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Author Topic: How pleased are you with your team?  (Read 1474 times)

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Re: How pleased are you with your team?
« Reply #10 on: November 22, 2018, 06:14:35 AM »
First goal - Aru vs Costa - I chose Aru and I want the real ARU for 2019.

Second goal - with the budget spent on Rui Costa winning two riders with good potential - PEDERSEN Mads and LAMPAERT Yves. In my opinion they give guarantees

Then the Astana base was set

Viviani - I hope it continues the 2018 version. However, 2019 brings more responsibility without Fernando Gaviria

STUYVEN Jasper - the only one, I think, to get top 10 in the top three Northern classics. It's time to win one.

FRANK Mathias - first-year mistake. Not that it's a bad rider, but it was very expensive.

DEBUSSCHERE Jens - Reinforce the squad for the classics of cobblestones.

FRAILE MATARRANZ Omar - He has the potential, as he has shown, to win stages in Grand Tours. Maybe I'll have the opportunity to fight for 1 week races or even classics.

GANNA Filippo - Man for ITT and TTT. I think he’s going to develop a lot with SKY.

TRATNIK Jan - Will be a rider to take into account to win stages. I think it will score points and easily offset the investment.

PHINNEY Taylor - 8th in Paris - Roubaix 2018. He can score points in ITT.

ANTUNES Amaro Manuel Reposo - I expect a good result “na Algarvia 2019”  if he has been

DUNBAR Eddie - first choice in the 2018 draft - I'm really looking forward to seeing what you get on SKY. Only with a year of contract will he have to show that he deserves to continue. Had decent results in 2018.

KANTER Max - First choice in 2019 - I hope he can score points frequently.

The rest - I hope I can make up the amount spent.

Overall it will be my second year and in my opinion the team has improved. Thus, the objective will be to finish above the middle of the classification, for that the Aru can not have a season like 2018.

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Re: How pleased are you with your team?
« Reply #11 on: November 25, 2018, 07:22:12 PM »
Not pleased. I was trying to catch Weening and now thats over I have a team that probably will finish last... Will miss about 150 to 200 points or in other words Weening...
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Re: How pleased are you with your team?
« Reply #12 on: November 26, 2018, 09:31:31 AM »
I think I should go better than last year(not difficult).

I think I got Martin, Porte and Benoot at reasonable prices that could look like good bargains at the end of the season. Or crashes could hamper them and not a lot happens.

Most of the others will rely on it being "their day" in a race in our calendar to score many points and who knows how that will go.

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Re: How pleased are you with your team?
« Reply #13 on: November 26, 2018, 03:19:03 PM »
Well, I'm happy with my team.
After winning two years in a row, obviously my objective is to try to make a team to win again. This will be very difficult as I have to replace the backbone of these two wins, the Kwiatkowki / Pozzovivo double, contracted for 850€ that gave me near 2500 points in the last two seasons.
In the other hand it was possible as I didn't herited bad contracts from last year: I'm very positive about Sagan next season as BORA classics set up is stronger with Jempy Juncker, the 2018 main classics rivals (Quickstep and BMC) are weaker and in 2019 he can go for WC again; Kruijswijk comes from a season where he made 1000 points; Haig shall have his opportunities as the best aussie rider in a aussie team; and my 2018 neo Hodeg is a major bargain and has a lot to gain with Gaviria transfer for UAE.

For the 2019 auction  I didn't have particular targets, I would like to get Valverde but I thought that a 1000+ contract would unbalance my team. More so, I would have little money to play in 2020 if I did a 1000+ contract.

In the aucion I saw the glass half full in the following deals:
Demare for 680, which I think is a good price for a rider as talented as him, regular through the season and that has a solid status as a team leader.;
Boasson Hagen for 350, he hadn't a great 2018 but I saw that as a little bump. In the prior two seasons he did about 1000 points and I think he can come back to that, even with Valgren in the team. However, it's not a bad deal if he just does as good as in 2018...
Caruso for 300, is a OK deal. The guy is solid and regular and should race for himself most of the time in 1 week stage races. I hope he will only work for Nibali at Giro.
Prades for 130 is a guy I had in my first team at this game, when he left Portugal for Caja Rural. I got him because he had a great 2018, has a great opportunity at Movistar and I  think he has better characteristics to score (he's very fast and can climb small hills with the best) than to work in the front of the bunch (no good tempo or endurance that I know of...);
Bakelandts, for 130, had a very solid second half of 2018, always around the top 20 in big races, which I saw as a sign that the recovery is going very well and he can be at his best in 2019;
In Dion Smith, Rickaert, Manzin, Aimé De Gendt, and Aranburu I saw young riders that can continue to develop but I just need them to do what they did in 2018 to have a good deal;
Richeze, Oss, Rojas, Cherel, Morkov, Houle, Bystrom, Wallays, Vermote and Selig are guys that shall complete a lot of WT races working for others, getting those small points, but with the engine to go for something better if given the opportunity. (Geschke the same, but this year he has no one to work for  :taco:)
Ligthart will be Terpstra buddy, which I hope will get him far from coupe de france;
Hofstede and Frankiny need a smalll breakthrouh to be good picks but they have the talent and there isn't much risk attached.

Good luck to everyone!  :toast:

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Re: How pleased are you with your team?
« Reply #14 on: November 26, 2018, 03:39:43 PM »
Not pleased. I was trying to catch Weening and now thats over I have a team that probably will finish last... Will miss about 150 to 200 points or in other words Weening...

I'm not sure that Weening will make or break your season...

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Re: How pleased are you with your team?
« Reply #15 on: November 27, 2018, 04:21:30 PM »
Just like real life :QuickStep:, I deliberately focused more on one-day races when putting my team together this year, and I'm pleased with how it's turned out.

Firstly, I'm very happy I got the World Champion. Valverde, GVA & Bernal were the only available riders that I was happy to spend big money on and I think Valverde represents the best value for money out of those three - for next year at least (although I'm not concerned about his age, it really is just a number with this guy).
I think I got Stybar quite cheap for 390k, especially if he finally has his long overdue big breakthrough year.
I wasn't initially planning to bid on Trentin, but had some budget to use and I thought he represented the best "bang for buck" from what was still available at that point.
Roelandts might look a bit expensive but he's Movistar's undisputed leader for the spring classics so I couldn't resist. He will have to chaperone Valverde/Quintana/Landa in stage races, but he's not exactly a pure sprinter so I don't think he'll lose many points there.
I would have liked one more 'guaranteed' big points scorer on my team, but overall I'm happy with how I used the rest of my budget - especially on riders like Roosen, Roux, Canola, Gasparotto, Gavazzi.
The only riders I don't expect anything from are Vanhoucke and Rivera (who I'm treating like my 2nd neo-pro). They've both got potential, but I think they're a bit too green to get results in races which count for this game.

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Re: How pleased are you with your team?
« Reply #16 on: November 27, 2018, 06:13:35 PM »
A season of change for my second year in the game. After a solid midtable finish last year I said goodbye to the expensive riders GVA, Demare and Ewan, the latter two didn't justify their high wages.

I started an almost blank canvas with just two riders signed for 2019, Visconti and last years neo, Steff Crass

I made the decision to go for two high profile signings and was delighted to land Alaphilippe along with the controversial Moscon Hopefully the latter gets his head down next year and lets his obvious talent do the talking.

Next I had to go for some solid options without breaking the bank. Sam Bennett should get his chances in a GT and stage races, while De La Cruz and Vuillermoz can land some solid points through the year.

I have a stable of solid and experienced climbers but will need some luck, it should be fun to follow Dani Navarro, Nicolas Edet
, Pete Kennaugh, Rein Taaramae, Ben King and Damien Howson.

More sprinting and one-day experience was added on the cheap but its more in hope than anticipation having signed Luka Mezgec, Adam Blythe, Van Kiersbulck and acquiring Moreno Hofland in a late trade from Joel at BMC.

Also delighted to have signed Damien Touze as a two-year neo. Having won the points competition in the Tour de l'Avenir last season and ended the year with a top 15 in Paris-Tours. He joins Cofidis this year and can take another step forward.

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Re: How pleased are you with your team?
« Reply #17 on: December 02, 2018, 08:54:25 AM »
And BMC are the third completed team for 2019.

I had 4 riders carried over from last year, Superman Lopez, Gaviria, Konig and Cosnefroy. With Konig being a doubt I decided not to be too risky on any other injury prone riders.

My big targets were Teuns and Gaudu and i managed to buy both of them. Teuns has moved to Bahrain and looks to be a main leader in many races with Classics and GC within his repertoire I thought he'd be a good pick, especially after seeing just how good he could be the year before last. Gaudu has done extremely well for a youngster and has worked for Pinot a lot so far, he should get some more chances of his own over the next two years. Again he also seems quite at home in one day and tours.

I quite fancied Moscon too but he got too expensive.

My other picks were almost all riders changing teams with more potential for leadership. Henao at UAE has been drafted to win races and stages in GTs and we know he can ride well in hilly classics. TJVG wasn't on my list but the bidding seemed such value I couldn't pass it up, I'm unsure how I will feel cheering on the world's most boring rider for two years, but he'll be leader again at EF.

Mareczko is also a promising young sprinter who definitely has the speed if he can improve his positioning and confidence against more established rivals. A move to WT should give him the opportunity of more points, he's got some decent Giro results so far too.

Planckaert has moved back to his previous team where he had a great season and should be the main man in most races, so I thought it was worth 100 on him.

Vaughters has said Hofland will be a sprinter again after working as lead out for Greipel over the past couple of years, EF don't have a lot of other competition on sprints so I've taken a gamble that he can get back to where he was a couple of years ago.

Likewise Moser who will be one of three leaders at Nippo, definitely worth a punt.

Mannion has ridden well in some of the US Races recently, a win in one, so I was a bit surprised to get him for a mere 60k especially with Rally planning to ride more in Europe next year.

TVA also looks to be a decent price, and with a move to Israel, he should get some classics and sprint chances, he had a very good year a few years back at PCT level so hopefully he can rekindle his career there.

Pacher isn't someone I know much about, but he appears to get chances each year and can climb well, and Vital Concept may have an expanded programme this year for stage races.

Van Schip appears to have a few decent results and Roompot always get a lot of invitations to the classics.

I had Nych last year and he more than repaid the money I spent on him, hopefully he can take a step up next year too being relatively young, maybe a couple of top 5s in 2.HC races.

Warlop I also had last year, he's quite fast and he can climb a bit so I'm hopeful he'll get a bit of freedom, the same with Wouters, both 30k so they don't have to do too much to be value.

Van Genechten was a no-brainer at 30k.

I also signed a Quintana, the other one, but for 30k and he looks like he's off to be a leader at Wilier, worth a punt.

Nommela looks interesting, didn't know about him but his palmares looks interesting as a semi-pro with some very good results. A step up to pro, I have high hopes for the Estonian youngster.

Finally my two neos. Evenepoel is very young, so he's been bought for next year really, but looking at his 34 wins from 46 starts last year, just wow. Winning the Euro Junior championship RR by over 9 minutes... then there's Osorio who is a pure climber, another good young Colombian.

So there was some method in the madness, overall I feel it's a better roster than last year, I hope Gaviria can stop falling off his bike and Superman can step his ITT up a bit, maybe a Tour start, who knows.

Well, Moreno Hofland left, it appears he wasn’t so keen on the roast potatoes with every meal culture of my team.

Anyway, in his place, BMC picked up three new riders.

Tom Pidcock has been signed to give Remco someone to play with at Kindergarten. The promising young Brit appears likely to be with Team Wiggins again for 2019.

Joining Tom, we have Beñat Intxausti, who hopes to get his career back on track after years of illness, at 30k I see it as a risk worth taking as he’ll be the overall leader at his team if he can get his fitness back.

Another guy hoping to get some chances is Matteo Pelucchi, a rider of undoubted speed, maybe he needs to get some confidence back and by moving to Androni he should get chances to impress out fo the shadow of Sagan, Bennett and Ackermann.


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