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Author Topic: [Agency - Buffalo Bills]  (Read 731 times)

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[Agency - Buffalo Bills]
« on: July 17, 2010, 09:00:04 PM »
Buffalo Bills Agency :BUF:
Last Updated: 3/12/12
Agent: NickF

Rankings for 2012
Total Salaries: $209.75m
Salary Roto Score: 5
Fantasy Roto Score (updated 10/4/11) : 6
C-Value (Reputation Calc): 103.52%
Reputation Roto Score (based on franchise standings as of 1/0/00) : 7
Average Roto Score: 6 (ranked 6th)

Roster (0/50 players)
RHP Aceves, Alfredo, $0.25m (P-2012) (10 points)  :NYY:$0.25m
MI Beckham, Gordon, $0.5m (P-2012) (10 points)  :STL:$0.50m
MI Betancourt, Yuniesky, $m (2011) (10 points)  FA
RHP-S Boggs, Mitchell, $0.5m (P-2012) (10 points)  :STL:$0.50m
LHP Cecil, Brett, $0.25m (P-2012) (10 points)  :COL:$0.25m
LF Coghlan, Chris, $0.5m (P-2012) (10 points)  :CHW:$0.50m
RHP Corpas, Manuel, $m (2011) (10 points)  FA
MI Ellis, Mark, $5.5m (2013) (10 points)  :OAK:$5.50m$5.50m
CI Glaus, Troy, $m (2011) (10 points)  FA
OF Gomes, Johnny, $2m (2013) (10 points)  :SD:$2.00m$2.00m
LHP-S Gonzalez, Gio, $0.5m (P-2012) (10 points)  :OAK:$0.50m
RHP-S Guthrie, Jeremy, $3m (2013) (10 points)  :BAL:$3.00m$3.00m
RHP-S Hernandez, Felix, $15.5m (2014) (10 points)  :DET:$15.50m$15.50m$15.50m
OF Heyward, Jason, $0.5m (P-2013) (10 points)  :ATL:$0.50m$0.50m
RHP-S Hudson, Daniel, $0.25m (P-2013) (10 points)  :MIN:$0.25m$0.25m
RHP-S Hudson, Tim, $9.25m (2014) (10 points)  :ATL:$9.25m$4.00m$4.00m
MI Johnson, Kelly, $20m (2015) (10 points)  :FL:$20.00m$20.00m$20.00m$20.00m
RHP-S Lackey, John, $16.5m (2014) (10 points)  :COL:$16.50m$16.50m$16.50m
RHP League, Brandon, $2m (2013) (10 points)  :SEA:$2.00m$2.00m
CI Longoria, Evan, $17m (2016) (10 points)  :TB:$17.00m$17.00m$17.00m$17.00m$17.00m
C Martin, Russell, $4m (2013) (10 points)  :CLE:$4.00m$4.00m
RHP Mota, Guillermo, $0.25m (2012) (10 points)  :FL:$0.25m
RHP O'Day, Darren, $m (2011) (10 points)  FA
OF Pagan, Angel, $5.5m (2012) (10 points)  :NYM:$5.50m
CF Rasmus, Colby, $0.5m (P-2012) (10 points)  :STL:$0.50m
RF-CF Rios, Alex, $10.75m (2014) (10 points)  :CHW:$10.75m$10.75m$10.75m
MI Roberts, Brian, $10m (2013) (10 points)  :NYY:$10.00m$10.00m
C Rodriguez, Ivan, $m (2011) (10 points)  FA
MI Rollins, Jimmy, $6.5m (2014) (10 points)  :PHI:$6.50m$6.50m$6.50m
CF Sizemore, Grady, $m (2011) (10 points)  FA
OF Smith, Seth, $6.5m (2015) (10 points)  :COL:$6.50m$6.50m$6.50m$6.50m
CI Smoak, Justin, $0.25m (P-2013) (10 points)  :TEX:$0.25m$0.25m
CI Stewart, Ian, $3m (2014) (10 points)  :COL:$3.00m$3.00m$3.00m
CI Teixeira, Mark, $22.5m (2016) (10 points)  :NYY:$22.50m$22.50m$22.50m$22.50m$22.50m
CI-MI Uribe, Juan, $6m (2012) (10 points)  :CLE:$6.00m
LHP Venters, Jonny, $0.25m (P-2013) (10 points)  :ATL:$0.25m$0.25m
RHP-S Volquez, Edinson, $10.5m (2015) (10 points)  :CIN:$10.50m$10.50m$10.50m$10.50m
RHP-S Weaver, Jared, $20m (2015) (10 points)  :BAL:$20.00m$20.00m$20.00m$20.00m
CI Wright, David, $9.25m (2012) (10 points)  :MIN:$9.25m
RHP Ziegler, Brad, $m (2011) (10 points)  FA
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