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Free/Money 16-30 Team MLB Leagues Available
« on: January 31, 2013, 03:30:15 PM »
MLB Futures
This part-money, part-free 32-team league takes a radical look at what could have happened with the MLB after the Astros moved to the AL. This franchise league utilizes relegation between the MLB Premier and lower league with unique salary cap, free agency, trade, and contract rules.
Openings: Openings with money league teams are :OAK::CHW: :CIN: :MIA-MLB: :TB: and openings with free league teams are :MIL: :MIN: League has gone through re-birth so rosters are empty and can be built from scratch in this contracts league.  Free agent activity will start first week of March.

Park Series
Series of money (variable entry based on prior regular season fantasy production) 30-team league with weekly waivers for transactions, inherited rosters (franchise style), and variable ownership redraft league.
Openings: All moves will be made at the league pages... very competitive leagues.  We had some trade activity early on and now ready for our second recruiting stage.  The four leagues vary in entry fees, and there are opportunities to play for free (inquire within) if you can find a sponsored owner for a team.  We expect these leagues to fill 80-95% by opening day and then fill the rest of open teams through May 15th.  The leagues are essentially a redraft version of Moneyball without contracts or bidding

Diamond Kings
$250 Entry Fee Redraft League
Openings: League has four (4) openings and not for the faint of heart with a $4,000 gross pot.

One Year Wonders
Free 30-team dynasty league (three 10-team universes) without salaries or contracts. You must keep five players year-to-year in which the players could not have been kept by your team in any previous year hence the name "One Year Wonders"
Openings: We have two leagues that will have each of their live drafts in the next two months.  Teams available are :COL: :SD:

High Heat Baseball
20-team money ($20 entry fee) keeper league with minor leagues and contracts.
Openings: Third-year keeper league has three (3) openings right now and is getting ready for its annual slow auction period.
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Re: Free/Money 16-30 Team MLB Leagues Available
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2013, 02:23:43 PM »
Openings updated :judge:

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Re: Free/Money 16-30 Team MLB Leagues Available
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2013, 01:37:46 PM »


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