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Carolina Panthers
« on: September 04, 2018, 01:50:37 AM »
Carolina Panthers :CAR:
Last Updated: 9/22/19
General Manager: Dougie (DMarch47)

Franchise Budgets
Salary Cap: $188.2$188.2$188.2$188.2$188.2$188.2
Base Salary: $126.3$103.3$51.9$8.4$1.6$1.6
Remaining Salary: $61.9$84.9$136.3$179.8$186.6$186.6

PS Bonuses2019
Bonus Cap: $10
Bonuses: $0
Remaining Bonuses: $10

NFL Roster (40/53 players): 2019-2024 salaries
QB Cook, Connor P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
QB Newton, Cam2020 $20.8m$20.8m
RB Armah, Alex2019 $0.6m
RB McCaffrey, Christian2021 $4.3m$4.3m$4.3m
WR Frazier, Mose P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
WR Moore, D.J.2022 $2.8m$2.8m$2.8m$2.8m
WR Samuel, Curtis2020 $1.6m$1.6m
WR Smith, Torrey2019 $5.0m
WR Wright, Jarius2020 $2.5m$2.5m
TE Olsen, Greg2020 $8.6m$8.6m
TE Taylor, Kent P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
TE Thomas, Ian2021 $0.8m$0.8m$0.8m
TE Vander Laan, Jason P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
TE Warring, Kahale2022 $0.7m$0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
DE Addison, Mario2019 $7.5m
DE Bryant, Austin2022 $0.6m$0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
DE/LB Haynes, Marquis2021 $0.8m$0.8m$0.8m
DT Beckner Jr., Terry2021 $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
DT Butler, Vernon2020 $2.1m$2.1m
DT McDonald, Clinton2020 $1.0m$1.0m
DT Poe, Dontari2020 $9.3m$9.3m
DT Short, Kawann2021 $16.1m$16.1m$16.1m
LB Carter Jr., Jermaine2021 $0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
LB Kuechly, Luke2021 $12.4m$12.4m$12.4m
LB Norris, Jared2019 $0.5m
LB Smith, Andre2021 $0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
LB Thompson, Shaq2019 $2.2m
CB Bradberry, James2019 $1.0m
CB Cockrell, Ross2019 $3.3m
CB Crawford, Xavier2021 $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
CB Elder, Corn2020 $0.7m$0.7m
CB Hawkins, Josh2020 $0.4m$0.4m
CB Jackson, Donte2021 $1.2m$1.2m$1.2m
CB Jackson, Michael2021 $0.5m$0.5m$0.5m
CB Johnson Jr., Lonnie2022 $0.8m$0.8m$0.8m$0.8m
CB Munnerlyn, Captain2020 $4.4m$4.4m
S Abram, Johnathan2022 $1.9m$1.9m$1.9m$1.9m
S Gaulden, Rashaan2021 $0.9m$0.9m$0.9m
S Searcy, Da'Norris2019 $2.9m
K Gano, Graham2021 $4.3m$4.3m$4.3m

Practice Squad Roster (0/10 players)

IR, Cap Hits, Cash Exchanges
2020 Draft Picks (7 picks)
1- :CAR:
2- :CAR:
3- :CAR:
4- :CAR:
5- :CAR:
6- :CAR:
7- :CAR:
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