Refresh History
  • Corey: morning boys
    Today at 10:14:30 AM
  • Anelson: morning
    Today at 10:15:01 AM
  • Gilly: Anyone know why if i inputted stuff into peoples profiles it doesnt show in there leagues part of the profile
    Today at 10:25:55 AM
  • Gilly: I click on a name as to send a PM and it shows in there profile, but when they reply to a post it doesnt show in there toggle leagues weirdness
    Today at 10:27:51 AM
  • 9inches: Andy, we have some work to do. Response sent.
    Today at 10:40:24 AM
  • Anelson: I'm sure we do, lol. It can never be too simple. HAHA
    Today at 10:41:35 AM
  • Corey: Gilly look to the left under there avatar
    Today at 10:43:54 AM
  • 9inches: I gave you a big chunk of what you want. I just don't have interest in the "filler" or in moving that one name at a time of low value.
    Today at 10:44:36 AM
  • 9inches: I'm confident we can get something done.
    Today at 10:45:01 AM
  • Anelson: I'm turning your low value into useful points.
    Today at 10:49:23 AM
  • -BA-: morning peoples
    Today at 10:49:24 AM
  • -BA-: Free Zach Walters
    Today at 10:51:13 AM
  • 9inches: not sure we are valuing pick the same then.
    Today at 10:51:24 AM
  • 9inches: haha, BA.
    Today at 10:51:27 AM
  • 9inches: I'll take him in ARZ.
    Today at 10:51:37 AM
  • 9inches: if he's for free.
    Today at 10:51:42 AM
  • 9inches: ;)
    Today at 10:51:49 AM
  • -BA-: :rofl:
    Today at 10:52:21 AM
  • -BA-: I want that guy to play everyday
    Today at 10:52:32 AM
  • 9inches: andy, new direction. PM.
    Today at 10:56:43 AM
  • -BA-: I hope that direction is into Andy's favor
    Today at 10:59:45 AM
  • 9inches: Always is...
    Today at 11:01:25 AM
  • 9inches: I give and I give and I give, until my pants are around my ankles.
    Today at 11:01:44 AM
  • -BA-: my team sucks right now, they need to get their stuff together
    Today at 11:02:17 AM
  • Daddy: bad leadership -BA- :)
    Today at 11:06:22 AM
  • -BA-: I think you might be right there
    Today at 11:07:07 AM
  • -BA-: I need to have a stern talk with my GM, put him on notice
    Today at 11:07:20 AM
  • h4cheng: if you trade with me then your team will stop to suck
    Today at 11:08:56 AM
  • Anelson: response sent. Maybe you aren't as confident in our ability to work this out as you thought..:)
    Today at 11:22:31 AM
  • -BA-: I find that hard to believe Howe
    Today at 11:24:33 AM
  • Anelson: I am starting to believe in the Dan Wood curse though.
    Today at 11:26:01 AM
  • -BA-: oh yeah, thats a real thing
    Today at 11:28:46 AM
  • OUDAN: Yo
    Today at 11:32:47 AM
  • h4cheng: Dan Wood curse is 100% real
    Today at 11:39:27 AM
  • 9inches: Yeah. I have no confidence. We aren't valuing guys the same.
    Today at 11:40:24 AM
  • 9inches: Andy, mail.
    Today at 11:55:52 AM
  • 9inches: BA, you dealing in MB?
    Today at 11:55:59 AM
  • 9inches: OU, PM sent last night.
    Today at 11:56:48 AM
  • 9inches: lmk if you have any interest.
    Today at 11:56:54 AM
  • OUDAN: Will do gotta get some stuff done and Ill be around
    Today at 11:57:46 AM
  • 9inches: k
    Today at 11:59:09 AM
  • -BA-: I am always open to dealing
    Today at 12:08:58 PM
  • 9inches: andy, mail.
    Today at 12:09:28 PM
  • Anelson: I don't really know were to go
    Today at 12:20:17 PM
  • Anelson: where
    Today at 12:20:21 PM
  • Anelson: actually thought my counter was pretty good
    Today at 12:20:45 PM
  • Anelson: but if it isn't close, then we won't get there today
    Today at 12:20:56 PM
  • 9inches: I don't know. If you have a different opinion of the gap in talent/risk, then we likely aren't going anywhere. I'd prefer to have the player inquired about, but not at an exceedingly great expense. Where would you rank him in SP specs?
    Today at 12:22:45 PM
  • 9inches: I think you have him ranked as #4 or #5. I have him at about 9-12. I also think you are devaluing my players significantly for similar issues with those offered.
    Today at 12:24:06 PM
  • 9inches: Shoot me something if you see a possible for when discussing the pair in my last PM.
    Today at 12:25:00 PM

Author Topic: 5th Down: Week 5  (Read 609 times)

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5th Down: Week 5
« on: October 04, 2012, 11:36:59 AM »
The 5th Down Blog is designed to help you, the fantasy owner, on whom to start, sit, and who we pick as a sleeper for the week. Each week, we will take turns doing a position for the week. Feedback is always welcome as we love to discuss football!

Check out past postings of the 5th Down for each week: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Quarterback - Philly Girl

Must Start: Joe Flacco :BAL-NFL: vs. :KAN:
The Ravens are playing a Chief's defense that has allowed 926 passing yards and 10 TDs this season. Oh, and they only have 2 INTs. While the Chief's have faced some top QBs to date, I think Flacco should be able to threat the secondary and continue this trend with the Chiefs.
(Other Must Starts: Phillip Rivers, Drew Brees)

Must Sit: Mark Sanchez :NYJ: vs. :HOU-NFL:
**Disclaimer** Each week my "must sit" has had his breakout week. Santonio Holmes is out for the season, Dustin Keller has not been visible, and an abysmal showing last week with an even stronger call for a certain No. 15 jersey to see more playing time...Oh right, and then they are playing Houston after playing San Francisco - a rough two weeks for sure.
(Other Must Sit: Michael Vick, Blaine Gabbert)

Sleeper: Andy Dalton :CIN-NFL: vs. :MIA:
Last week, Kevin Kolb threw for 324 yards and 3 TDs against Miami's secondary. Over the last three weeks, Dalton has thrown for 8 TDs. Additionally, if Cincinnati has any trouble running the ball, Dalton will have plenty of opportunities. Oh, and did I mention that the Bengals are averaging 28 ppg this season? I'd give him a shot in week 5.
(Other Sleepers: Andrew Luck, Kevin Kolb)

Running Back - ProFSL

Must Start: Michael Turner :ATL-NFL: vs. :WAS-NFL:
While I expect a shootout between the QBs, Turner will get plenty of reps and make the most of his carries against a suspect Redskins front-7.  Turner has been in question this season due to age, offensive scheme, and then his DUI.  Meanwhile, he has quietly put together a productive season and deserves the RB2 slot on most teams.  He is 15th in the league in rushing yards despite having less carries than most.  He has 3 TD in 4 games.  This looks to be a great opportunity for a 100-yard, 2 TD effort.

Must Sit: DeAngelo Williams :CAR: vs. :SEA-NFL:
Sooner or later, Jonathan Stewart is going to be healthy enough to put a decent stat line on the board.  Until then, D-Will stands to benefit.  The cardiac cats haven't been able to put together a very successful run-game which has put their QB into the territory of bad play.  It's a catch-22, but if D-Will is a starter on your team due to injuries, bye week, or lack of top RBs then avoid him this week.  Stewart is likely to be more involved, and the Seahawks have a staunch run-D.

Sleeper: Willis McGahee :DEN: vs. :NE:
The Patriots have been weakest against the ground game.  If it wasn't for the injured Bills duo they faced last week then they would have the worst stats in the league as far as a fantasy run-D is concerned.  McGahee hasn't exactly lit it up this year, but the classic Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady match-up is here, and the Broncos will look to keep a balanced attack.

Wide Receiver - JMACisBACK

Must Start: Brandon Marshall :CHI: vs. :JAC:
He and Cutler hooked up early and often last week. Look for them to do it again vs an anemic JAX def. B Marsh should put up 7-8 catches again with over 100 yards and a score.

Must Sit: Steve Johnson :BUF: vs. :SFO:
I know they will have to pass as they inevitably will be behind, but  just don't see Stevie putting up good enough numbers vs this stout Niner DEF this week. If you have some depth please use it this week and bench Johnson.

Sleeper: Reggie Wayne :IND: vs. :GB:
Wayne has clearly been Luck's go to WR thus far and look for Luck to throw a lot of passes as they will be playing from behind most the game. Wayne should be able to snag 7 or more balls and put up close to 100yards with a score.

Tight End - Mike

Must Start: Martellus Bennett :NYG: vs. :CLE-NFL:
I'm all over Bennett, every week, and after a down week against the Eagles, look for him to get right again, at worst expect 60yds and a TD.
(Other must starts:Heath Miller, Vernon Davis, Owen Daniels)

Must Sit: Scott Chandler :BUF: vs. :SFO:
All the owners who picked him up after last week's game will be dumping him after this week. The 49ers Linebackers & Safeties are too quick and athletic (Viking game not withstanding).
(Other must sits:Greg Olson, Dennis Pitta, Fred Davis)

Sleeper: Tony Moeaki :KAN: vs. :BAL-NFL:
He looks to be rounding into form, and with Kevin Boss done for the year, he's no longer sharing time. Cassel needs to trust Charles and Moeaki before going down-field and I'm sure that will be the plan.
(Other sleepers: Rob Housler, Jacob Tamme, Kellen Davis)

Defense - Mike

Must Start: :HOU-NFL: vs. :NYJ:
Easy call here, the Jets really have no weapons as is, and now Holmes is gone..look for a few turnovers and maybe a shutout.

Must Sit: :ATL-NFL: vs. :WAS-NFL:
The Falcons have been playing well, their def isn't great,  and RG3 presents are real match-up problem for them.

Sleeper: :CAR: vs. :SEA-NFL:
The Seahwaks are flying cross country, and they haven't exactly been setting the league on fire with their offense, look for the Panthers to win this game and limit the Seahawks to around 13 points or less.
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Re: 5th Down: Week 5
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2012, 08:05:03 PM »
Nice Post.  :thumbsup:
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Re: 5th Down: Week 5
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2012, 03:03:06 AM »
JMAC definitely hit it big with WR lol

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Re: 5th Down: Week 5
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2012, 03:06:28 AM »
JMAC definitely hit it big with WR lol

You should never doubt me  :)  LOL  but ya I hit BIG TIME on all the selections across the board this past week no doubt!!!!