Author Topic: Berbatov more productive than Rooney  (Read 386 times)

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Berbatov more productive than Rooney
« on: November 16, 2012, 10:26:34 AM »
Blog post brought to you by Facebook status, a social sharing website.

F Dimitar Berbatov of Fulham :FUL: has been 25% more productive than his former teammate and super star F Wayne Rooney.

Image Courtesy of the Sideline Agenda

Earlier this season, ProFSL held its annual (and first-ever for soccer) Invitational - a championship H2H win-or-go-home tournament that award cash and prizes to the final four.  These tournaments are a lot of fun, but even with the best of scoring systems, managers need luck to advance since everything depends on winning one week at a time.  The scoring methodology we chose was H2H-points, but the point totals ended up being fairly volatile.  This led to the development of a standardized scoring system that would be acceptable for most H2H-points fantasy soccer leagues at ProFSL.

Well, looking back at that league and the player stats that we have as of November 16th, who are the top fantasy players in the league?

1) Van Persie, Robin :MUD: = 10.91 average
2) Mata, Juan :CHE: = 10.11 average
3) Suarez, Luiz :LIV: = 10.00 average
4) Berbatov, Dimitar :FUL: = 9.88 average
5) Fellaini, Marouane - EVER  :BeanTown : = 9.10 average
6) Ba, Demba :NUD: = 7.91 average
7) Rooney, Wayne :MUD: = 7.75 average
8) Dzeko, Edin :MCI: = 7.09 average
9) Cuesta, Miguel Perez :SWA: = 6.91 average
10) Defoe, Jermain :TOT: = 6.91 average

It is best to look at average fantasy points per game played.  Many teams have played about 11 games, and all of these players have been in 8 games, so the sample size is reasonable enough.  Any surprises here?  Anyone that you think will be on this list at the end of the regular season?

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Re: Re: Berbatov more productive than Rooney
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2012, 02:29:02 PM »
Blog post brought to you by Facebook status, a social sharing website.

F Dimitar Berbatov of Fulham :FUL: has been 25% more productive than his former teammate and super star Wayne Rooney
The reason for that is that Rooney has been playing Midfield since Van Persie joined. Plus, to be fair, Berbatov has been in fantastic form since joining Fulham.


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