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  • Mr.TradeKing: Correct answer: C, neither
    Today at 07:20:12 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: Have fun staring at men
    Today at 07:20:52 PM
  • 9inches: Also, he's 39.
    Today at 07:21:25 PM
  • h4cheng: Sup boys
    Today at 07:27:18 PM
  • h4cheng: Stuck at the hair dresser for the next hour so let's trade
    Today at 07:27:42 PM
  • -BA-: :doh: :rofl:
    Today at 07:29:13 PM
  • -BA-: are you under one of those hair dryers with the old ladies
    Today at 07:29:31 PM
  • 9inches: Do you have a vagina.... a hair dresser? you mean barberg?
    Today at 07:29:43 PM
  • 9inches: barber?
    Today at 07:29:46 PM
  • 9inches: now im picturing those old ladies under the hair dryers messaging/texting fantasy baseball trades to one another.
    Today at 07:30:46 PM
  • h4cheng: No hairdresser unfortunately
    Today at 07:31:09 PM
  • h4cheng: Wife's getting a haircut so I am stuck and no one else is open
    Today at 07:31:44 PM
  • janesvilleaces: may want to grab your balls back from the safe
    Today at 07:48:42 PM
  • Daddy: :rofl:
    Today at 07:49:19 PM
  • janesvilleaces: ike davis traded to pirates in real life
    Today at 07:50:40 PM
  • Corey: Im stuck at Sams Club
    Today at 07:57:40 PM
  • 9inches: Jake, mail.
    Today at 08:03:56 PM
  • h4cheng: Oh shut
    Today at 08:11:40 PM
  • h4cheng: Ike Davis traded
    Today at 08:11:53 PM
  • h4cheng: Dw must be fuming
    Today at 08:12:08 PM
  • 9inches: Would you bat a Catcher with great contact ability 2nd in the order?
    Today at 08:12:58 PM
  • h4cheng: No I would always bat my best player 2nd
    Today at 08:13:28 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: I disagree, Miggy is batting 3rd for me. If my best player happens to fit in the 2 hole then great.
    Today at 08:17:38 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: A C like Russell Martin was in LA, could bat 2nd
    Today at 08:18:23 PM
  • h4cheng: 2nd is optimal, 3rd is not as good but better than say 4th
    Today at 08:19:04 PM
  • h4cheng: They did a study where they looked at the batting order as a Markov chain and they found the optimal lineup would have the best hitter hitting 2nd and no lower than 3rd I think
    Today at 08:20:24 PM
  • h4cheng: I think there was a study done last year that compared lineups today and lineup 30 years ago and found teams are starting to embrace this approach too
    Today at 08:21:51 PM
  • MillerTime: Jake PM
    Today at 08:22:00 PM
  • 9inches: thinking Polonco, but C
    Today at 08:38:44 PM
  • Dan Wood: Loduca was boss batting 2nd
    Today at 08:47:02 PM
  • 9inches: looking to pound one out in MB.
    Today at 08:49:53 PM
  • 9inches: trade... not "one"  :)
    Today at 08:50:09 PM
  • janesvilleaces: i pounded one out in the shower this morning
    Today at 09:01:46 PM
  • 9inches: MT, not going to be an easy fit.
    Today at 09:02:06 PM
  • MillerTime: Very good TJS article
    Today at 09:15:24 PM
  • MillerTime: [link]
    Today at 09:15:30 PM
  • MillerTime: 9, you may want to read it.
    Today at 09:16:03 PM
  • h4cheng: Verduccis article is interesting but I don't think it's a fair comparison
    Today at 09:18:30 PM
  • h4cheng: Not many Latin pitchers are starters
    Today at 09:18:44 PM
  • 9inches: More people need to sign Pitchers like RA Dickey... no UCL.
    Today at 09:19:23 PM
  • MillerTime: Howe agreed.  I think every high school SP should read, 88-90mph is acceptable.
    Today at 09:20:59 PM
  • h4cheng: Most are rp or positional players
    Today at 09:21:15 PM
  • 9inches: MT, saw that Cahill was missing up in teh zone a bit.
    Today at 09:21:17 PM
  • MillerTime: Typically cause secondary pitches are under development.  I thought all Latin players played SS.
    Today at 09:22:09 PM
  • MillerTime: At his velocity, recipe for disaster
    Today at 09:22:53 PM
  • MillerTime: Especially in ARZ
    Today at 09:23:04 PM
  • h4cheng: Also it doesn't explain why guys like beachy needs rj
    Today at 09:23:11 PM
  • h4cheng: Tj
    Today at 09:23:14 PM
  • h4cheng: Beachy if I remember correctly did not even come through as a pither
    Today at 09:23:35 PM
  • 9inches: yup.
    Today at 09:23:48 PM

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Author Topic: TGF Most Valuable Player  (Read 136 times)

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TGF Most Valuable Player
« on: December 30, 2012, 10:54:47 AM »
Who is the TGF MVP?  Rate your top 3 and the averages will determine who is the winner.
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Re: TGF Most Valuable Player
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2012, 03:26:20 PM »
1 brees - got a ring, most points in league
2 Brady - being Brady
3 Rodgers - Green Bay would have been much worse had it not been for Rodgers