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Cleveland is Available I need a good GM
« on: October 24, 2018, 10:42:40 AM »
I have cleveland available in Frozen tundra.   I really need a good gm for this team.   It has been neglected and needs help.  If interested please respond to this thread with your fantrax ID.   I am attaching the roster as well.

Team is currently 3-4 and in 8th place in this 16th team league

Pos   Player   Team
QB   Tannehill, Ryan   MIA
RB   Crowell, Isaiah   NYJ
RB   Johnson, David   ARI
RB   McCoy, LeSean   BUF
WR   Bryant, Martavis   OAK
WR   Fitzgerald, Larry   ARI
WR   Higgins, Rashard   CLE
TE   Njoku, David   CLE
RWT   Johnson Jr., Duke   CLE
RWT   Yeldon, T.J.   JAX
QB   Kessler, Cody   JAX
QB   Kizer, DeShone   GB
QB   Osweiler, Brock   MIA
QB   Rosen, Josh   ARI
RB   Ervin, Tyler   HOU
RB   Lasco II, Daniel   NO
RB   Sherman, Anthony   KC
WR   Aiken, Kamar   (N/A)
WR   Chark Jr., D.J.   JAX
WR   Louis, Ricardo   CLE
TE   DeValve, Seth   CLE
TE   Everett, Gerald   LAR
TE   Gresham, Jermaine   ARI
Individual Defense      
Pos   Player   Team
DL   Garrett, Myles   CLE
DL   Godchaux, Davon   MIA
DL   Ogunjobi, Larry   CLE
DL   Smith, Chris   CLE
LB   Alexander, Lorenzo   BUF
LB   Collins Sr., Jamie   CLE
LB   Kirksey, Christian   CLE
LB   Schobert, Joe   CLE
LB/DL   Davis, Demario   NO
CB   Bates III, Jessie   CIN
CB   Ryan, Logan   TEN
CB   Williams, Tramon   GB
S   Bethea, Antoine   ARI
S   Jefferson, Tony   BAL
ID   Peppers, Jabrill   CLE
DL   Brantley, Caleb   WAS
DL   Nassib, Carl   TB
DL   Ngakoue, Yannick   JAX
DL   Ogbah, Emmanuel   CLE
DL   Shelton, Danny   NE
DL   Turay, Kemoko   IND
DL   Williams, Kyle   BUF
LB   Lee, Elijah   SF
LB   Speaks, Breeland   KC
CB   Boddy-Calhoun, Briean   CLE
CB   Cooper Sr., Marcus   CHI
CB   Haden, Joe   PIT
CB   Taylor, Jamar   ARI
CB   Wilson, Howard   CLE
CB   Young, Tavon   BAL
S   Campbell, Ibraheim   DAL
S   Kindred, Derrick   CLE
Pos   Player   Team
K   Parkey, Cody   CHI
K   Gonzalez, Zane   CLE
K   Hauschka, Stephen   BUF
Pos   Player   Team
P   Colquitt, Britton   CLE
P   Townsend, Johnny   OAK
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Re: Cleveland is Available I need a good GM
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2018, 02:10:57 PM »
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