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Mid-major top 10....
« on: January 01, 2013, 12:39:13 AM »
Through games completed on Dec. 30 2012....

1. Virginia Commonwealth Of the four 12-5 teams the Rams have scored the most among the 12-win teams at 16,724 and are led by Santa Clara's Kevin Foster and Iona's Sean Armand both in the top 10 scorers among mid major players. 

2. Massachusetts 12-5 The hottest team among the middies winning 5 game sin a row and primed to knock the Rams off their pedestal if they slip this week.  They have scored 15.492 points as a team and led by Oakland's (MI) Junior Travis Badar as he is their leading scorer.

3. Old Dominion 12-5 They get the nod here over St. Josephs due to slightly better division record at 3-2.   Utah Valley's Ben Aird has been the king in Norfolk leading the Monarchs in scoring.

4, St Josephs  12-5 This team is built for the future as two of their top three leading scorers are Freshman John Brown of High Point and Elfrid Payton of Louisiana-Lafayette.  The are looking to break in the New Year by reversing a 2-game slide.

5. Liberty 11-6 The highest scoring team among the middies at 18,257 plus they own a share of the best division record at 4-1.  Like Hawks above this team is built for the future as well boasting only two seniors on the 20-man roster.  Leading the way for the Flames  are two Sophs Shawn Long of Louisiana Lafayette and Nino Johnson of SE Missouri.

6. New Mexico 11-6 SE Missouri's Tyler Stone leads the way here as the Lobos share the best division record 4-1 with two other squads.

7. Creighton 11-6 BYU's Junior Tyler Haws is leading the way as the Cougars ride a two game win streak into 2013.

8. New Hampshire 11-6 Jamille Hagins of Delaware has been the leading man for the Wildcats so far.

9. Gonzaga 10-7 Probably the most dangerous team in the top 10.  The Bulldogs are led by Brandon Davies, BYU, and Tony Mitchell, North Texas, who are among the top four overall scorers in the league.   

10. Weber State 10-7 Youngtown State's Damian Erkle leads the way here. 

On the cusp of breaking the top 10 is a hot Murray State (9-8) team that is riding a three game win steak going into 2013.  They are led by their own branded player Ed Daniel who is averaging over 54 points a game.

Happy new year  :toast:


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