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5th Down: Week 3
« on: September 20, 2012, 08:03:17 PM »
The 5th Down Blog is designed to help you, the fantasy owner, on whom to start, sit, and who we pick as a sleeper for the week. Each week the 5 of us will take turns doing a position for the week. Feedback is always welcome as we love to discuss football!

Well if Week 1 wasn't crazy enough for you, Week 2 certainly was no let down! For Week 3, here is our listing!

Quarterback - ProFSL/Philly Girl

Must Start - Tony Romo :DAL: vs. :TAM:

Eli Manning passed for 510 yards last week against Tampa Bay...enough said. If Romo can't execute on this, he has proven himself to be the incompetent QB that some critics believe.

Must Bench - Joe Flacco :BAL-NFL: vs. :NE:

While everyone seems content to bench Peyton this week, I'm going to give him one more shot considering the last 16 years...

Second to Mr. Romo above, Joe Flacco is proving he can be as inconsistent as the best of them. After an amazing Week 1, he let things get to him in Week 2 and it showed in his performance. Every team, every QB is challenged with the referee situation so far, but playing only half of a game doesn't impress anyone. In addition to Mr. Flacco's attitude he faces a Patriots team this week that will be looking to avenge a tough loss last week. I wonder who Flacco will blame this week?

Sleeper - Matt Cassell :KAN: vs. :NO:

As :KAN: has allowed the most points (75 through two weeks) the Saints are second with 69 points allowed through 2 weeks. Why Matt Cassell? He should be able to get a lot of yardage with the potential for 2 TDs this week against the abysmal :NO: D...Bountygate, anyone?

Running Back - Mike

Must Start - Michael Bush :CHI: vs. :STL-NFL:

Look for him to make the most of his start against the Rams, pair that with Jay Cutler's recent play, the Bears are going to want to pound the ball, and Bush is the man to do that.
(other must start's: C.J. Spiller, Frank Gore, MJD)

Must Sit - Willis McGahee :DEN: vs. :HOU-NFL:

The Texans will be all over the run this week, and I could see Moreno getting more touches this week due to his pass catching ability. I doubt McGahee will gain more than 65 yards on the ground.
(other must sits: Shonn Greene, Steven Ridley, Cedric Benson)

Sleeper - Jonathan Dwyer :PIT-NFL: vs. :OAK-NFL:

The Steelers should have their way against a terrible Raider defense, and Dwyer should be able to get loose for some big plays, see Reggie Bush in Week 2.
(other sleepers: Andre Brown, Mikel Leshoure, Lamar Miller, Jason Snelling)

Wide Receivers - Philly Girl

Must Start - Danny Amendola :STL-NFL: vs. :CHI:

Amendola may become synonymous with Welker in the fantasy world. Bradford and Amendola have a clear chemistry and without competition for looks, his great start looks likely to continue. While his 16 targets in Week 2 are unlikely to continue I expect a solid 80-90 yard/game performance from him here on out. TDs maybe a little light but overall a great FA pick up if he is still available in your league.

Must Sit - Larry Fitzgerald :ARI: vs. :PHI-NFL:

I am even shocked at this pick and I am benching him in the one league that I have him just to back this up! Fitzgerald needs two receptions to reach 700 for his career, which at 29, would make him the youngest player to reach this milestone. I believe he will reach this against the :PHI-NFL: this weekend, however you will not be receiving extra fantasy bonus points for it. Last week, he caught one pass for 4 yards, fewest since his rookie season and with the :ARI: lack of a strong WR2, a solid TE, a standout RB or even a QB his value is not where it should be as as WR1. Of course, he is due to a breakout/normal game but this week he is paired up against two of the best corners in the league...Reaching 700 will be great this weekend but his performance will do little to boost your fantasy team. However, after my folly last week with Celek, this may just be Fitz's big game...

Sleeper - Brandon LaFell :CAR: vs. :NYG:

As Steve Smith draws the double-teams, Brandon LaFell has quietly emerged as the solid WR2 for the Panthers. He is a nice complement for Smith and offers Newton a weapon down field that has one-on-one coverage nearly every play. I expect the matchup this week to be no different and look for LaFell to continue adding to his season stats.

Tight Ends - JMACisBACK

Must Start - Vernon Davis :SFO: vs. :MIN-NFL:

He is fast becoming (if not already) the go to guy in this offense when they are not running the ball as evident by 3 TDs in 2 games thus far. He seems a lock to score again this week with his usual 4 catches and 60 yards or more.[/color]

Must Sit - Fred Davis :WAS-NFL: vs. :CIN-NFL:

RGIII seems more likely to run for yards instead of looking for a dump off option, which is clearly going to and already has hurt Davis this season. Expectations were that of a top 10 TE and he is not resembling anything of the sort thus far. Find better options.

Sleeper - Brent Celek :PHI-NFL: vs. :ARI:
With 12 catches and over 220 yards through 2 weeks (and Maclin hurt) he is the top option for Vick at this stage and look for that to continue this week vs an AZ team due for a letdown after last weeks big upset of the Pats.

Defense - ProFSL

Must Start - :ARI: vs. :PHI-NFL:

Arizona has been playing well and just proved that they can contain a formidable opponent in the Patriots. Now they get to feast on the Eagles who have been treating the football like a piece of trash, throwing it away every chance they get. While the Eagles have been able to eek out wins the last two weeks, it has come with multiple turnovers and I expect this trend to continue, with the :ARI: D benefiting.

Must Sit - :NYG: vs. :CAR:

The Giants came into this season with the Lombardi trophy looming instead of being held high. Their performance thus far is not that of a defending champion. Granted they have a short week, but with an improving offense in :CAR: and a horrible defensive start, lets bench the :NYG: D along with their offensive talent...

Sleeper - :CIN-NFL: vs. :WAS-NFL:

In keeping with the NFC East incompetence early on, the Bengals get to play a Washington D which has some early season injuries and are on the field nearly two-thirds of the game. So why does this bode well for the Bengals D? It limits their time on the field, keeping the D fresh and in theory leading to a little panic from a rookie QB on the other side, similar to what they did against the Brown's rookie QB-RB duo. The Bengal's D may not be able to produce the numbers of a top 5 D, but lately the G-men haven't either. The Bengals are a good plug this week.
"They read their sports pages, know their statistics and either root like hell or boo our butts off. I love it. Give me vocal fans, pro or con, over the tourist types who show up in Houston or Montreal and just sit there." óMike Schmidt, Hall of Fame third baseman for the Philadelphia Phillies :PHI:


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