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Flat Salary
There are no variable salary contracts.  Each year of a contract must have the same salary amount.

Minimum Salary

All contracts must be signed to at least $200,000 (increasing to $600,000 in 2018-19) to and must be in multiples of $100,000.

Contract Limits
Except for any contract inherited in 2010, all contracts must be no longer than five years.  Also, for a given salary, all contacts (extension, FA) have term limits (maximum and minimum  years contract can be per the salary) as provided below.

Maximum and Minimum Salaries / Years (non-variable)
<= $1.4m, 2 years
$1.5m - $5.4m, 3 years
$5.5m - $7.9m, 4 years
>=$8m, 5 years (the overall limit)

To resign a player with an expiring contract, a team must follow the ranking system along with the standard contract limits listed directly above.

Original Contracts
All players come in with original deals at Aug 18th, 2010.  Original contract values are taken from Hockeybuzz and rounded to nearest 100k.

Prospect Contracts
Free agent Prospects can be signed to any contract you see fit as long as it matches the min and max rules that are listed above. The player once signed has to be placed on your major league roster. Buyouts follow the same rules as normal roster players.

Entry Level (EL) Contract Designation on Team Roster Page
Will be denoted with "EL" in the years area (EL 2011-2012). Prior to July 2012, EL contracts were designated by "P-2012" for an EL contract that expired in 2011-2012.

Entry Level Contract Values
Draft Position (actual NHL pos.) - Salary
1 thru 5 - 3.0M
6 thru 10 - 2.5M
11 thru 20 - 2.0M
21 thru 25 - 1.5M
26 thru 30 - 1.0M
31 thru 40 - 900k
41 thru 50 - 800k
51 thru 60- 700k
61 thru 70 - 600k  (starting in 2018-19, this will be the MIN for EL contracts)
71 thru 80- 500k
81 thru 90 - 400k
91 thru 100 - 300k
101 and above - 200k (also the FNHL min. salary)

Draftees will be placed onto the MiLR, however, if they exceed the 40 GP limit in 3 years, they must be signed to a rookie contract that can vary in length from 1-3 years and the salary per year must follow the above rules about draft position.  Draft position will be tracked under the team rosters for future reference. Once a players rookie contract is up they must be signed to new contract following normal extension values.

Releasing Players Under Contract
A buyout will occur for 66.66% of the contract value to be paid in equal installments.  This may be spread out over the years remaining in the bought-out contract. Also, as of Nov 9, 2015 - teams cannot bid on or resign a player they bought out in the same contract year.
For Example:  Lets say Pittsburgh decided to waive Sidney Crosby, $8.7m (2012).  The total contract value for Crosby would be $8.7m for three years ($26.1m).  66% of the contract value (rounded to the nearest $100k) is owed to the player, which in this case is $17.2m ($26.1m x .66 = 17.226).  This may be spread out over one, two or three years (because Sidney is signed for three years).

Signing players who were released under contract (rule pending until beginning of season 2)
If a player, who was released under contract, is signed to a new contract; the former team of said player is relieved of the salary obligation, equal to the new contract.

Example:  So, lets say team ABC releases Dan Doe under contract and owes him 2m for 2 seasons (after 66.66% discount and etc, for ease of discussion).  Team XYZ signs Dan Doe to a 2 year contract @ 1m per.  Team ABC now only owes Dan the contract termination value - the value of the Dan's new contract (2m - 1m = 1m).  The length of the termination remains the same however; team ABC cant restructure to use the 2m of relief in one year for example.  So in essence, Dan's buyout from team ABC is now 1m for 2 seasons instead of 2m for 2 seasons.

If team XYZ signs Dan to a 1 year $1m contract, then team ABC is only relieved of 1m for that year, until another contract is signed with Dan.

As of October 11, 2012 at 19h01 ET, four new buy out types will take effect to allow for additional strategy/tools for cap management:

NEW 2012-13 Retired Players: NHL players who have announced their retirement can be bought out at 40.0% (x 0.40) of their contract value, standard b/o policy above apply.

NEW 2012-13 Player Signs with Non-NHL affiliated Team:: NHL eligible players who have signed a contract to play in a non-NHL affiliated league (ie. KHL, SEL, etc) excluding AHL and ECHL, can be bought out at 40.0% (x 0.40) of their contract value, standard b/o policy above apply.

NEW 2012-13 Amnesty Buy Out (denoted in Buy Out section as "ABO"): Each team can buy out one (1) player at 40.0% (x 0.40) of their contract value which MUST be spread over the remaining yrs of the contract (ie. cannot buyout in 1 year if the contract has 2+ years remaining on it; contract has 5 years remaining then the buy out is spread over the remaining 5 years). ABO's can only be posted during the two (2) week period following the conclusion of the FNHL Stanley Cup Finals (refer to FNHL Deadlines for exact dates). Other standard b/o policy above apply.

NEW 2012-13 Death: NHL eligible players who have passed away can be bought out at 100.0% (x 1.00) of their contract value, standard b/o policy above apply.
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