Author Topic: Run DMC in the Rain the Key Against KC  (Read 1352 times)

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Run DMC in the Rain the Key Against KC
« on: December 16, 2012, 12:39:41 PM »
The following article is a guest blog by ProFSL's partner,  What fantasy football implications may come from the conditions in this game?

Just because playoff hopes died weeks ago doesn’t mean any love will be lost between the :KAN: Kansas City Chiefs and the :OAK-NFL: Oakland Raiders. This AFC West rivalry will have animosity as if they were fighting for the division. It might not be a heavyweight bout, but this slug-fest will be in a downpour for quintessential smash-mouth football. forecasts a 40% chance of precipitation with mostly cloudy skies for
Sunday’s kickoff. Temperatures should top out around 58 with a swirling southern wind around 6 mph. Gloomy conditions for a gritty game.

But poor conditions don’t play to the Chiefs favor. According to the
Historical Analytics, they’re 0-2 in their last two road rain games and lost in light rain to the Raiders inside the Oakland Coliseum back in 2010. Meanwhile, Oakland is 2-0 at home in their previous two outings in poor conditions. And there’s a very good chance little will change.

Still slightly recovering from his ankle but slowly getting back to his old self, Darren
McFadden will be the cause of much pain for the KC defense. Having ran for 114 yards on 29 carries against them in October, numbers like that should expect to be replicated against a unit that gives up over 120 yards per game. But a soggy surface might wear on that ankle if he starts slipping making deep plants while cutting.

But as reliable as McFadden is when he’s healthy, if Carson Palmer continues throwing
costly interceptions it won’t matter how well the Raiders do on the ground. Even though Palmer has put up impressive offensive numbers, the turnovers have been killer. And with a lingering rainstorm this should force a heavier emphasis on the rushing attack with a receiving corps that’s had trouble catching balls all year that aren’t even wet.

Like Palmer and the Raiders, the Chiefs fate lies in the hands of a quarterback and his
decision-making. Brady Quinn has only two touchdowns and five interceptions to his name and the only was KC can pull out a win is if he can improve upon that dismal ration. But without Dwayne Bowe, the Chiefs aerial assault will be completely nonexistent.

That means only one thing, roughly 30 carries going straight into the hands of Jamaal
Charles. He’s built for a game like this, a grind it out in the mud and fight for every inch style outing. Even though the Raiders surrender over 130 yards per game, the D stymied KC into only 49 rushing yards. But averaging just under 150 yards per game, the Chiefs will relentlessly run straight at the Raiders and eventually they’ll find some holes.

Now there is one thing both teams are fighting for, the first pick in the spring draft. But
just because they’re close to that coveted top spot, plenty of players and coaches have their jobs on the line leaving much to be had from this division matchup. Two teams with a combined 5-21 record will typically give the impression of a melancholy matchup, but not this one in the Black Hole.


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