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Author Topic: Pacers/Cavaliers Come to a Deal  (Read 109 times)

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Pacers/Cavaliers Come to a Deal
« on: November 28, 2012, 06:25:16 PM »
Pacers Trade:

SG- Monta Ellis 11M (2012/2013)** (Pacers pay 3m of his salary this year)
PF- Elton Brand 5.5M (2012/2013)**/**

Cavaliers Trade:

PG- Ramon Sessions 4.6M (2012/2013)
C- Emeka Okafor 11.4M (2012/2013)**/**

I like the way Sessions is playing in this format of Cats,Ellis is a better player but he is with the Bucks now and not the Warriors in real life.The Bobcats in real life needed a scorer in Sessions so he is playing well and i have good SG and PG and also i needed a center and like Okafor,Brand is not playing well right now and i Have good PF to spare.

Thanks Cavs for the deal


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  • Jonathan: Huge fine and loss of picks. I usually hate fining the rich, but all that money goes to retired players.
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    Today at 03:15:24 AM
  • Jonathan: sproles has looked good.
    Today at 03:40:30 AM
  • Jonathan: Teams don't know what to do when both he and Shady are out there.
    Today at 03:41:43 AM
  • Brent: Yes he has.  Very true, it's tough to decide who to key on when they can both house it.
    Today at 03:42:38 AM
  • Brent: I'm liking how Cooks has fit into our offense.  I hate that Ingram got hurt b/c he was running really good.
    Today at 03:44:44 AM
  • Jonathan: speed kills in this league
    Today at 03:46:49 AM
  • Jonathan: Sproles is very much like B-west, but faster.
    Today at 03:48:17 AM
  • Brent: That is a good comparison.
    Today at 03:58:01 AM

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