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League Settings
« on: January 23, 2019, 11:05:05 PM »
TCRL is a salary points league operated at fantrax.  Each race GM selects 8 drivers not to exceed total $25,000 and scores points with the result of race.

League Name: Thecliff Chamber Race League
Duplicate Player Allowance: Entire League
Scoring System: Points-based
Maximum # of teams: 100
League Creator Username: thecliff
Commissioner Team Name: Tequila Cat Racers
Your league stats begin accumulating on: Sun Feb 16, 2020
Your league stats end accumulating on: Sun Nov 8, 2020
Minimum Total Players: 8
Maximum Total Players: 8
Minimum Active Players: 8
Maximum Active Players: 8
Maximum Reserve Players: Not Used
Maximum Injury Reserve Players: Not Used
Maximum Minor League Players: Not Used
Prevent any transaction that would cause a roster to become illegal: Always
Injured Reserve Enforcement type: None

Position Eligibility
Other Roster Preferences
Before the roster deadline, rosters are viewable to: Commissioner
SCORING  Scoring Group    Scoring Category       Points

Driver                                        Did Not Finish (DNF}     -5
Driver                                          Laps Led (LpLd)         0.2
Driver                                      Points Stage 1 (Pts-1)      1
Driver                                      Points Stage 2 (Pts-2)      1
Driver                                       Pole Positions (PP)          20
Driver                                     Top 10 Finishes (T10)        5
Driver                                        Wins (Wns)                  60
Driver                        Sprint Cup Points (Classic) (SCPts)   1
Team Minimum and Maximum Requirements (Season)

Races         36

Lineup Change System: Owners enter lineup changes
Lineup changes are executed: Weeklyevery Monday
Lineup Changes are locked 0:05 (hours:minutes) Set amount of time before the beginning of each race
Trade System: Trades are not allowed
Claim/Drop Privileges: Owners perform their own claims & drops
Max # of claims per season:Unlimited
Max # of claims per week: Unlimited
Salary Cap: $25,000.00

When a team exceeds the salary cap: Make team's roster illegal
Default Free Agent Salary: $1,500.00
Minimum Driver Salary $1,500.00
Draft Type: Player Picker
Max # of players each team can pick: 8
Player Pick Deadline: Sun Feb 16 2020, 1:05PM EST

Tie Breakers:   None
Name:  Pic Trophy
Description:    Pic trophy for each Race on the TCRL trophy Room

The TCRL has been activated for the 2020 season.

Welcome and enjoy the super long season of NASCAR Monster Cup racing.

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