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Atlanta Falcons
« on: September 04, 2018, 01:57:44 AM »
Atlanta Falcons :ATL-NFL:
Last Updated: 12/30/20
General Manager: TheGOAT (TheGOAT)

Franchise Budgets
2020, Salary: $123.4m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 74.8m
2021, Salary: $96.6m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 101.6m
2022, Salary: $75.4m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 122.8m
2023, Salary: $60.7m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 137.5m
2024, Salary: $0.8m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 197.4m
2025, Salary: $0m, Cap: $198.2m, under cap by 198.2m

NFL Roster (53/53 players): 2020-2025 salaries
CB Jackson, Lamar, $1m (2021)$1.0m$1.0m
CB Johnson, Dontae, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
CB Lewis, Jourdan, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
CB Miller, Jordan, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
CB Oliver, Isaiah, $1.2m (2021)$1.2m$1.2m
CB Robinson, Patrick, $0.8m  (2021)$0.8m$0.8m
CB Woods, Johs, $1.5m (2022)$1.5m$1.5m$1.5m
DE Crawford, Jack, $7.5m (2020)$7.5m
DE McKinley, Takkarist, $2.5m (2021)$2.5m$2.5m
DE Vickers, Kendal, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
DT Jones, Abry, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
DT Keke, Kingsley, $0.5m  (2021)$0.5m$0.5m
DT Penisini, John, $1.1m (2022)$1.1m$1.1m$1.1m
DT Senat, Deadrin, $0.9m (2021)$0.9m$0.9m
DT Simmons, Jeffery, $2m (2022)$2.0m$2.0m$2.0m
DT Tuioti-Mariner, Jacob, $0.4m (P-n/a)$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
DT Zimmer, Justin, $0.8m (2021)$0.8m$0.8m
K Castillo, Sergio, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
K Sloman, Sam, $0.6m (2023)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
K Rosas, Aldrick, $1.5m (2021)$1.5m$1.5m
LB Beasley Jr., Vic, $5m (2023)$5.0m$5.0m$5.0m$5.0m
RB Cabinda, Jason, $1.2m (2021)$1.2m$1.2m
LB Campbell, De'Vondrae, $7m (2023)$7.0m$7.0m$7.0m$7.0m
LB Ebukam, Samson, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
LB Harris, Darius, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
LB Jones, Deion, $5m (2023)$5.0m$5.0m$5.0m$5.0m
LB Oluokun, Foyesade, $0.7m (2021)$0.7m$0.7m
LB Riley, Duke, $0.9m (2020)$0.9m
LB Wilcox, JJ, $1m (2021)$1.0m$1.0m
P Tounsend, Tommy, $0.6m (2023)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
QB Ryan, Matt, $30m (2023)$30.0m$30.0m$30.0m$30.0m
RB Edmunds, Trey, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
RB Hill, Brian, $0.4m (2021)$0.4m$0.4m
RB Hilliard, Dontrell, $3.4m (2022)$3.4m$3.4m$3.4m
RB Smith, Ito, $0.8m (2021)$0.8m$0.8m
RB Swift, Deandre, $2.1m (2023)$2.1m$2.1m$2.1m$2.1m
RB Washington, Dwayne, $0.6m  (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
S Harris, Will, $0.7m  (2022)$0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
S Kazee, Damontae, $0.7m (2020)$0.7m
S Neal, Keanu, $2.7m (2020)$2.7m
S Reaves, Jeremy, $0.6m  (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
S Willis, Khari, $0.6m (2022)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
TE Graham, Jaeden, $0.4m (P-n/a)$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
TE Hooper, Austin, $8.5m  (2023)$8.5m$8.5m$8.5m$8.5m
TE Saubert, Eric, $0.7m (2020)$0.7m
TE Stocker, Luke, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
WR Davis, Gabriel, $1.1m (2023)$1.1m$1.1m$1.1m$1.1m
WR Gage, Russell, $0.7m (2021)$0.7m$0.7m
WR Johnson, Jon'Vea, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
WR Jones, Julio, $14.3m (2020)$14.3m
WR Kemp, Marcus, $0.6m (2021)$0.6m$0.6m
WR Ridley, Calvin, $2.7m (2022)$2.7m$2.7m$2.7m
WR Wright, Isaiah, $0.6m (2022)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
Practice Squad (11/16 players)
CB Hollman, Ka'dar, $0.4m (2021)$0.4m$0.4m
CB Miller, Herb, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
DT Mack, Isaiah, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
QB Benkert, Kurt, $0.4m  (P-n/a)$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
QB DiNucci, Ben, $0.6m (2022)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
QB Huntley, Tyler, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
RB Anderson, Darius, $0.6m (2022)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
RB Brooks-James, Tony, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
RB Reynolds, Craig, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
TE Hemingway, Temarrick, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
WR Badet, Jeff, $0.6m (P-n/a)$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m

Cap Hits, Bonuses, Cash Exchanges, Injured Reserve
X Blair, Marquise, $0.9m$0.9m$0.9m$0.9mInjured Reserve

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