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Philly Girl's Phantasy Corner: 2012-13 Flyers
« on: November 04, 2012, 09:31:00 PM »

Will Wayne Simmons and the Flyers play this season? / Courtesy of USA Today

I am beyond frustrated at the NHL as a whole and Bettman needs to go. Now, as the Flyers are my first love I will always be a fan but overall this whole ‘lets strike every time a contract is up’ philosophy is not working and will not work. Sigh…Despite this, I am really excited to see what this team is made of.  Last off-season I scratched my head at the Flyers’ dealings only to be pleasantly surprised that the Execs knew more than I did at how the team would shape up. Last year they far exceeded my expectations despite the heart-wrenching losses at the end.  This off-season I once again found myself confused at times by their deals but overall am excited to see where this leads. Granted we tend to get rid of players who, the following year, hoist Lord Stanley for another city (ok, that was just one year and I may still be slightly bitter) but overall they made me a believer again.

Note, I started compiling this at the end of August, tried to wait out the lockout and just couldn't sit on it anymore. I need some hockey in my life!

What we have:
  • C Claude Giroux – one of the premier players in the NHL
  • RW Wayne Simmons signed a 6-year extension worth about $4m/yr.  Begins 2013-2014 season as he is in his last year of previous contract. He had a career high 28 goals last season, playing in all 82 regular season games.
  • Scott Hartnell signed a 6-year extension worth a reported $4.75m/yr. Hartnell also had a career high in goals last year with 37 (16 of which were on the powerplay – 2nd in the league), 67 points, and a team leading plus-19.
  • Head Coach Peter Laviolette had his contract extended and is hoping to lead the Flyers to an Atlantic Division title – quite the accomplishment.
  • The Schenn brothers, Luke and Brayden. While I think Brayden is the better of the two and am still bitter about the trade all together, Luke brings much needed depth to our defense at the moment, especially as a right-handed shot.
  • C Scott Laughton, first round draft pick, signed to a three year entry-level deal.
  • Off-season acquisitions LW Ruslan Fedotenko (back for another stint with the Flyers) and D Bruno Gervais (the second right-handed shot on D )
  • D Marc-Andre Bourdon signed a multi-year extension
  • Matt Read, Sean Couturier, Danny Briere, Ville Leino, Jake Voracek

What we DON’T have:
  • Matt Carle signed with Tampa Bay in July.
  • In a summer shocker, Shea Weber signed with Nashville in July instead of the Flyers when the Predators matched the Flyers offer of $110m.
  • Andrej Meszaros had surgery in August to repair his torn Achilles tendon, which we know from Ryan Howard, will most likely have him off the ice for 6-8 months.
  • Andreas Lilja had hip surgery in August and is expected to miss at least the first two-three months of the season. Of course, if we have a season at this point he may be rehabbed in time!
  • Zach Parise and Ryan Suter despite offers from the Flyers, both signed with the Wild.
  • James van Riemsdyk  was traded to Toronto in the Schenn deal and Jaromir Jagr with the Dallas Stars

What we don’t know:
  • Chris Pronger, is still struggling with post-concussion problems from mid-December, 2011. Will he be back and if so, when?
  • How much leeway will the Flyers give Illya Bryzgalov this season? Yes, he has a hefty 9 year, $51m contract attached to him, but will money be enough to keep him in goal if he does not perform? Flyers management, primarily Ed Snider, has proven that he would be willing to take a loss or cut personal ties to win a championship, why would this be any different? Look at past goaltenders Bernie Parent and Ron Hextall. While forever engrained in every Flyers fan’s heart, when they didn’t cut it in goal they were sent packing only to return and retire as a Flyer. If Bryz doesn’t cut it, who will? At some point, the Flyers clearly are looking for a “Dominator” goalie to invest in.
  • What else does Paul Holmgren have up his sleeve to create the right mix and defensive depth for the Flyers this season? He is an aggressive GM and I’m sure there will be a few more surprises to come – when allowed after the lockout.

I'm really hoping I get some answers to the questions above and am able to see how this team plays together...we'll see...  >:(

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Philly Girl's Phantasy Corner: 2012-13 Flyers
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2012, 11:05:58 PM »
Carle and Pronger are big losses to the D. Who knows though; maybe the time off will help the older vets?  This lockout is a shame.

Hat trick for Bettman - 94 - 04 - 12

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Philly Girl's Phantasy Corner: 2012-13 Flyers
« Reply #2 on: November 08, 2012, 11:23:53 PM »
Big Flyer fan here... This team could do it if healthy and hot at the right time.  It's a shame there is no season to find out!


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