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  • h4cheng: I Love that game...still playing almost everyday on the train
    Yesterday at 06:21:53 PM
  • OUDAN: Yup $4.99
    Yesterday at 06:22:54 PM
  • OUDAN: Been off and on it all day lol
    Yesterday at 06:23:16 PM
  • h4cheng: Nice....
    Yesterday at 06:23:55 PM
  • h4cheng: I managed to get trout Harper posey Strasbourg Stanton darvish all on the same team in the 2013 version lol
    Yesterday at 06:24:44 PM
  • -BA-: what game is it
    Yesterday at 06:26:07 PM
  • h4cheng: Out of the park baseball
    Yesterday at 06:27:02 PM
  • h4cheng: Baseball game for the nerds
    Yesterday at 06:27:11 PM
  • kylerap: buying it right now for ipad
    Yesterday at 06:27:47 PM
  • h4cheng: It's a great game if all you care about is sim and management
    Yesterday at 06:28:33 PM
  • h4cheng: The desktop version is more immersive but the iPhone version is also very good
    Yesterday at 06:29:07 PM
  • kylerap: not a fan of the RBI baseball game that came out.  only played on iPad but its not great
    Yesterday at 06:30:17 PM
  • Jdwalter21: is it only available on apple products?
    Yesterday at 06:40:37 PM
  • OUDAN: unreal Cheng
    Yesterday at 06:46:50 PM
  • OUDAN: the desktop version is great for like a league
    Yesterday at 06:47:06 PM
  • Corey: afternoon boys
    Yesterday at 07:27:44 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: we used to have an OOTP league, it was really fun, but time consuming
    Yesterday at 07:59:05 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: we advanced once per day just like real life
    Yesterday at 07:59:26 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: PM Sooner.
    Yesterday at 07:59:59 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: even had our own podcast on the weekends where the past week was discussed and GMs could call in
    Yesterday at 08:00:05 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: Afternoon Corey
    Yesterday at 08:00:39 PM
  • Jdwalter21: How is everyone doing today?
    Yesterday at 08:01:08 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: How you JD?
    Yesterday at 08:01:34 PM
  • Jdwalter21: at work, not wanting to work lol
    Yesterday at 08:02:36 PM
  • Jdwalter21: Wishing i was home so i could watch some baseball
    Yesterday at 08:02:51 PM
  • jojowalkwalk: lol
    Yesterday at 08:03:04 PM
  • Jdwalter21: SD - Pirates and BLB - White Sox here to deal, pm me if your interested in anyone ro shopping anyone in particular
    Yesterday at 08:05:54 PM
  • CoopersTown: Any sellers in MB, SD, NE or BLB, Im a buyer and ready to buy
    Yesterday at 09:28:59 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: good luck finding one lol
    Yesterday at 09:33:30 PM
  • MillerTime: Coop PM for MB
    Yesterday at 09:36:05 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: MB Blockbuster posted [link]
    Yesterday at 10:02:00 PM
  • Dan Wood: Coop what team are you?
    Yesterday at 10:09:46 PM
  • Dan Wood: in MB
    Yesterday at 10:09:49 PM
  • h4cheng: DW you are gonna be no.34 now on my latest ranking after the deal
    Yesterday at 10:29:20 PM
  • Mr.TradeKing: New MB :SEA: Trade Block
    Yesterday at 10:39:03 PM
  • Dan Wood: aiming for #40 howe
    Yesterday at 11:55:55 PM
  • Tony: Corey you get my message?
    Today at 01:14:50 AM
  • Tony: Corey you get my message?
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  • 9inches: Morning
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  • 9inches: Aubs, texted you.
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  • Jdwalter21: Morning fellas, any action in SD today?
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  • h4cheng: morning guys..happy easter
    Today at 11:33:10 AM
  • 9inches: and a Good Friday to you too.
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  • -BA-: morning ladies
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  • Daddy: SD TC votes needed before we break for Easter weekend
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  • Daddy: [link]
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Author Topic: expiring6th year and 2012 contracts per teams  (Read 332 times)

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expiring6th year and 2012 contracts per teams
« on: September 18, 2012, 05:29:09 PM »
The following players have expiring contracts that are currently in year 6 or 2012.   Thanks

Teams in BLUE were had players released by commissioner.  Teams had until Nov 5 to extend players.   Players released on Nov 7 at 10am

2012   Cervelli, Francisco   ARZ
2012   Hannahan, Jack   ARZ
2012   Haren, Dan   ARZ
2012   Jeter, Derek   ARZ
2012   Langerhans, Ryan   ARZ
2012   McCarthy, Brandon   ARZ
2012   Ohman, Wil   ARZ
2012   Polanco, Placido   ARZ
6th   Aybar , Willy   ARZ

2012   Davies, Kyle   ATL
2012   Diaz, Matt   ATL
2012   Hinske, Eric   ATL
2012   Hudson, Tim   ATL
2012   Navarro, Dioner   ATL
2012   Pauley, David   ATL
2012   Snyder, Chris   ATL
2012   Soriano, Rafael   ATL
6th   Aybar, Erick   ATL
6th   Logan, Boone   ATL
6th   Spilboroghs, Ryan   ATL

2012   Blanco, Henry   DET
2012   Murphy, Donnie   DET
2012   Rodney, Fernando   DET
6th   Gutierrez, Franklin   DET

2012   Wade, Corey   BAL
2012   Choate, Randy   BAL
2012   Suppan, Jeff   BAL

2012   Beckett, Josh   BOS
2012   Dillard, Tim   BOS
2012   Kelley, Shawn   BOS
2012   Martinez, Victor   BOS
6th   Lester, Jon   BOS
6th   Pedroia, Dustin   BOS
6th   Ramirez, Ramon   BOS

2012   Dempster, Ryan   CHC
2012   Hill, Koyie   CHC
6th   Marmol, Carlos   CHC
6th   Nolasco, Ricky   CHC

2012   Bloomquist, Willie   CLE
2012   Estrada, Marco   CLE
6th   Granderson, Curtis   CLE
6th   Marshall, Sean   CLE
6th   Verlander, Justin   CLE

2012   Barajas, Rod   COL
2012   Heilman, Aaron   COL
2012   Hernandez, Luis   COL
6th   Baker, Jeff   COL
6th   Corpas, Manny   COL
6th   Hammel, Jason   COL
6th   Iannetta, Chris   COL
6th   Jimenez, Ubaldo   COL
6th   Kousmanoff, Kevin   COL
6th   Tulowitzki, Troy   COL

2012   Greinke, Zack   KC
2012   Millwood, Kevin    KC
2012   Uribe, Juan   KC
6th   Betancourt, Yuniesky   KC
6th   Jackson, Edwin   KC
6th   Teahen, Mark   KC

2012   Chavez, Eric   LAA
2012   Coffey, Todd   LAA
2012   Cunningham, Aaron   LAA
2012   Feliz, Pedro   LAA
2012   Giambi, Jason   LAA
2012   Harris, Willie   LAA
2012   Pena, Ramiro   LAA
2012   Ramirez, Erasmo   LAA
2012   Stewart, Chris   LAA
2012   Webb, Ryan   LAA
6th   Kendrick, Howie   LAA
6th   Mathis, Jeff   LAA
6th   Weaver, Jered   LAA

2012   Affeldt, Jeremy   LAD
2012   Ayala, Luis   LAD
2012   Capps, Matt   LAD
2012   Hill, Rich   LAD
2012   Ishikawa, Travis   LAD
2012   Pineiro, Joel   LAD
6th   Billingsley, Chad   LAD
6th   Kemp, Matt   LAD
6th   Montero, Miguel   LAD

2012   Cook, Aaron   MIA-MLB
2012   Hensley, Clay   MIA-MLB
2012   Jackson, Conor   MIA-MLB
2012   Larish, Jeff   MIA-MLB
2012   Lewis, Colby   MIA-MLB
2012   Pierzynski, AJ   MIA-MLB
6th   Lindstrom, Matt   MIA-MLB
6th   Nunez, Leo   MIA-MLB
6th   Paulino, Ronny   MIA-MLB
6th   Pinto, Renyel   MIA-MLB

2012   Benoit, Joaquin      MIL
2012   Capuano, Chris   MIL
2012   Chen, Bruce   MIL
2012   Huff, Aubrey   MIL
2012   Kennedy, Adam   MIL
2012   Thornton, Matt   MIL
6th   Villanueva, Carlos   MIL

2012   Braddock, Zack   MIN
2012   Burroughs, Sean   MIN
2012   Dickey, R.A.   MIN
2012   Doumit, Ryan   MIN
2012   Infante, Omar   MIN
2012   Loe, Kameron    MIN
2012   Nathan, Joe   MIN
2012   Pavano, Carl   MIN
2012   Sanchez, Freddy   MIN

2012   Burnett, Alex   PHI
2012   Gaudin, Chad   PHI
2012   Gray, Jeff   PHI
2012   Izturis, Cesar   PHI
2012   Kearns, Austin   PHI
2012   Konerko, Paul   PHI
2012   Lee, Cliff   PHI
2012   Roenicke, Josh   PHI
2012   Schneider, Brian   PHI
2012   Werth, Jayson   PHI
6th   Hamels, Cole   PHI
6th   Ruiz, Carlos   PHI
6th   Sanchez, Jonathan   PHI
6th   Saunders, Joe   PHI

2012   Wolf, Randy   PIT

2012   Cruz, Luis   SD
2012   Belisario, Ronald   SD
2012   Grilli, Jason   SD
2012   Maxwell, Justin   SD
2012   Rolen, Scott   SD
2012   Thatcher, Joe   SD
2012   Young, Chris   SD
6th   Schumaker, Skip   SD

2012   Wells, Kip   SEA
2012   Carpenter, Chris   SEA
2012   Johnson, Nick   SEA
2012   Pena , Carlos   SEA
2012   Phillips, Brandon   SEA
2012   Wheeler, Dan   SEA
6th   Ethier, Andre   SEA
6th   Hart, Corey   SEA
6th   Martin, Russell   SEA

2012   Maine, Scott   SF
2012   Miller, Jim   SF
2012   Carroll, Jamey   SF
2012   Dobbs, Greg   SF
2012   Lyon, Brandon   SF

2012   Tracy, Chad   STL
2012   Buck, John   STL
2012   Jones, Chipper   STL  released
2012   Lohse, Kyle   STL
2012   Lopez, Rodrigo    STL  released
2012   Reyes, Jo-Jo   STL  released

6th   Cabrera, Melky   STL
6th   Delcarmen, Manny   STL  released

2012   Chacin, Gustavo   TEX
2012   Linebrink, Scott   TEX
2012   Westbrook, Jake   TEX
6th   Markakis, Nick   TEX
6th   Shoppach, Kelly   TEX
6th   Young, Chris   TEX
6th   Young, Delmon   TEX

2012   Batista, Miguel   TOR
2012   Downs, Scott   TOR
2012   Penny, Brad   TOR
6th   Janssen, Casey   TOR
6th   Keppinger, Jeff   TOR
6th   Napoli, Mike   TOR

2012   Castro, Ramon   WAS
2012   Duncan, Shelley   WAS
2012   Hafner, Travis   WAS
2012   Hairston, Scott   WAS
2012   Lilly, Ted   WAS
2012   Wigginton, Ty   WAS
6th   Sanchez, Anibal   WAS
6th   Shields , James   WAS

2012   Byrdak, Tim   NYM
2012   Camp, Shawn   NYM

2012   Padilla, Vicente   NYM
2012   Patterson, Corey   NYM

2012   Wright, David   NYM
6th   Danks, John   NYM
6th   Pagan, Angel   NYM

-----Teams with no owners---------

2012   Baker, John   CHW
2012   Cust, Jack   CHW
2012   Feliciano, Pedro   CHW
2012   Helton, Todd   CHW
2012   McDonald, John   CHW
2012   Overbay, Lyle   CHW
2012   Peavy, Jake   CHW
2012   Vizquel, Omar   CHW
6th   Bell, Heath   CHW
6th   Betemit, Wilson   CHW
6th   Jenks, Bobby   CHW
6th   Quentin, Carlos   CHW

2012   Correia, Kevin   CIN
2012   Rodriquez, Francisco   CIN
6th   Drew, Stephen   CIN

2012   Atchison, Scott   HOU
2012   Betancourt, Rafael   HOU
2012   Blanton, Joe   HOU
2012   Hudson, Orlando   HOU
2012   Lee, Carlos   HOU
2012   Thome, Jim   HOU
6th   Quintero, Humberto   HOU
6th   Sampson, Chris   HOU
6th   Scott, Luke   HOU

2012   Cairo, Miguel   NYY
2012   Hairston Jr., Jerry   NYY
2012   Matsui, Hideki   NYY
2012   Santiago, Ramon   NYY
2012   Swisher, Nick   NYY
2012   Torrealba, Yorvit   NYY
2012   Wilson, Jack   NYY
6th   Marcum, Shaun   NYY

2012   Bonderman, Jeremy   OAK
2012   Hunter, Torii   OAK
2012   Luna, Hector   OAK
2012   Podsednik, Scott   OAK
2012   Scutaro, Marcos   OAK
6th   Loney, James   OAK

2012   Halladay, Roy   TB
2012   LaRoche, Adam   TB
2012   Olmedo, Ray   TB
2012   Suzuki, Ichiro   TB
2012   Youkilis, Kevin   TB
6th   Hamilton, Josh   TB
6th   Matsuzaka, Daisuke   TB
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Re: expiring6th year and 2012 contracts per teams
« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2012, 11:17:02 AM »
I have released all pending free agents from teams accept from those unowned

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Re: expiring6th year and 2012 contracts per teams
« Reply #2 on: November 13, 2012, 04:02:16 AM »
When will you get a chance to add my extended players back to my roster?