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  • Mr.TradeKing: biggest MI in da league
    Today at 06:20:40 PM
  • kylerap: there's plenty of guys worth 20m if you build a team well and have stuff players on spec deals
    Today at 06:20:41 PM
  • kylerap: this is pretty cool for stat guys, mlb player pages have PECOTA projected stats for rest of season and full season with current integrated
    Today at 06:22:02 PM
  • kylerap: [link]'
    Today at 06:22:13 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: idk if that makes them "worth" $20m just bc you can afford it
    Today at 06:22:53 PM
  • Anelson: I agree generally speaking.
    Today at 06:23:56 PM
  • Anelson: both "worth" 20M and "worth it for my team" are two different things
    Today at 06:24:24 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: also spect contracts run out and if they're good they still require 7-10m to re0sign
    Today at 06:24:37 PM
  • Dan Wood: he can make the plays at short... by the time he is 26 he will be too big for he position
    Today at 06:28:08 PM
  • Dan Wood: they should have traded murphy for an OF and put flores at 2B and signed Drew
    Today at 06:28:28 PM
  • Dan Wood: I also tend to think Ike is headed to the Brewers since Reynolds is hittiing .180
    Today at 06:31:26 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: perhaps, but I think they have 2 1Bs in their farm
    Today at 06:37:24 PM
  • kylerap: they think they're winning it all though.  they could go the trade route
    Today at 06:38:12 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: but their 2 spects fit the same profile as Ike
    Today at 06:38:34 PM
  • OUDAN: there spec at 1B [link]
    Today at 06:38:54 PM
  • -BA-: would that be over rated
    Today at 06:39:00 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: HRs and Ks
    Today at 06:39:08 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: everyone knows about Hunter Morris, but I think Jason Rogers is actually the better of the 2
    Today at 06:40:03 PM
  • -BA-: Rob Deer for a new generation
    Today at 06:40:10 PM
  • -BA-: or Dave Kingman is you prefer
    Today at 06:40:26 PM
  • kylerap: Milwaukee's minors system is terrible enough, they'd be stupid to move more assets for a 1b
    Today at 06:40:33 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: but I also like goes who dont K as much
    Today at 06:41:01 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: guys*
    Today at 06:41:19 PM
  • Dan Wood: Mets are looking for a pen arm for Ike... They wanted Thornburgh
    Today at 06:42:22 PM
  • Dan Wood: Morris has been not good, I don't get why anyone would think he can hit in the bigs
    Today at 06:42:50 PM
  • MillerTime: OC PM
    Today at 06:43:15 PM
  • kylerap: I agree on Jason Rogers, he's also a :CHC: in MB :)
    Today at 06:43:30 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: he would need to improve is his plate discipline
    Today at 06:43:50 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: but Rogers is older so thats the knock on him
    Today at 06:44:09 PM
  • 9inches: MB Zona looking for a swap or two.
    Today at 06:44:13 PM
  • -BA-: I heard Zona was rebuilding
    Today at 06:45:40 PM
  • Dan Wood: Personally I think the Mets are dumb for playing Duda and for giving CY 7 million
    Today at 06:46:17 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: lol
    Today at 06:46:20 PM
  • Dan Wood: Jason Kubel owes 9 money
    Today at 06:47:23 PM
  • Dan Wood: that's why he is hitting so well... to work off his debt
    Today at 06:47:42 PM
  • 9inches: HA! Not even Magic Johnson can buy me out of the 2014 season.
    Today at 06:48:06 PM
  • 9inches: That or his tesicles in a jar.
    Today at 06:48:42 PM
  • -BA-: Its the magic of Minnesota
    Today at 06:48:54 PM
  • OUDAN: Still lookin to sell off the rest of DWs guys from this :NYY: team in SD PM me boys lets get it done
    Today at 06:49:20 PM
  • OUDAN: This is interesting never sold off before
    Today at 06:49:27 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: Magic can buy me out any day
    Today at 06:49:48 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: put up in a nice lil "shack" on the coast of belize
    Today at 06:50:51 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: keep me on the payroll as an "consultant"
    Today at 06:51:32 PM
  • Dan Wood: wasn't my team
    Today at 06:52:49 PM
  • OUDAN: No Smoking Gun!!!
    Today at 06:52:50 PM
  • Dan Wood: OU
    Today at 06:52:55 PM
  • OUDAN: Belize is amazing lol
    Today at 06:52:56 PM
  • OUDAN: DW didn't know how long u had them before me
    Today at 06:53:24 PM
  • Dan Wood: not long
    Today at 06:54:17 PM
  • Dan Wood: long enough to trade garrett jones and kelly johnson
    Today at 06:54:33 PM

Author Topic: Ruff Canned  (Read 128 times)

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Ruff Canned
« on: February 20, 2013, 05:08:00 PM »
The Sabres slow drop in the standings have resulted in their head coach getting the can. Ruff began coaching the team in 1997-98 and had a record of 562-452-84.
Ruff was also the second-longest tenured coach in North American pro sports next to Gregg Popovich of the San Antonio Spurs.
The Sabres are definitely in need of a culture change when you have a head coach for this long but I don't believe he will be out of work long as his style will be in high demand.

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Re: Ruff Canned
« Reply #1 on: February 20, 2013, 05:18:45 PM »
I would love to see him go to Columbus and turn that team around



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Re: Ruff Canned
« Reply #2 on: February 20, 2013, 06:06:12 PM »
Ruff will be back for sure.  I think there is a lot going on in that locker room and he kind of lost some control.  It happens when you are somewhere for so long especially with Miller not getting any help!

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Ruff Canned
« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2013, 06:41:18 PM »
Yeah they definitely needed a change in culture, and I don't think Ruff will be out of work for long.

Miller has been standing on his head this year, and hasn't gotten any help at all. I do think they do have some good pieces (Vanek, Ott, Tyler Myers), but I still think they need another top scorer.
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Ruff Canned
« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2013, 08:02:02 PM »
Good coach tht wore out his stay and never changed his style with the change in the team. Just lost the guys it seemed.

He will get a fresh start somewhere (ala Bruce Boudreau) and do very well IMO
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