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Cincinnati Bengals
« on: September 04, 2018, 12:59:36 AM »
Cincinnati Bengals :CIN-NFL:
Last Updated: 1/1/19
General Manager: Joseph (firemanx)

Franchise Budgets
Salary Cap: $177.2$177.2$177.2$177.2$177.2$177.2
Base Salary: $152$127.8$101.8$53.2$18.7$2.4
Remaining Salary: $25.2$49.4$75.4$124$158.5$174.8

PS Bonuses2018
Bonus Cap: $10
Bonuses: $0
Remaining Bonuses: $10

NFL Roster (51/53 players): 2018-2023 salaries
QB Dalton, Andy2020 $16.0m$16.0m$16.0m
QB Driskel, Jeff2019 $0.7m$0.7m
RB Bernard, Giovani2019 $5.2m$5.2m
RB Carson, Tra P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
RB Mixon, Joe2020 $1.4m$1.4m$1.4m
RB Walton, Mark2021 $0.8m$0.8m$0.8m$0.8m
RB Williams, Jonathan (ECU) P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
WR Boyd, Tyler2019 $1.1m$1.1m
WR Core, Cody2019 $0.7m$0.7m
WR Erickson, Alex2020 $2.4m$2.4m$2.4m
WR Green, A.J.2019 $15.0m$15.0m
WR Malone, Josh2020 $0.8m$0.8m$0.8m
WR Ross, John2021 $4.3m$4.3m$4.3m$4.3m
WR Tate, Auden2021 $0.7m$0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
WR Whitfield, Kermit P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
TE Eifert, Tyler2018 $5.5m
TE Harris, Clark2018 $1.2m
TE Kroft, Tyler2018 $0.8m
TE Schreck, Mason2020 $0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
TE Uzomah, C.J.2018 $0.7m
DE Dunlap, Carlos2021 $13.6m$13.6m$13.6m$13.6m
DE Hubbard, Sam2021 $1.0m$1.0m$1.0m$1.0m
DE Johnson, Michael2018 $4.8m
DE Willis, Jordan2020 $1.0m$1.0m$1.0m
DT Atkins, Geno2022 $16.3m$16.3m$16.3m$16.3m$16.3m
DT Billings, Andrew2019 $0.8m$0.8m
DT Glasgow, Ryan2020 $0.8m$0.8m$0.8m
DT Okoye, Chris P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
DT Tupou, Josh2018 $0.6m
LB Brown, Preston2018 $4.0m
LB Burfict, Vontaze2020 $10.9m$10.9m$10.9m
LB Evans, Jordan2020 $0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
LB Jefferson, Malik2021 $0.9m$0.9m$0.9m$0.9m
LB Lawson, Carl2020 $0.8m$0.8m$0.8m
LB Nickerson, Hardy2019 $0.5m$0.5m
LB Rey, Vincent2018 $3.5m
LB Vigil, Nick2019 $0.8m$0.8m
LB Worley, Chris P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
CB Dennard, Darqueze2018 $2.0m
CB Jackson, Williams2020 $2.5m$2.5m$2.5m
CB Kirkpatrick, Dre2021 $10.5m$10.5m$10.5m$10.5m
CB McRae, Tony2018 $0.6m
CB Phillips, Darius2021 $0.7m$0.7m$0.7m$0.7m
CB Russell, KeiVarae P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
S Bates III, Jessie2021 $1.3m$1.3m$1.3m$1.3m
S Fejedelem, Clayton2019 $0.6m$0.6m
S Henderson, Trayvon2020 $0.6m$0.6m$0.6m
S Williams, Shawn2020 $5.1m$5.1m$5.1m
S Wilson, Brandon2018 $0.5m
K Bullock, Randy2020 $2.2m$2.2m$2.2m
P Huber, Kevin2020 $2.7m$2.7m$2.7m
Practice Squad Roster (10/10 players)
QB Barkley, Matt P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
QB Hackenberg, Christian P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
RB Eason, Cordera P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
RB Flowers, Quinton P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
TE Boehringer, Moritz P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
TE Franks, Jordan P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
DE Adeyanju, Victor P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
DT Brown, Andrew P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
LB Dahlman, Neal P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m
CB Goodwin, C.J. P-n/a $0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m$0.4m

IR, Cap Hits, Cash Exchanges
X Carter, Cethan $0.6m$0.6mInjured Reserve
X Harris, Devontae $0.7m$0.7m$0.7m$0.7mInjured Reserve
2019 Draft Picks (7 picks)
1-8 :CIN-NFL:
2-40 :CIN-NFL:
3-72 :CIN-NFL:
4-104 :CIN-NFL:
5-136 :CIN-NFL:
6-168 :CIN-NFL:
7-200 :CIN-NFL:
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