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Re: PCM story
« Reply #320 on: June 29, 2013, 06:17:06 AM »
I'm on the blue skin now - I suppose there's no way of getting rid of the chatbox & social media (I never use it anyway)?

Not that I know of. But you have to admit the difference is awesome anyway!

Trofeo Palma de Mallorca

Very special race for me. I know those climbs better than any others in the whole world. Stopped a million times for carrot cake at the Lluc monastery (stage 3 finish), climbed a million times from Selva through Caimari (stage 4), been to almost every village between Playa de Muro and Soller. In spite of the great affection, sending a rather out-of-shape team of climbers, led by Dan Martin.

Stage 1/4 (simmed)
1   Francisco Ventoso   Movistar Team   2h00'50
2   Leonardo Duque   Colombia   s.t.
3   Borut Bozic   Astana Pro Team   s.t.
4   José Joaquin Rojas Gil   Movistar Team   s.t.
5   Gerald Ciolek   MTN-Qhubeka   s.t.
6   Manuel Cardoso   Team Caja Rural-Seguros RGA   s.t.
7   Francesco Chicchi   Vini Fantini   s.t.
8   Koldo Fernandez   Garmin - Sharp   s.t.
9   Marco Bandiera   IAM Cycling   s.t.
10   Roger Kluge   Team NetApp - Endura   s.t.

Stage 2/4 (simmed)
1   Francisco Ventoso   Movistar Team   3h27'15
2   Borut Bozic   Astana Pro Team   s.t.
3   Gerald Ciolek   MTN-Qhubeka   s.t.
4   Roger Kluge   Team NetApp - Endura   s.t.
5   Francesco Chicchi   Vini Fantini   s.t.
6   Manuel Cardoso   Team Caja Rural-Seguros RGA   s.t.
7   Luca Paolini   Katusha Team   s.t.
8   Koldo Fernandez   Garmin - Sharp   s.t.
9   Leonardo Duque   Colombia   s.t.
10   Oscar Gatto   Vini Fantini   s.t.

Stage 3/4

Why do I adore Mallorca, you ask? Check out 'em views :afro:

Juanma Garate uses a teammate to jump into the BOTD and contest the beloved KOM jersey:

The decisive climb starts with :AG2R: Dupont's anticipating attack, followed by Taaramae and :Katusha: Moreno:

Martin sitting at the front of the group, and even as :Blanco: Mollema and :Euskaltel: Samu counter, everybody remains confident that the :Sky: Cerberus (Wiggo, Froome, and Uran) will punish the foolish attackers any minute now. But somehow the gaps keep growing and nothing happens. Bad AI, argh! Dan finally loses his patience and attacks at the category 1 summit:

But it's too late of course :doh:

Final Stage

Not much to tell. Juanma solidifies the jersey before his breakaway companions prove much stronger and decide the stage between themselves, while the peloton takes the foot off the gas to a degree that Ciolek survives all those climbs :rool:

1   Jürgen Van De Walle   Lotto Belisol   4h20'58
2   Miguel Angel Rubiano   Androni Giocattoli   s.t.
3   Tiago Machado   Radioshack Leopard   s.t.
4   Tom Jelte Slagter   Blanco Pro Cycling   + 3'02
5   Gerald Ciolek   MTN-Qhubeka   s.t.
6   Francisco Ventoso   Movistar Team   s.t.
7   Bauke Mollema   Blanco Pro Cycling   s.t.
8   Paul Martens   Blanco Pro Cycling   s.t.
9   Luca Paolini   Katusha Team   s.t.
10   Samuel Sánchez   Euskaltel Euskadi   s.t.
11   Xavier Florencio   Katusha Team   s.t.
12   Daniel Martin   Coolness Awesomized   s.t.
13   Yaroslav Popovych   Radioshack Leopard   s.t.
14   Luis Angel Mate   Cofidis, Solutions Crédits   s.t.
15   Alejandro Valverde   Movistar Team   s.t.

Final GC
1   Hubert Dupont   Ag2r La Mondiale   13h53'39

2   Samuel Sánchez   Euskaltel Euskadi   + 52
3   Bauke Mollema   Blanco Pro Cycling   + 2'26
4   Daniel Martin   Coolness Awesomized   + 2'34
5   Rui Costa   Movistar Team   + 4'26
6   Alejandro Valverde   Movistar Team   s.t.
7   Andrew Talansky   Garmin - Sharp   s.t.
8   Bradley Wiggins   Sky Pro Cycling   s.t.
9   Chris Froome   Sky Pro Cycling   s.t.
10   Rigoberto Uran   Sky Pro Cycling   s.t.
11   Daniel Moreno   Katusha Team   s.t.
12   Robert Kiserlovski   Radioshack Leopard   s.t.
13   Ryder Hesjedal   Garmin - Sharp   s.t.
14   Rein Taaramae   Cofidis, Solutions Crédits   s.t.
15   Miguel Angel Rubiano   Androni Giocattoli   + 4'52

1   Francisco Ventoso   Movistar Team   10   60

2   Gerald Ciolek   MTN-Qhubeka   12   40
3   Borut Bozic   Astana Pro Team   0   36

1   Juan Manuel Gárate   Coolness Awesomized   18   40

2   Miguel Angel Rubiano   Androni Giocattoli   32   38
3   Jürgen Van De Walle   Lotto Belisol   32   34

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Mea Culpa
« Reply #321 on: November 14, 2013, 02:24:13 PM »
Recently I overbid on a few guys busting my budget.  :doh:

Long story short, I should have read the rules more thoroughly instead of jumping immediately on a mad biding spree.

Sorry for all the inconvenience that might have caused.But on the plus side for you, that 2 year contract thingy caused me to overbid on a few guys i already hired, meaning you wont see much of me bidding during the season.


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Re: Mea Culpa
« Reply #322 on: November 14, 2013, 02:25:57 PM »
No worries, honest beginner's mistake :toast:
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Re: Mea Culpa
« Reply #323 on: November 14, 2013, 09:05:23 PM »
BUY, BUY, BUY  :rofl:

You'll still have some money left for some cheap riders worth taking a punt on once things have quitened down, look at my roster from last year (Lotto), got several decent guys for cheap prices in Jan-April.

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Re: PCM story
« Reply #324 on: November 19, 2013, 11:19:03 AM »
Hey Garfield

If you like Maiorca then you should try Madeira Island. An undiscovered cycling pearl.


Summer all year. Rui Costa actually goes there every off season.

Here is a video of him training in Madeira on his facebook page.

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Re: PCM story
« Reply #325 on: November 19, 2013, 01:44:06 PM »
Thanks, I'd love to visit one day! But for now it's a bit expensive to reach by plane, a bit tough to rent a good bike (judging from the comments under that video), and I'm still polishing my Spanish.
But arguably closer than the Canary Islands, my favourite winter riding destination thus far :)
Skype: stefek-burczymucha
Leagues I run: Advanced NBA, Cycling, All-Europe Football


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