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Author Topic: 2019 Pitching Limits - 70 Innings Per Period  (Read 114 times)

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2019 Pitching Limits - 70 Innings Per Period
« on: April 08, 2019, 01:32:10 AM »
Period 1:
Kansas City Royals 72.2 innings 4/5 Yusmeiro Petit 1 IP 13.17 points, Andrew Chafin 0.1 IP 3.64 points, Felipe Vasquez 1 IP 25.42 points, Jake Odorizzi 0.2 IP and -15.22 points.  27.01 points deducted.
Washington National 70.1 innings 4/4 Blaine Hardy 2 IP and 9.09 points deducted.
New York Yankees 73 innings 4/6 Carlos Carrasco 5 IP and 70.85 points deducted.
Los Angeles Angels 71.2 innings 4/6 Mike Mayers 1.1 IP and 8.56 points, Randy Rosario 1 IP and -11.33 points.  Negative points so no adjustment.
Boston Red Sox 73 innings 4/6 Walker Beuhler 5 IP and 43.6 points deducted.
San Francisco Giants 72.1 innings 4/6 Sergio Romo 1.1 IP and 15.31 points, Ryan Buchter 1 IP and 13.67 points.  28.98 points deducted.
Minnesota Twins 72.1 innings 4/5 Rick Porcello 4.2 IP and 8.96 points deducted.
Chicago Cubs 71.1 innings 4/6 Dan Otero 1.1 IP and 10.06 points deducted.
Los Angeles Dodgers 75.2 innings 4/6 David Price 6 IP and 44.27 points deducted.
Baltimore Orioles 72.2 innings 4/6 JA Happ 4.1 IP and 32.57 points deducted.
Arizona Diamondbacks 74.2 innings 4/7 Max Scherzer 6.1 IP and 63.91 points deducted.
Chicago White Sox 76 innings 4/7 Tyler Chatwood 1.1 IP and 17.81 points, JB Wendelken 3.1 IP and 48.4 points, and Tyler Kinley 2 IP and 21.09 points.  87.3 points deducted.
Seattle Mariners 74 innings 4/7 Marcus Stroman 6 IP and 72.27 points deducted.
St Louis Cardinals 85.2 innings 4/7Drew Pomeranz 4 IP and 31.68 points, Wade LeBlanc 6 IP and 72.27 points, and Brad Keller 6 IP and 48.52 points.  152.37 points deducted.
Toronto Blue Jays 71.2 innings 4/7 Anthony DeSclefani 4.1 IP and 11.82 points deducted.

Period 2:  None
Period 3:  None

Period 4:  Minnesota Twins 71.1 innings 4/28 Matthew Boyd 6 IP and 89.52 points deducted.

Period 5:
Baltimore Orioles 71.1 innings 5/5 Justin Verlander 6.1 IP and 42.66 points deducted.
Texas Rangers 73.2 innings 5/5 Domingo German 6.2 IP and 79.8 points deducted.
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