Author Topic: Power outage makes Super Bowl 47 more intriguing  (Read 141 times)

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Power outage makes Super Bowl 47 more intriguing
« on: February 03, 2013, 11:01:00 PM »
Since the power surge early in the 3rd quarter, the 49ers cut the deficit from 22 to 8 points.  They have the ball with just under 13 minutes left in the 4th quarter.  Who wins the game now?  Momentum is all over the place.


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  • OUDAN: And as is my team works perfect
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  • jblum: dan, should have let me get parsons lol
    Today at 12:40:22 AM
  • OUDAN: I can resign everyone and have the same team next year I believe
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  • OUDAN: [link]
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  • OUDAN: New SD deal ^^^
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  • Corey: no caronboy owns them
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  • OUDAN: I wanted Cron but wanted that more lol
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  • Brent: It is becoming a common theme of the site for players to be traded that are in negotiations with another team.
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  • OUDAN: I told u my first was in another deal I'm sure of it
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  • Brent: Corey, I just PM'd you with a question.
    Today at 01:11:32 AM
  • OUDAN: Hope that wasn't directed at me
    Today at 01:11:45 AM
  • Brent: Well, you are the latest, but no in general it is becoming very common.
    Today at 01:12:31 AM
  • OUDAN: I'm quite sure I told u that my 1st was in talks
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  • OUDAN: If I didn't it was an honest mistake
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  • OUDAN: Hell to me that's more negotiating power
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  • Brent: Just forgot all the other pieces, but it is cool.  I don't care.
    Today at 01:14:00 AM
  • OUDAN: And we decided earlier that we weren't getting a deal done
    Today at 01:14:02 AM
  • OUDAN: Anyways curious who u take in BTL
    Today at 01:14:46 AM
  • Brent: Don't remember that being decided, But okay.
    Today at 01:15:00 AM
  • Brent: Got someone in mind, but want to look at a few other options.
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  • OUDAN: So much talent out there
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  • Orange Country: sooner
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  • OUDAN: Yup?
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  • Orange Country: I mean the other sooner
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  • Orange Country: the other one and only sooner
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  • OUDAN: Ha
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  • Brent: Pick is in.  [link]
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  • Gilly: Hey boys
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  • OUDAN: He was on my short list!
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  • OUDAN: I'm like 3 picks away lol
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  • Orange Country: sooner, any thoughts on my offer from last night
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  • OUDAN: Did I not PM u that?
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