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ProFSL Points
« on: August 18, 2010, 04:55:09 PM »
ProFSL Points
What are ProFSL points?  ProFSL points are awarded to leagues where a fraction goes to the commissioner.  The commissioner then awards the remaining points to successful and active members of the league.  The points are tallied up for all members at the end of the regular season in each major sport.  The top twelve members are eligible to receive invitations to the ProFSL Invitational for that sport which plays at the beginning of the next season and pays out cash prizes.  You will see the following badges in members profiles/signatures that signify that they have participated or will participate in an Invitational.


ProFSL rankings are built on a points definition used for all of the major sports.  The formula was eventually replaced with raw activity numbers based on the number of average page views a league receives per month.  An example of the league activity reports can be observed with the August 2011 report.  If you are looking to make your league more active then take a look at the more active leagues as an example.

The amount of points that a member in a league receives is based on their standing and contribution to the league.  The commissioners of all leagues report this info to the ProFSL commissioner at the end of each sport's season.  The league points are divided up as follows.

16% - Commissioner
24% - 1st Place
20% - 2nd Place
16% - 3rd Place
8% each - Three different recommended members

The recommendations are often used by commissioners to award active members of their leagues who may not have had the best teams.
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