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5th Down: Week 9
« on: November 01, 2012, 12:51:15 PM »
The 5th Down Blog is designed to help you, the fantasy owner, on whom to start, sit, and who we pick as a sleeper for the week. Each week, we will take turns doing a position for the week. Feedback is always welcome as we love to discuss football!

Is Michael Vick a sleeper start this week? / Courtesy of USA Today

Check out past postings of the 5th Down for each week: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Quarterback - Eric

Must Start - Joe Flacco :BAL-NFL: vs :CLE-NFL:
This is almost a no brainer, yes he has had some hard times. The last time these 2 teams played, Flac Attack went bonkers with 356 yards and a TD. He may not be that good this time, but he is worth the start.

Must Sit - Matt Hasselbeck :TEN: vs :CHI:
I would start almost anybody else over Hasselbeck this week. The vaunted :CHI: D has a league leading 23 takeaways this season. Stay away.......

Sleeper - Michael Vick :PHI-NFL: vs :NO:
Ok yes so some people may be sick of him or have stuck with him to this point. This may be the week for him to MAYBE turn it around against the league worst pass D. The :NO: have not allowed anybody under 248 yards passing (Cassel) and 15 PaTD this season with only 3 INT and 4 FUM. I would even take the chance on him this week.

Running Back - Philly Girl

Must Start: LeSean McCoy :PHI-NFL: vs :NO:
Granted Shady is a standard must start but given Philly's desire to pass 99.9% of the time, he often doesn't get the numbers he is capable of achieving. This week, however, Philly plays a NO D that is 31st in the league for run D. Additionally, with all of the talk of a QB controversy in Philly, I expect McCoy to carry the bulk of Nick's, Vick's, or Andy's success this week.
Other Must Starts: D. Martin, W. McGahee

Must Sit: Chris Johnson :TEN: vs. :CHI:
Chicago has an amazing run D this year and if the Titans have any hope of beating Chicago it will have to be through the air. With a shaky start this season, Chris Johnson may not be the best option this week, again.
Other Must Sit: J. Dwyer, B. Green-Ellis

Sleeper: Ryan Mathews :SDG: vs. :KAN:
Mathews recently had a huge game for the Charges with 104 yards and despite his fumble Norv Turner stated that Mathews needs to continue to be a big part of this and that the Chargers need him to continue to have success. Playing against the Chiefs this week should help Mathews continue to keep his head up as well as his numbers, which have been a disappointment for the most part this year.
Other Sleeper: M. Leshoure

Wide Receivers - ProFSL

Must Start: Jeremy Maclin :PHI-NFL: vs. :NO:
Alright, I fully understand the offensive woes of the Eagles.  However, they get to feast on the fodder that is the Saints-D.  New Orleans, by far, has allowed the most fantasy points to opposing wideouts.  Now, to piggy back on last week's 5th Down in which Philly Girl said to bench D-Jax, I'll lean to Maclin here in Week 8 over Jackson.  Win or lose, Maclin will take care of business.

Must Sit: Sidney Rice :SEA-NFL: vs. :MIN-NFL:
Listen fantasy GMs, I know bye weeks are tough, but unless you are attending a wedding this weekend, you shouldn't be throwing "Rice" out there.  The Seahawks have done well this year with a lock-down defense and an offense that isn't making mistakes at an alarming rate.  Week 8 features an opponent that has been treating opposing passing games like fools.  Minnesota has allowed the third least fantasy points to opposing WRs this year.  The Vikings secondary is sick - in a good way, and your fantasy team is going to be sick - in a bad way, if you risk starting Sidney.

Sleeper: Titus Young :DET-NFL: vs. :JAC:
The Jaguars are less than desirable to watch.  The franchise has Los Angeles written all over it.  Still, as Herm Edwards once said, "you play to WIN the game."  The Jags are going to put their best out there, but their worst is their secondary.  The Lions are known for their passing game.  Titus may not be much of a sleeper, but with Burleson on the IR, the number of targets to Mr. Young will only increase.

Tight Ends - JMACisBACK

Must Start- Jason Witten :DAL:  vs :ATL-NFL:
No brainer here after last weeks ridiculous output. Look for him to continue the hot hand and net somewhere arounf 7-8 catches for 85 plus yards and a score.
Other Must Start: Antonio Gates :SDG: vs :KAN: He is due and KC is a soft defense

Must Sit- Jermichael Finley :GB: vs :ARI:
Brutal season thus far, talent is top notch but I see no reason to start him at this juncture of the season. AROD is spreading the ball around to Cobb, Jordy, Jones, etc and Finley is seemingly odd man out. Find better options
Other Must Sit: Kyle Rudolph :MIN-NFL: vs :SEA-NFL: Numbers have declined of late

Sleeper- Dwayne Allen :IND: vs :MIA:
Fleener is beat up and Allen is garnering more looks by the week. Look for him to put up 5-6 catches with 60 or so yards and a possible score as well.
Other Sleeper: Robert Housler :ARI: vs :GB: Should be playing catch up and AZ cannot throw the long ball, so Housler should get some looks

Defense - Mike

Must Start: :ATL-NFL: vs :DAL:
The Cowboys are awful, Romo is a sure fire bet to throw 2-3 picks a game.

Must Sit: :PHI-NFL: vs. :NO:
The Eagles def was terrible in the only week since the DC change, look for Brees to have a field day.

Sleeper :CLE-NFL: vs. :BAL-NFL:
Weather could be a factor, either way Haden is back, and the Browns have been good on D as of late.
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