Author Topic: Indians Avoid Arbitration with 6  (Read 207 times)

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Indians Avoid Arbitration with 6
« on: January 18, 2013, 04:52:08 PM »
The Indians signed All-Star closer Chris Perez to a 1 year deal. They also signed Justin Masterson, Joe Smith, Matt Albers, Drew Stubbs and Lou Marson. Only Mike Aviles remains to be signed.


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  • OUDAN: Will be posting LOR rosters later today
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  • redbeard82: it's all good kube. they're not a source i rely heavily on, but i also generate my own opinions after looking at a number of sources. anyway, feel free to shoot your counter my way whenever you get a chance.
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  • OUDAN: heels we gonna look at MB anymore?
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  • OUDAN: LOR Guys [link]
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  • kylerap: I've been debating sending you an offer OU
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  • OUDAN: Right on
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  • OUDAN: Gonna do BTL Rosters now
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  • kylerap: sure
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  • OUDAN: BTL reposted
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  • kylerap: sent you something.  maybe its an outlien, maybe you hate it.  its kind of big but let me know if we can even work off of it
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  • OUDAN: Ok give me a few to check it out
    Today at 02:19:22 PM
  • OUDAN: You werent lying that was huge
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