • mike0542: I'm going through my minors too in ML. Not even a quarter through my own team. Hard to find the time.
    Today at 12:07:22 AM
  • Scalious: I got David Peralta for minium last year. So my plan worked!
    Today at 12:07:26 AM
  • Gilly: yeah
    Today at 12:07:41 AM
  • Gilly: and MMA OC
    Today at 12:07:45 AM
  • Orange Country: That's 14 leagues in the big 4, Corey is the Commissioner of 8 of those
    Today at 12:07:50 AM
  • Gilly: MMA Casino is a money league
    Today at 12:07:50 AM
  • Gilly: NHL High Stick is a $100 money league
    Today at 12:08:06 AM
  • Orange Country: just doin big 4 sports
    Today at 12:08:12 AM
  • mike0542: Alright, Gotta call it quits for tonight.  goodnight boys.
    Today at 12:08:24 AM
  • Gilly: poor MMA
    Today at 12:08:37 AM
  • Corey: Nick you can leave my house cleaning up and ill edit it till im down. That way its easier for you
    Today at 12:09:41 AM
  • Orange Country: u got 15 for HFN including Jeff
    Today at 12:09:42 AM
  • Gilly: NHL High Stick is a beauty, $1200 pot , 12 guys, gotta love it
    Today at 12:09:51 AM
  • Orange Country: if I knew hockey at all, I'd do a $$ 1
    Today at 12:11:29 AM
  • Gilly: 12 guys, 3 investors, was a fun concept we did as well
    Today at 12:12:36 AM
  • Gilly: 15 total, great great group of guys, the concept we did could have went bad if we had a bad apple in the group but of course not on profsl , it went great
    Today at 12:13:18 AM
  • Orange Country: :DEN: vs :SDG: tomorrow night, we might have a good Thursday night game
    Today at 12:13:49 AM
  • Lindner: That's totally fine, Corey.
    Today at 12:14:08 AM
  • Orange Country: Andy bringing his leagues here
    Today at 12:14:12 AM
  • Orange Country: Colb, did you see the site set a record with 613 people
    Today at 12:14:47 AM
  • Corey: will do Nick
    Today at 12:14:53 AM
  • jblum: TNF is finally getting good game
    Today at 12:15:31 AM
  • jblum: games*
    Today at 12:15:35 AM
  • Eric: :DEN: will win by 17
    Today at 12:17:34 AM
  • jblum: it will be much closer
    Today at 12:18:01 AM
  • Orange Country: Will Donald Brown play?
    Today at 12:18:37 AM
  • Eric: :DEN: is took good
    Today at 12:25:00 AM

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