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Author Topic: Jimmy Hall - #1 Forward - Hofstra Pride  (Read 77 times)

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  • Re: Jimmy Hall - #1 Forward - Hofstra Pride
    « Reply #1 on: November 29, 2012, 03:11:59 AM »
    Have to keep 8 Alabama players on your roster at all time. New drop?

    Online Eric

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  • Re: Jimmy Hall - #1 Forward - Hofstra Pride
    « Reply #3 on: November 29, 2012, 12:47:15 PM »


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    • atombomb3776: I need OF help too Red
      Today at 10:30:05 PM
    • redbeard82: don't have a ton there...marisnick and grossman
      Today at 10:31:43 PM
    • redbeard82: not currently planning to move springer unless i'm blown away
      Today at 10:32:00 PM
    • atombomb3776: I have Bruce and Hamilton, I guess that is a good start
      Today at 10:32:37 PM
    • atombomb3776: Dont blame ya
      Today at 10:32:57 PM
    • atombomb3776: Lowrie at $8M is a steal compared to what FA SS's are going for i.e. KANG lol
      Today at 10:34:05 PM
    • redbeard82: And Lowrie actually goes down
      Today at 10:36:23 PM
    • redbeard82: yeah. i saw rollins hit 40M and who knows when he decides to retire since his deal is up after this year
      Today at 10:36:39 PM
    • redbeard82: atom - PM
      Today at 10:38:42 PM
    • ThePetis: That Kang bidding is beyond ridiculous
      Today at 10:39:35 PM
    • ThePetis: I mean the Pirates only gave him $16M/4 years, so it's obvious they don't even value him as a difference maker.
      Today at 10:40:03 PM
    • redbeard82: shhhh...he's going to be a HOFer
      Today at 10:40:38 PM
    • redbeard82: jack that price up
      Today at 10:40:47 PM
    • Scalious: yeah..in other leagues he's going for a 1/3rd that.. I don't get it
      Today at 10:41:35 PM
    • Calvin: idk, kang had one very strong year
      Today at 10:41:36 PM
    • Calvin: but isn't like scary
      Today at 10:41:42 PM
    • patjossom: Thks Adam
      Today at 10:42:38 PM
    • redbeard82: i heard Kang put up nearly identical #s to Eric Thames in the KBL
      Today at 10:43:34 PM
    • redbeard82: JD - PM
      Today at 10:44:14 PM
    • atombomb3776: sure np Pat
      Today at 10:44:52 PM
    • atombomb3776: Red any of those players you mentioned could be available
      Today at 10:47:09 PM
    • Scalious: No one has a clue how kang will do. Competition level was low its irrelevent in how to valueate him. Other than..he has some raw power
      Today at 10:48:08 PM
    • atombomb3776: Much rather trade the mlb pieces before the milb pieces
      Today at 10:48:19 PM
    • Scalious: The contract he got reflects the pure uncertainty with him. Not because the Pirates have him pegged that is what he will produce
      Today at 10:49:59 PM
    • irbwilleo: Scabious and atom bomb - Pm's
      Today at 10:53:14 PM
    • jnorris: looking for a RP or if anyone wants to talk Abreu, I'll listen
      Today at 10:54:20 PM
    • jnorris: in 108
      Today at 10:54:25 PM
    • redbeard82: jnorris - check out my RPs...let me know
      Today at 10:54:49 PM
    • redbeard82: you have a pretty good idea of who i like by now lol
      Today at 10:55:01 PM
    • shorthop87: I have a lot of RP to trade from as well
      Today at 10:55:58 PM
    • JMAC: padres have an.abundance.of.rp to deal as well if.interested
      Today at 10:57:14 PM
    • jnorris: no one like their RPs lol
      Today at 11:00:40 PM
    • irbwilleo: I want to talk Abreu
      Today at 11:04:37 PM
    • irbwilleo: Jmac pm coming soon
      Today at 11:06:44 PM
    • redbeard82: atom - PM
      Today at 11:07:49 PM
    • redbeard82: i like mine...just not the first need for a rebuilding club lol
      Today at 11:08:08 PM
    • patjossom: Pm JMac
      Today at 11:11:08 PM
    • atombomb3776: I know I have been getting quite a few pm's. Just for the record, Hamilton and Meseraco are probably the 2 untouchables at this point
      Today at 11:11:14 PM
    • atombomb3776: But basically the rest can be traded for in the right deal
      Today at 11:11:52 PM
    • JMAC: replied pat
      Today at 11:12:21 PM
    • JMAC: shot u a pm atom, get back to me when you can. Thx
      Today at 11:12:56 PM
    • atombomb3776: just did JMAC
      Today at 11:14:28 PM
    • Ur Not Me: atom - u like Richards??
      Today at 11:14:43 PM
    • Ur Not Me: in BTN
      Today at 11:14:54 PM
    • JMAC: back at ya atom
      Today at 11:17:34 PM
    • atombomb3776: Oh yeah, sorry about blowing ya off, it wasnt intentional Ur, I dont think I can handle the salary bud as much as I do like Richards
      Today at 11:18:33 PM
    • Ur Not Me: I send u an idea
      Today at 11:19:29 PM
    • Filthy McNasty: Joe Panik, Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt otb
      Today at 11:20:39 PM
    • Calvin: which league filthy?
      Today at 11:22:29 PM
    • atombomb3776: ok Ur sounds good
      Today at 11:23:04 PM

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