Author Topic: Dirt Track 'Ringer' Bloomquist Predicts Victory  (Read 118 times)

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Dirt Track 'Ringer' Bloomquist Predicts Victory
« on: July 24, 2013, 09:17:40 AM »
Scott Bloomquist has thrown down the gauntlet. "We are going to win the race," he said of Wednesday's truck debut at Eldora. "I've driven a lot of race cars  never a truck but it's still a race car,"

And why not? Aptly named the "Dirtrax Dominator," Bloomquist has earned over 500 dirt late model victories in over 1,400 career starts. The 49-year-old Tennessee resident counts nine victories in the track's two crown jewel events including the 2013 Dirt Late Model Dream.

Bloomquist will drive the No. 51 Kyle Busch Motorsports Toyota that currently stands second in NCWTS owner standings, 29 points behind ThorSport Racing's No. 88 Toyota driven by Matt Crafton. Kyle Busch snagged Bloomquist's services when the Eldora Speedway event was announced.

"This is a race that is kind of a wild card and it could play a big factor in the race for the owner's championship this season," said Busch, a two-time winner in five starts this season.

Bloomquist isn't the only "outsider" with designs on the Eldora victory. NASCAR Sprint Cup veteran Ken Schrader  a one-time NCWTS winner in 1995  has won races on dirt in a heavy car. Schrader counts four ARCA dirt victories at Indianapolis and DuQuoin and Springfield, Ill.
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