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Author Topic: New Atlanta Falcons GM  (Read 133 times)

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New Atlanta Falcons GM
« on: January 10, 2013, 09:30:12 AM »
TGF please welcome Matt (fourfingerwoo) to the best football league on the site.  Everyone knows Matt is a huge baseball guy and now he's going to take his talents to Atlanta.

Welcome Matt!
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  • Re: New Atlanta Falcons GM
    « Reply #1 on: January 10, 2013, 09:49:21 AM »
    Well here we go, my first attempt at football. It will take me some time to get up to speed, so I won't be fielding trade offers for a little while. When you see an up dated Falcon's block we are open for business. And no, All Day is not available.
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    New Atlanta Falcons GM
    « Reply #2 on: January 10, 2013, 10:01:27 AM »
    Fourfingerwoo is a great addition to a great league.  Wonderful choice by Brent to recruit him to TGF.


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    • redbeard82: which team ryan?
      Yesterday at 11:15:41 PM
    • RyanJames5: Os
      Yesterday at 11:16:06 PM
    • jblum: Ryan, you joining?
      Yesterday at 11:17:31 PM
    • RyanJames5: I don't think so. I struggle to keep up with football leagues sorry
      Yesterday at 11:18:45 PM
    • redbeard82: so no interest in those relievers?
      Yesterday at 11:19:23 PM
    • RyanJames5: Qualls is on a 2 year deal right?
      Yesterday at 11:20:28 PM
    • irbwilleo: Free agency this way is always nuts
      Yesterday at 11:21:21 PM
    • irbwilleo: I wanted to go blind bid
      Yesterday at 11:22:02 PM
    • RyanJames5: blind bid would have been fun. This isn't bad. Just a lot of contracts being handed out that will cripple teams in 2 or 3 years
      Yesterday at 11:23:12 PM
    • scottnva: what league Red u shopping RP?
      Yesterday at 11:23:58 PM
    • redbeard82: yeah. qualls is on 2 years
      Yesterday at 11:25:12 PM
    • redbeard82: 108 stitches, but probably possible in just about any league
      Yesterday at 11:25:25 PM
    • RyanJames5: Most interest in qualls then.
      Yesterday at 11:25:43 PM
    • Ace: crippling contracts were also handed out in blind bidding :-)
      Yesterday at 11:26:09 PM
    • RyanJames5: Haha I don't doubt that at all.
      Yesterday at 11:26:58 PM
    • redbeard82: what are you shopping Ryan?
      Yesterday at 11:28:00 PM
    • Ace: blind bidding was fun though; i personally find 5 pages of fa's to be a chore
      Yesterday at 11:28:11 PM
    • scottnva: i agree Ace
      Yesterday at 11:29:51 PM
    • silogical: open bidding with a reasonable min bid is the best of both worlds
      Yesterday at 11:30:12 PM
    • scottnva: that is why i havent been the first to post anyone until i did 2 guys this afternoon
      Yesterday at 11:30:26 PM
    • RyanJames5: I think more than anything red that's my issue. Is I don't feel like I have much of anything to shop.
      Yesterday at 11:30:58 PM
    • scottnva: what tean are u ryan?
      Yesterday at 11:31:32 PM
    • RyanJames5: I don't really have the depth to trade any major leaguers. And I don't want to deal any great prospects
      Yesterday at 11:32:07 PM
    • RyanJames5: Os
      Yesterday at 11:32:20 PM
    • mrsam: 108 -- Looking for OFs.  LAA
      Yesterday at 11:32:50 PM
    • scottnva: hey red nevermind that offer sorry that is going to drain my cap
      Yesterday at 11:34:01 PM
    • redbeard82: yeah...unfortunately the back end of my prospects is getting pretty narrow...not sure so-so prospects are of great interest right now
      Yesterday at 11:35:26 PM
    • redbeard82: how much cap you have left scott?
      Yesterday at 11:35:55 PM
    • RyanJames5: Yeah. I know what you mean. I'm probably not in a position to make a deal. Just trying to fill out my last few spots without overpaying an FA
      Yesterday at 11:37:02 PM
    • scottnva: if i win Uribe then ;like 3m....
      Yesterday at 11:37:57 PM
    • redbeard82: i could include a good specs with a reliever for a better spec if it was a bigger name, but i hear ya
      Yesterday at 11:38:20 PM
    • redbeard82: nothing good comes from the phrase "if i win uribe"
      Yesterday at 11:38:41 PM
    • redbeard82: i do like that player fwiw scott
      Yesterday at 11:38:49 PM
    • Scalious: Ha
      Yesterday at 11:39:05 PM
    • scottnva: lol yeah i know he is depth maybe i want have to use him
      Yesterday at 11:39:36 PM
    • RyanJames5: I think I'll just keep looking.
      Yesterday at 11:40:50 PM
    • redbeard82: fair enough. just sent you a PM before I saw that. can be flexible on the names
      Yesterday at 11:43:03 PM
    • redbeard82: but i'm guessing it's a non-starter
      Yesterday at 11:43:11 PM
    • redbeard82: can we trade some $ with a player in this league?
      Yesterday at 11:43:46 PM
    • RyanJames5: I think I read that money can be sent in deals.
      Yesterday at 11:45:13 PM
    • RyanJames5: And yeah. I'm not a Hes untouchable kind of guy, but Id need a definite overpay to move Bundy
      Yesterday at 11:46:00 PM
    • scottnva: i can handle qualls dave
      Yesterday at 11:46:29 PM
    • redbeard82: scott - PM
      Yesterday at 11:50:45 PM
    • redbeard82: well if i have some prosepcts you'd be interested in for him, shoot me the sort of package you'd be looking for. if not, no worries! totally get it
      Yesterday at 11:51:24 PM
    • scottnva: wow whoever writes for the soutingbook site needs to check their facts on tobacco road you just dont get UNC and NC State confused lol
      Yesterday at 11:57:54 PM
    • scottnva: [link]
      Yesterday at 11:58:03 PM
    • redbeard82: lol. pretty ppor, especially since they get it right later in the write up
      Today at 12:02:33 AM
    • redbeard82: poor*
      Today at 12:02:38 AM
    • redbeard82: scott - i'm good with that. can you post it?
      Today at 12:05:36 AM
    • scottnva: ok thanks
      Today at 12:07:38 AM

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