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5th Down: Week 6
« on: October 11, 2012, 01:47:24 PM »
The 5th Down Blog is designed to help you, the fantasy owner, on whom to start, sit, and who we pick as a sleeper for the week. Each week, we will take turns doing a position for the week. Feedback is always welcome as we love to discuss football!

Is Ponder a Must Start this week? / Courtesy of USA Today

Check out past postings of the 5th Down for each week: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Quarterback - ProFSL

Must Start: Christian Ponder :MIN-NFL: vs. :WAS-NFL:
Ponder has messed with everyone over the past couple weeks.  Plenty of people were caught starting him two weeks ago over Cam Newton and were burned on both sides.  Last week, he throws 2 TD against a weak Titans-D.  The Redskins have allowed the most fantasy points to opposing QBs.  Their defense is banged up and is ready for a shoot-out each game with RG3 at the helm (who is starting).  Don't ponder this decision (sorry I had to) as this will give plenty of opportunities for the Vikings QB.

Must Sit: Matt Stafford :DET-NFL: vs. :PHI-NFL:
It has been a tough year for the Lions who now must travel to a tough environment in Philly and play against one of the best secondaries.  Stafford could throw for 2 TD but he is more likely to throw 3 picks.  There are likely 15-20 better options this week.

Sleeper: Kevin Kolb :ARI: vs. :BUF:
Speaking of getting burned a couple weeks ago, I know someone who added Kolb at the last moment while benching Newton.  Just like Ponder, that one didn't work out too well.  Kolb didn't light it up last week either; in fact the entire Cardinals offense is sleeping at the wheel.  Losing Ryan Williams for the year (while Beanie Wells is out) doesn't help much either.  This one dimensional offense will need to make the most out of Fitzgerald and the other talented wide-outs against a porous Bills-D.  The Cardinals are going to throw, throw, throw and will have to find a way to give Fitz 15-20 targets in the game.  I wouldn't start Kolb against a decent defense until I have seen something impressive, but this is a nice spot for the Arizona passing attack.

Running Back - JMACisBACK

Must Start- Rashard Mendenhall :PIT-NFL: vs :TEN:
He looked Smoking Gun good last week, probably more spry than he did since a rookie. Titans-D struggles period, so look for Mendy to have close to a 100 yards and a score this week.
Honorable mention (Homer pick, whatever you call it) - Ryan Mathews vs. Denver  Norv will look to run a lot with this kid after looking like a fool last week with his play calling versus the Saints!!!!

Must Sit- Willis McGahee :DEN: vs :SDG:
McGahee looked pretty bad last week vs the Pats and the Chargers defense is pretty stout vs the run once again. Look for McGahee to get shut down while Manning goes to air early and often vs the Bolts on Monday night football.

Sleeper- Doug Martin :TAM: vs :KAN:
Lots of talk about Blount getting more work in practice, stealing goal line work etc. I am not buying it, Schiano loves Martin and this is a prime match-up for him to have his first NFL breakout game. Get him in you lineup this week.

Wide Receivers - Mike

Must Start: Michael Crabtree :SFO: vs. :NYG:
Crabtree is becoming a favorite target of Alex Smith, and a top tier guy in PPR leagues, the Giants DB's are very beatable and Smith and CO. are on fire.
Other must starts: Harvin, R White, J Jones, D, Thomas

Must Sit: Torrey Smith :BAL-NFL: vs. :DAL:
Smith is having a great year, but Carr has been stellar for Dallas, wouldn't expect more than 70yds.
Other must sits: Jordy Nelson, Brandon Lloyd, Steve Johnson

Sleeper: Brandon Gibson :STL-NFL: vs. :MIA:
Amendola is out, and you can't run on the Dolphins, so I can see Gibson hauling in at least 7 balls.
Other sleepers: Meachem, Andre Roberts, Golden Tate

Tight Ends - Mike

Must Start: Kyle Rudolph :MIN-NFL: vs. :WAS-NFL:
The Skins are giving up tons of points, and more to TE's than any other team, and with Jerome Simpson in's Rudolph and Harvin in the passing game.
Other must starts: Heath Miller, Brent Celek, Owen Daniels

Must Sit: Rob Gronkowski :NE: vs. :SEA-NFL:
This all depends on option, but I hate Gronk this week, he is banged up, Hernandez may be back, and the Seahawks aren't giving up many points at all.
Other must sits: J. Finley, M. Bennett, S. Chandler

Sleeper: Rob Housler :ARI: vs. :BUF:
Bills aren't stopping anyone, and Housler is ready to break out.
Other sleepers: Brandon Myers, Dallas Clark, Lance Kendricks

Defense - Philly Girl

Must Start: :PIT-NFL: vs. :TEN:
Surprising that the Steelers aren't a no brainer in this spot this year but their D has some injury troubles and Polamalu is a major factor. However, the Steelers are allowing the 5th fewest yards per game while ranking 16th in points allowed. Luckily, the Titans are not a high scoring team and the combination of Hasselbeck and an underachieving C. Johnson should allow the Steelers to improve on their numbers.

Must Sit: :NYG: vs. :SFO:
The Giants have been a disappointment this season. With 8 sacks, the Giants are tied for 24th in the NFL and so far this season haven't proven that they can handle a strong match-up (or even a moderate one). With a Niner team looking to prove their dominance in the NFC at home, this match-up doesn't look favorable to the G-men. 

Sleeper: :MIA: vs. :STL-NFL:
The Rams are 30th in passing yards per game and this week they are missing a piece of that pie in Danny Amendola. On the rushing end of the game, the Dolphins lead the league in rushing yards allowed per game. Seems to me that the Dolphins would be a nice bye-week plug.
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Re: 5th Down: Week 6
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2012, 02:24:11 AM »
Well clearly Mendy SHARTED himself tonight, so roll with my honorable mention in Mathews  this week, like I wanted to post as the main guy, but didnt want even more homerisms thrown my way  LOL

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Re: 5th Down: Week 6
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2012, 02:23:12 AM »
I am so sure about these when the picks are made..and here we are, not terrible, but T Smith out produced Crabtree..Gibson and Rudolph came through..Housler was terrible, thought he was going to be good, if he doesn't get it going next week..gonna write him off for the year.
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