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4 O's gets deals done
« on: January 18, 2013, 04:49:56 PM »
The Baltimore Orioles have agreed to terms with C - Matt Wieters, INF - Chris Davis, P - Brian Matusz and Troy Patton. They also have have deals sent out to Jim Johnson, Jason Hammel and Darren O'Day.
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  • andyscott23: That's easy hot, dry and humid.. year round
    Today at 02:37:28 PM
  • andyscott23: been there don that
    Today at 02:37:46 PM
  • andyscott23: done
    Today at 02:37:50 PM
  • Brent: yeah, me too.  too many times.
    Today at 02:38:37 PM
  • Brent: If only it was that easy.
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  • OUDAN: Lol
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  • Brent: Stateside wx, especially wx in the southeast is super easy compared to SWA and AFG.
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  • andyscott23: basically Fort Bragg in August with no trees
    Today at 02:39:42 PM
  • OUDAN: Hard to predict over there?
    Today at 02:43:46 PM
  • Jpsprague10: Hey Brent, my phone is acting screwy with the keyboard, can you post up the deal?
    Today at 02:46:17 PM
  • Brent: Sure, no problem.
    Today at 02:47:09 PM
  • Brent: Yes, not a lot of data.
    Today at 02:48:00 PM
  • OUDAN: Ooooo makes as we
    Today at 02:51:27 PM
  • OUDAN: Sense*
    Today at 02:51:33 PM
  • nottathedaddy: Marlins OTC in WBS
    Today at 02:53:02 PM
  • Brent: Paxton Lynch, 9 completions w/ 7TDs in the first half.
    Today at 02:53:59 PM
  • kylerap: brent you may be up in MB. we stalled it but i think its at you and then me
    Today at 03:26:49 PM
  • Dan Wood: Rick PM
    Today at 04:01:21 PM
  • pandoval172: woohoo wsb is rolling again
    Today at 04:05:39 PM
  • AdamBombs: Wow, Bundy in the 2nd?
    Today at 04:42:29 PM
  • JMAC: i was surprised to see bundy go this early too
    Today at 04:55:21 PM
  • jongaskins: Did not think he would make it back around.
    Today at 04:59:24 PM
  • jongaskins: Plus, from all that I've read he's 100% healthy finally so high risk, high reward, lol.
    Today at 04:59:52 PM
  • Jonathan: At least you can wait to start his clock, as long as it takes :)
    Today at 05:00:26 PM
  • jongaskins: I'm sure my picking Bundy was a surprise but I've seen several surprises thus far
    Today at 05:05:35 PM
  • Jonathan: Its a guessing game. Go look at prospect list from a few years ago and laugh. Hell, Dom Brown was higher than Trout on some.
    Today at 05:07:30 PM
  • jongaskins: I remember when Delmon Young was a "can't miss"
    Today at 05:08:55 PM
  • JMAC: ya prospects are a gamble and just depends on if teams want instant contributions or willing to gamble and ea
    Today at 05:09:57 PM
  • JMAC: wait
    Today at 05:10:02 PM
  • janesvilleaces: evening all
    Today at 05:13:59 PM
  • Brent: Mike Hessman announced his retirement from professional baseball on Saturday. The 37-year-old slugger is the U.S. all-time leader in minor league home runs with 433.
    Today at 05:19:43 PM
  • janesvilleaces: justin fuente to replace frank beamer
    Today at 05:21:49 PM
  • AdamBombs: Last i heard Bundy was shut down due to forearm soreness
    Today at 05:28:23 PM
  • nottathedaddy: I think your right, but I am not sure it was major. The bigger thing is he is out of options so he will be on the big club in some way next year.
    Today at 05:30:36 PM
  • Eric: Whos looking to deal
    Today at 05:30:49 PM
  • Eric: AFB, Bush, FGM, SD, WCB
    Today at 05:31:11 PM
  • JMAC: ya bundy was shut down again and will most likely pitch out of the pen in ST and during this season. May statt in future but seeks like a rp for now at leasr
    Today at 05:31:52 PM
  • JMAC: BooYah! phone. start. seems. least. lol
    Today at 05:32:18 PM
  • AdamBombs: If he even contributes as a RP id be happy at this point. Unfortunately i dont see him ever contributing. I hope i am wrong though as an :BAL: fan
    Today at 05:34:54 PM
  • Brent: I'm always willing to deal.
    Today at 05:36:55 PM
  • andyscott23: Eric.. there's an error for me when I go to read wildcard rules
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  • indiansnation: Pm eric
    Today at 06:31:30 PM
  • Eric: I dont see it Brian
    Today at 06:33:57 PM
  • icehouse325: Sup
    Today at 06:52:45 PM
  • icehouse325: U look over that offer Brian
    Today at 07:16:33 PM
  • nicole: Cardinals WSB pick in. JMAC is up
    Today at 07:40:11 PM