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Napoli and Red Sox Agree
« on: January 17, 2013, 01:08:10 PM »
Free agent C/1B/DH Mike Napoli and the Red Sox have agreed to a 1 year deal worth $5M but could reach $13M including incentives.


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  • Brent: Yikes is right.
    Today at 03:49:05 PM
  • Corey: Ace it depends.
    Today at 04:08:54 PM
  • Corey: The bigger the MILR the less activity the league has during the season
    Today at 04:09:07 PM
  • patjossom: corey otc in btl
    Today at 04:16:25 PM
  • Scalious: That prevailing theory is why i was able to call up a ton of quality MILB prospect in ML this year
    Today at 04:21:53 PM
  • Ace: i think 50 is a good compromise; just thinking about a league for the 2016 season
    Today at 04:23:20 PM
  • Brent: Are you thinking money or free?
    Today at 04:25:37 PM
  • Ace: $
    Today at 04:26:04 PM
  • Brent: Corey, can you post the Ravens roster?
    Today at 04:26:09 PM
  • Ace: h2h points
    Today at 04:26:11 PM
  • Ace: positions: c, ci, 3b, mi, ss, of, of, cf, ut
    Today at 04:26:51 PM
  • Brent: Nice.  How much per team?
    Today at 04:27:17 PM
  • Brent: I hate that my chat window saves everything O have ever typed in it.  That is annoying.
    Today at 04:28:59 PM
  • Ace: no idea yet, would canvass opinion; it would be for 2016 season so still a year from launch; i'm just planning a timeline for the leagues i want to help create
    Today at 04:29:42 PM
  • Brent: How many teams?  How big the active roster?
    Today at 04:30:52 PM
  • Ace: neways time to watch some tv
    Today at 04:31:24 PM
  • Ace: 30 teams, 30 man active roster
    Today at 04:31:34 PM
  • Brent: I would buy the Cubs.  So you can count least one owner.
    Today at 04:33:15 PM
  • Ace: the other idea i have for 2016 is a $ re-draft roto
    Today at 05:28:09 PM
  • jblum: Brent you re OTC in r2n
    Today at 05:28:53 PM
  • Brent: I have no internet.
    Today at 05:30:19 PM
  • Brent: What about Sandman and Irb?
    Today at 05:33:26 PM
  • jblum: They are in autopick. Just don't get the first 2 players in the player pool
    Today at 05:34:07 PM
  • jblum: Meech, Zach sandman and Brenton are on autopick
    Today at 05:34:53 PM
  • Brent: Pick made.
    Today at 05:48:03 PM
  • jblum: Ace you are otc in BTL
    Today at 06:36:34 PM
  • jblum: message corey
    Today at 06:52:28 PM
  • jblum: brent message
    Today at 06:53:37 PM
  • Brent: What is that for?
    Today at 07:02:38 PM
  • Ace: pick made, pm sent to nats
    Today at 07:06:22 PM
  • jblum: BTL
    Today at 07:49:17 PM
  • jblum: wenjiesf hasnt been on in a couple days, might have to wait 24 hours
    Today at 07:50:11 PM
  • mike0542: Scottvana OTC in MiLB BTL
    Today at 08:13:01 PM
  • jblum: mike what happen to jackson and 4DC?
    Today at 08:13:47 PM
  • mike0542: Im not trading Jackson
    Today at 08:14:08 PM
  • jblum: Mike Aiken isn't elgible
    Today at 08:17:24 PM
  • mike0542: No I mean like when the first player will be taken from the draft class.
    Today at 08:19:33 PM
  • mike0542: poor wording
    Today at 08:19:36 PM
  • scottnva: good timing
    Today at 08:20:11 PM
  • Lindner: In case y'all haven't seen yet: [link]
    Today at 08:21:08 PM
  • jblum: nice pick scott
    Today at 08:23:59 PM
  • Lindner: I'm going to pick all Twins in BTL from here on out.
    Today at 08:25:32 PM
  • jblum: message mike
    Today at 08:27:53 PM
  • Lindner: I've got some consistent internet access this evening, so transactions will be processed in ML soon.
    Today at 08:29:37 PM
  • keremeos: i would've just eaten the ice cream sandwich
    Today at 08:34:54 PM
  • Lindner: Especially if I was Jesus Montero.
    Today at 08:38:31 PM
  • jblum: Taysom Hill is a monster
    Today at 08:57:50 PM
  • patjossom: wenjiesf. dominguez already selected early this round
    Today at 09:05:40 PM
  • patjossom: to :KC:
    Today at 09:06:11 PM
  • jblum: i have my pick ready to go
    Today at 09:07:52 PM

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