Author Topic: What To Make Of 3-4 Raiders?  (Read 316 times)

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What To Make Of 3-4 Raiders?
« on: October 31, 2012, 05:36:48 PM »
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Raiders MVP Darren McFadden / Image Courtesy of USA Today

The Raiders :OAK-NFL: are 3-4 with a strong runningback in Darren McFadden and passing attack led by Carson Palmer.  They have scored 139 points in 7 games which isn't bad but not good enough to cover their suspect defense.  Still, there is glimmer of hope in Oakland.  They play in a weak division.  The Broncos appear to be the front runner with floundering San Diego right behind them.  However, Oakland could leap past San Diego with a Chiefs upset on TNF this week.  How could the Raiders schedule play out this season?

Below is the remaining schedule with predicted losses in red and predicted wins in green.  The remaining schedule starts off with the rematch of Super Bowl XXXVII.

Week - Date - Opponent
9 Sun November 4      Tampa Bay Buccaneers                
10 Sun November 11     @ Baltimore Ravens               
11 Sun November 18      New Orleans Saints               
12 Sun November 25     @ Cincinnati Bengals   
13 Sun December 2      Cleveland Browns               
14 Thu December 6      Denver Broncos               
15 Sun December 16      Kansas City Chiefs               
16 Sun December 23     @ Carolina Panthers               
17 Sun December 30     @ San Diego Chargers

That outcome leads to an 8-8 record which may even get them to the playoffs in a very weak AFC.  They can beat Denver at home.  The Browns, Chiefs, Panthers, and Chargers are all comparable or weaker teams for Oakland.  Add another upset to the mix and the Raiders could be 9-7.  One thing we do know from the remaining schedule is that long winning or long losing streaks are likely.  Which Raiders team will we see down the stretch?  This one's for Al...
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What To Make Of 3-4 Raiders?
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2012, 11:25:16 PM »
About to be the 3-6 Raiders but nice try!


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