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Author Topic: All 2018 results  (Read 1401 times)

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All 2018 results
« on: October 21, 2018, 11:06:24 AM »
Main game:

 :win: LAMPRE   Luis (oliveira)   10369 on the back of Impey being the new Pozzovivo, Pozzovivo still being Pozzovivo, and Kruijswijk avoiding snow angels!
 :SC-NHL: RADIOSHACK   Daniel (Garfield)   9554
 :Bronze: TOPSPORT VLAANDEREN   Davy (davy duck)   9156
GARMIN   Bryan (Teton)   8749


QUICKSTEP   Jack (GTF)   7445
LOTTO   Ace (Ace)   7264
CANNONDALE   Steve (cranky)   7155
BELKIN   Daniel (DJW14)   7016
AG2R   Rudmer (derrudi)   6875
VACANSOLEIL   Martin (glomser)   6812
MTN QHUBEKA   Kristian (scrooll7)   6811
EUSKALTEL   Fleur (Florry)   6712
IAM CYCLING   Chris (Pricey)   6664
FDJ   Erkka (LosBrolin)   6627
ASTANA   Joćo (Parreira14)   6530
TEAM SKY   Tom (TERatcliffe26)   5779
TEAM ARGOS - SHIMANO   Casper (BluesBrothers)   5770
BMC RACING TEAM   Joel (Joelsim)   5284
SAXO-TINKOFF   David (Canto)   4411
MOVISTAR   Neil (al_pacino)   3960

Ace's Cyclopaths (btw anybody else wants to organize their own game next year?)

 :win: :Garmin: (Simon Yates, Enric Mas, Mohoric)
 :SC-NHL: :Lotto:
 :Bronze: :Vacansoleil:

Wall Street - autumn 2018

 :win: :RadioShack:
 :SC-NHL: :Sky:
 :Bronze: :Garmin:

Country Roads - super close! Anybody not loving the new format? :taco:

 :win: :Sky: starring global Impey, puncheur Slagter, and his very last pick... time-trialist Jan Tratnik :toth:
 :SC-NHL: :RadioShack:
 :Bronze: :Euskaltel:

Rainbow Cup

 :win: :Lotto: with Superman Lopez, George Bennett, and Valgren
 :SC-NHL: :Astana: with Yates bros - so close!!!
 :Bronze: :Lampre:

Fine Young Cannibals

 :win: :Sky: (Simon Yates alone improved more than any other full team)
 :SC-NHL: :Lampre:
 :Bronze: :RadioShack:

Life Behind Bars - first and last season?

 :win: :RadioShack:
 :SC-NHL: :Vacansoleil:
 :Bronze: :Sky:

Quick Cobbles - :Cannondale: with Terpstra (3rd round)
Quick Ardennes - :Garmin: with Jungels (final round!!!)
Quick Giro - :Lampre: with Froome (final round, famously leading to a major rule change)
Quick Tour - :Garmin: with G (3rd round)
Quick Vuelta - :Garmin: with Mas (3rd round)

Predictions: still underway, but... looks like yours truly?
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Re: All 2018 results
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2018, 04:58:05 AM »
Congratulations winners!
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Re: All 2018 results
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2018, 08:33:58 PM »
Is there a link to the 2018 archive?
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  • Daddy: If people vote they conscious on each deal and want to veto, they shouldn't be intimidated from doing so, but 2 vetoes killing a deal has always been insane.
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  • Daddy: That's Corey. That's cheating. It's too easy to cheat like that.
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  • Thecliff: :judge: BUSH League :CHW: is Open team as Thecliff has taken over :DET: ...
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  • Daddy: Free Drops in CCD must be completed by 12 noon tomorrow.
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  • Daddy: John Wall and a 1st rd pick for Russell Westbrook. Wall is 30. Westbrook 32.
    Today at 04:55:50 PM
  • Brent: Josh Gordon reinstated by NFL.
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  • Daddy: C Austin Nola on the block in Bush. I'm looking for an OF talent in return.
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