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JJ Redick to the Bucks
« on: February 21, 2013, 05:15:09 PM »
The Milwaukee Bucks and Orlando Magic have agreed to a trade that will send J.J. Redick, Gustavo Ayon and Ish Smith to the Bucks in return for Tobias Harris, Beno Udrih and Doron Lamb.
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  • Jonathan: Noodle Arm Manning. What a fraud.
    Today at 11:09:56 PM
  • JMAC: ya nfl catered to him and denver tonight. as good as den defense was they werent best defense on field still
    Today at 11:10:35 PM
  • patjossom: Sorry BHows. Thanks
    Today at 11:11:16 PM
  • Jwalk100: good enough to beat Cam
    Today at 11:11:28 PM
  • BHows: Yeah, 72,000 yds.,540 TD. He's a fraud
    Today at 11:13:02 PM
  • Jdwalter21: At this point in his career he is a don't lose it type of player though.
    Today at 11:13:59 PM
  • Jonathan: Cheaters are all frauds.
    Today at 11:14:14 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Good way to go out
    Today at 11:14:19 PM
  • BHows: Yeah ask Tom Brady
    Today at 11:14:45 PM
  • Daddy: Peyton Manning has had a great career
    Today at 11:26:11 PM
  • Daddy: Cant take anything away from Denver & congrats but the Panthers stunk.
    Today at 11:27:00 PM
  • papps: Manning is arguably the best QB ever
    Today at 11:27:10 PM
  • papps: Can't deny his stats
    Today at 11:27:42 PM
  • Daddy: Montana & Brady
    Today at 11:27:54 PM
  • fantasyboi: Tebow?
    Today at 11:27:56 PM
  • Daddy: Manning & Bradshaw
    Today at 11:28:27 PM
  • Daddy: Yes Tebow & JJaMarcus Russell
    Today at 11:28:52 PM
  • papps: I put Manning ahead of Brady and would take either Montana or Manning
    Today at 11:28:57 PM
  • fantasyboi: Manziel?
    Today at 11:29:02 PM
  • fantasyboi: Leaf?
    Today at 11:29:10 PM
  • Daddy: Sam Bradford
    Today at 11:29:25 PM
  • Daddy: Right papps ;)
    Today at 11:29:36 PM
  • papps: 5 MVPs. 2 SBs. Most wins, yards, and TDs.
    Today at 11:29:41 PM
  • papps: I'm just glad I got to see his whole career
    Today at 11:30:04 PM
  • papps: Brady is a cheater
    Today at 11:30:13 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Montana, Marino, Brady, Manning and Favre is my top 5
    Today at 11:31:30 PM
  • Daddy: Brady is great unfortunately, cheating or not.
    Today at 11:31:31 PM
  • fantasyboi: Brady would never cheat on gisele how dare u
    Today at 11:31:58 PM
  • papps: Manning, Montana, Elway, Brady, and Marino are my top five
    Today at 11:32:20 PM
  • Jdwalter21: I take away from Manning bc he had the best receivers in the league his entire career
    Today at 11:33:02 PM
  • papps: Montana didn't?
    Today at 11:33:29 PM
  • fantasyboi: Montana played in a more run heavy era...
    Today at 11:34:54 PM
  • papps: True but Rice and Taylor were no slouches
    Today at 11:35:27 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Montana wasn't known for losing important games also
    Today at 11:35:39 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Playoff record Brady > Manning
    Today at 11:36:30 PM
  • fantasyboi: honestly it wont matter once Brady is done. Brady has like 5 years left so u imagine at least 1 SB
    Today at 11:37:14 PM
  • Jdwalter21: unless he plays against the Giants lol
    Today at 11:37:57 PM
  • Jonathan: Broncos will be better next year without grandpa.
    Today at 11:38:44 PM
  • fantasyboi: lmao
    Today at 11:38:56 PM
  • fantasyboi: Jonathan got a hard on for Peyton boy
    Today at 11:39:11 PM
  • Jonathan: Miller wins MVP today. Hard to have 2 sack fumbles in the same game, no less the SB
    Today at 11:39:43 PM
  • BHows: MVP Vonn Miller "Cam Neuterator"
    Today at 11:40:30 PM
  • Jonathan: Would of added a safety at end of game, if the other QB wasn't Cam.
    Today at 11:40:37 PM
  • Jdwalter21: I think this game solidified Franchise Tag for Von Miller
    Today at 11:41:42 PM
  • fantasyboi: Marshawn Lynch retired. Everyone in NFC west is happy
    Today at 11:42:40 PM
  • Jonathan: 56 days and 14 hours until baseball starts playing real games.
    Today at 11:46:51 PM
  • Jonathan: How much did Peyton Manning get paid to drop Budweiser plugs in his interviews. Is he an alcoholic?
    Today at 11:48:32 PM
  • Jonathan: Roger Goodell should have Team Rice play Team Irvin in next years Super Bowl after this snooze fest. ‪#‎Yawn‬
    Today at 11:49:18 PM
  • Jonathan: Cam Newton didn't jump into pile for fumble because he's got some commercials to shoot this week, can't risk injury.
    Today at 11:50:49 PM
  • fantasyboi: im sure some ESPN analysts will say its because hes black
    Today at 11:54:53 PM