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Harden #1 and Wade #25 in Top Guards
« on: November 15, 2012, 02:32:23 PM »
Using the average fantasy points per game methodology from the NBA Futures scoring system, the best guard this season has been James Harden.  He has benefited from a change of scenery that brought him a full-time starting role.  It is early in the season so be warned about small sample sizes, but we are about 10% through and there are certainly some surprises.  Who is most surprisng to you?  Who do you expect to regress?  Who do you expect to be on this list at the end of the year?

Image courtesy of USA Today

1) Harden,James :HOU-NBA: = 32.56 average
2) Bryant,Kobe :LAL: = 31.50 average
3) Jennings,Brandon :MIL-NBA: = 30.14 average
4) Paul,Chris :LAC: = 30.06 average
5) Westbrook,Russell :OKC: = 29.44 average
6) Walker,Kemba :CHA: = 28.57 average
7) Irving,Kyrie :CLE-NBA: = 28.38 average
8) Rondo,Rajon :BOS-NBA: = 28.13 average
9) Dragic,Goran :PHX: = 25.94 average
10) Curry,Stephen :GS: = 25.81 average
11) Ellis,Monta :MIL-NBA: = 25.57 average
12) Lillard,Damian :POR: = 25.13 average
13) Iguodala,Andre :DEN-NBA: = 24.50 average
14) Mayo,O.J. :DAL-NBA: = 24.39 average
15) DeRozan,DeMar :TOR-NBA: = 23.94 average
16) Crawford,Jamal :LAC: = 23.94 average
17) Matthews,Wesley :POR: = 23.25 average
18) Williams,Mo :UT: = 22.81 average
19) Holiday,Jrue :PHI-NBA: = 22.56 average
20) Lin,Jeremy :HOU-NBA: = 22.50 average
21) Wright,Dorell :PHI-NBA: = 22.50 average
22) Conley,Mike :MEM: = 22.50 average
23) Hill,George :IND-NBA: = 22.39 average
24) Thornton,Marcus :SAC: = 22.25 average
25) Wade,Dwyane :MIA-NBA: = 21.38 average


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