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Old School Yankees (JMAC)
« on: March 15, 2010, 12:26:04 PM »
Major League Roster
New York Yankees :NYY:
Last Updated: 2-12-2014
General Manager: Jeff McDonald

Roster (40 players)

2B Cano, Robinson
P Cole, Gerritt
OF Ellsbury, Jacoby
1B Fielder, Prince
P Greinke, Zack
C Harper, Bryce
P Hughes, Phil
P Lester, Jon
P Robertson, David
C Sanchez, Gary
C Santana, Carlos
OF Upton, Justin
3B Zimmerman, Ryan
P Darvish, Yu
P Tim Lincecum
Trevor Plouffe - 3B/SS/OF - MIN
Byron Buxton, OF
Max Fried
Jose Fernandez 
Alan Hanson
Troy Tulowitzki SS COL
Gio Gonzalez SP WAS
Matt Garza SP CHC
Evan Gattis
Joc Pederson
Stephen Strasburg, sp
Clayton Kershaw, sp
Matt Kemp, of
Albert Pujols, 1b
Dee Gordon, ss
Jake McGee, p
Odrisamer Despaigne,p
Yasiel Puig
Jesse Hahn,.p
Kyle Lohse, P
Rubby De La Rosa, p
Dellin Betances, p
Carlos Rodon, p
Joakim Soria, p
Corey Seager, inf

2014 Mid Season FA Draft

Jake McGee, p
Odrisamer Despaigne,p
Yasiel Puig
Jesse Hahn,.p
Kyle Lohse, P
Rubby De La Rosa, p
Dellin Betances, p
Carlos Rodon, p
Joakim Soria, p
Corey Seager, inf

Jason Grilli
OF Maybin, Cameron
P Johnson, Josh
Ernesto Frieri P
Danny Espinosa, 2b

Trade 3-2014

Yanks send
Kris Bryant, 3b
Taijuan Walker, sp
Lucas Giolito, sp
Adam Eaton, of
Jean Segura, ss
Jeremy Hellickson, sp
David Dahl, of
Trevor Story, ss

Dodgers send
Clayton Kershaw, sp
Matt Kemp, of
Albert Pujols, 1b
Dee Gordon, ss
Danny Espinosa, 2b

2014 FA Draft

Stephen Strasburg, sp

P Volquez, Edinson
P Rivera, Mariano
SP Lubeke, Cory

2013 Mid Season Draft

Kris Bryant
Evan Gattis
Joc Pederson

Santiago Casilla
Drew Stubbs OF CLE
C Montero, Jesus

Lucas Giolito
David Dahl
Jason Grilli
Alan Hanson
Adam Eaton
Trevor Story

RP Walden, Jordan
P Matusz, Brian
P DeLaRosa, Rubby
3B Beckham, Gordon
3B Rodriguez, Alex
OF Choice, Michael

Trade on Feb 6th, 2013

The Pirates send
Troy Tulowitzki SS COL
Gio Gonzalez SP WAS
Matt Garza SP CHC
Drew Stubbs OF CLE

to NY, in exchange the Yankees send back
David Price SP TB
Jay Bruce OF CIN
Sergio Santos RP TOR
Alcides Escobar SS KC


P Vazquez, Javier
SS Drew, Stephen
Brian Fuentes RP
Wilmer Flores 3B/SS

Trade 2-7-2012
Giants trade:
Tim Lincecum to Yankees
Manny Banuelos
P Zach Lee
1B Jonathon Singleton
P Carlos Martinez
P Alexi Ogando

Yanks drop on Jan 4th, 2012
Andrew Brackman, p
Kyle Blanks, of

Trade Dec 20th 2011
The Senators send Rodriguez, Alex 3B - NYY to the Yankees and
The Yankees send Choo, Shin-Soo OF - CLE to the Senators in return.

Trade Dec 20th 2011
Reds send:  Jay Bruce & Edinson Volquez
Yankees send: Josh Hamilton & Danny Duffy
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  • Lindner: I thought :TB: would be the class of the East this year before the season.  Colorado and Chicago have some good pieces.  Lots can happen in FA though.  That is key.
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  • Gilly: Ya for sure, least some solid pieces are there
    Today at 10:08:10 PM
  • Gilly: I want to trade boys, lets go
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  • Gilly: I have an opening in Quest For Lord Stanley hockey league, its free contract dynasty league, not often do openings happen in this league, its a rebuild team but some sick assts like Alex Ovechkin that make the rebuilding that much easier
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  • Gilly: Hit me up boys
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  • Gilly: Cleveland Browns Lind
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  • Lindner: It me up if you have any trade ideas with :CHI:.  I'm always looking to deal in NFLC.
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  • Gilly: I got some amazing 1st round picks 2015 to move and might even move Mega Tron
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  • LockedNLoaded: Will look Gilly but do you have anything left?
    Today at 10:12:40 PM
  • Gilly: ya buddy i do :)
    Today at 10:13:10 PM
  • Gilly: holy wow JMAC you are doing good with my Jets, show us the money buddy
    Today at 10:14:21 PM
  • Gilly: AFC East is brutal, 6-1, 6-1 and 5-1 for top 3
    Today at 10:14:50 PM
  • Lindner: I would honestly move anything if the price is right.  Not looking to deal anything in paticular.
    Today at 10:14:56 PM
  • Scalious: Wonder how last year would have went if :TB: kept Kershaw.
    Today at 10:15:34 PM
  • LockedNLoaded: Linder is there anything you are looking for?
    Today at 10:16:14 PM
  • mike0542: are we talking ML here?
    Today at 10:17:53 PM
  • Lindner: I thought that was pretty interesting when JMAC made that deal.  I thought TB had a real shot at the playoffs.
    Today at 10:19:01 PM
  • Lindner: Nothing specific. Would love a receiver/back and a safety.
    Today at 10:19:28 PM
  • Gilly: Andy has Tampa this year so we shall see what he does with them
    Today at 10:19:47 PM
  • Gilly: For the love of god I want to trade lol
    Today at 10:26:25 PM
  • Gilly: Any league lol
    Today at 10:26:34 PM
  • Scalious: AL EAST is gonna be a dog fight again. Was already hard enough staving off NYY/TOR. Now TB could make a name for itself again
    Today at 10:27:06 PM
  • Lindner: lol, sorry Gills
    Today at 10:28:12 PM
  • Gilly: lol its all good buddy
    Today at 10:29:27 PM
  • sports guru: Gilly PM
    Today at 10:29:29 PM
  • Gilly: k just replied
    Today at 10:33:41 PM
  • Lindner: I do want your first round picks though!
    Today at 10:35:18 PM

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